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RBC Audio proudly presents version 3 of our popular plug-in Voice Tweaker.

Voice Tweaker is a DirectX based plug-in capable of changing both pitch and formants independently, thus making formant preserving pitch transpose possible as well as other unusual effects.

The Voice Tweaker now comes in three flavors, Lite, Pro and DXi:

Voice Tweaker V3 Lite:
- Pitch and Formant independently transposable in the range -2 to +2 octaves.
- Pitch auto-correction to 60+ preset scales plus any number of user definable scales.
- Auto vibrato for adding vibrato to voices
- Mix of processed and original signal to enable f.i. auto-doubling effects.

Voice Tweaker V3 Pro:
- All features of VT Lite.
- Graphically editable pitch and formant.
- DirectX 8 automation.

Voice Tweaker V1 DXi:
- MIDI control of up to 16 voices via DXi enabled host (such as Sonar from Cakewalk). Enables the instant creation of choirs from single vocal tracks.

Please browse to the website for more information and for demos/trials.

The plugin series is expanded with two new variants:

Voice Tweaker Pro which adds an advanced graphical control over Pitch and Formants.

Voice Tweaker DXi which enables complex choir creation with up to 16 voices controlled via the new DirectX Instrument API from a single vocal.

Voice Tweaker Pro
All basic features in common with Voice Tweaker Lite.
+/- 2 octave independent transposition of pitch and formants. Pitch correction to selected key and scale, with over 60 preset scales to choose from and an unlimited number of user createable scales (including microtonal). Auto vibrato with delay and ramp parameter. LFO with 6 waveforms, settable frequency for ALL waveforms (incl. noise). Settable reference frequency (middle A). Settable delay of processed signal. Mix processed signal with original. DirectX 8 Automation of Pitch, Formant and Modulation Level/Frequency. This allows you to automate these parameters in a host that supports the DirectX 8 Automation feature (such as Sonar). Advanced graphical control view with limitless undo/redo of the following parameters: Note value, Pitch bend, Formant bend, Pitch modulation and Formant modulation.

Voice Tweaker DXi
The Voice Tweaker DXi is a MIDI controlled pitch transposer designed for monophonic signals such as voice, spoken or sung, or solo instruments. It can transpose the pitch and formants independently, thus enabling both formant preserving pitch transpose and other more unusual effects. As a DXi plugin, it can be used in any DXi hosting application. such as Sonar or Fruityloops. Since the Voice Tweaker DXi is capable of generating multiple voices, creation of instant choirs from a single voice is quite possible.

Please browse to the website for more information and for demos/trials.

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