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Two big Steinberg releases for you this week.
Steinberg Media Technologies AG has announced the Voice Machine, two new real-time voice effect tools for the VST PC and Mac platform. Voice Machine is the ultimate application for redesigning the voice whether by altering the pitch by leaving the natural character untouched or by creating completely new sound files.

The VM Generator allows one to work with the voice in the same way that one would use an instrument. This means a layout for a backing choir can be created in minutes, reducing recording time to a minimum. The VM Generator creates up to 4 additional voices by simply triggering them via MIDI Note On/Off events. Vocal arrangements are easily played along with the lead vocal by using the keyboard in real-time or drawing MIDI note events in any VST sequencer program. The VM Processor allows the user to either change the melody or simply correct the intonation by changing the pitch of a voice without changing the voices original character.

In addition, Steinberg's VST 2.0 interface enables for both plug-ins the control of all parameters by sending MIDI controller events. There are independent controls for the pitch shift and character profile. These could be used independently for natural pitch shifting or used interactively to create a range of effects such as simulating other singing voices, and even imprinting the character of the male voice onto a female vocalist.

Real-time natural pitch shifting
Up to 4 additional voices out of a monophonic voice track (VD Generator)
Triggered via MIDI Note On/Off
Portamento and tune correction (VD Processor)
LFO with different waveforms and delay for vibrato simulation
All parameters can be addressed via definable MIDI controllers
Independent control of pitch change and voice character
Real-time formant shifting
Pitch/Character link function for "classic" pitch shift effects
The Voice Machine will be available in at Steinberg Dealers Worldwide in Q2 2001 for a MSFP of USD $149.

And now... Steinberg announces Waldorf Attack -- The VST Percussion Synthesizer Steinberg Media Technologies AG has now introduced Attack, a percussion synthesizer develop by Waldorf, that works as a VST Instrument for the PC and Mac platforms. It seamlessly integrates the sound of the 80's analog classic. Following in the steps of the highly successful, Waldorf PPG, Attack generates all sounds in real time, providing direct control over all parameters.

Attack has 24 sounds available per percussion set, spread over two octaves. The sound architecture is extremely flexible, as one would expect from a Waldorf synthesizer. Two oscillators, each with nine waveforms, represent the sources. In addition to the popular analog waveforms, Attack offers three samples to create HiHat or Crash Cymbals.

Ring Modulation and Frequency Modulation expand the sound spectrum with a metallic component and FX sounds. The integrated "Crack" module takes care of reproducing analog handclaps authentically. Attack contains a filter section with 6 filter types, resonance up to self-oscillation and an overdrive up to +52dB. The two envelopes are used to alter oscillator pitches and FM amount, filter cutoff and the output volume. Two modulation delays and eight outputs (2 stereo, 4 mono) connect Attack to the VST world. Seamless integration into the VST 2.0 interface means all parameters to be addressed via MIDI controller allowing for more powerful dynamic changes.

In addition, twelve sounds of a drum set can be played melodically. With this, tom fills, conga grooves or other percussions are created in no time, and one can even play bass, melody or sequencer lines. The sound quality of Attack is outstanding. Waldorf again proves as they did with D-Pole and PPG Wave 2.V, that software sound modules can rival their hardware equivalents. MIDI and audio cables become obsolete, as does timing inaccuracy thanks to sample accurate sync within VST.

The actual performance of the Attack depends on the performance of the computer system.

Attack will be available from Steinberg Dealers worldwide in Q2 2001 for a MSRP USD $149. Look for Steinberg at

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