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Vocalises, or songs without words, range from basic vocal scales and exercises to classical works of art designed to practice particular vocal skills including intonation and phrasing, control and nuance.

We have trawled the internet to find vocalise sheet music and sites providing free online vocalises for you to use for vocal practise. Some of the links lead to vocalise, improvisations and aria's provided by university students as part of their course work, some of which are accompanied by soundfiles - All of the following links open in a new window.

Please Note: The Vocalise Books have been moved onto their own page which can be accessed Here and via the Books for Singers section. If you are unable to find what you seek here, try the list of Sheet Music Suppliers.

American Memory 'Vocalises & Vocal Exercises
list of vocalises and vocal exercises for all voice ranges. (enter keyword 'vocalises' into their search box.

Dr. Titze’s
Favorite Five vocal warmups for singers provided at the Voice of Soul choir's weblog. Schubertline.co.uk
online score service for singers. Hundreds of scores of classical songs and lieder by the great composers of the 18th and 19th centuries (especially Schubert) which may be viewed, listened to and printed online in any key

Singing Exercises
this is a translated version of Vocalise a french site providing midi vocalise sets for a small fee - there are free downloadable samples online.

Texas Sings
has some excellent short vocalise with vocal guide plus articles and online lessons on vocal care, breathing, relaxation, exercises, sounds n singing stuff

Texts of Lieder
Art Songs & other Classical Vocal pieces, browse the archive of over 8,000 in various languages!!

University of Nevada
Library has a list of Vocalises, bel canto & lessons.

Unsung Songs
by John Koopman provides information on a variety of art songs that are rarely performed in public.

musical notation plus suggested vowels and combinations. Site includes 4 demo vocalise in mp3 or .wma format and the exercises are extras that can be used with their book. The site is in Brazilian (Portuguese) and English and the book contains vocal exercises with emphasis on brazilian pop music styles.

for Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass written by Alex Bach Andersen. music and midi version online with contact address on page for choral enquiries.

Vocal Repertoire
Thea van der Putten's site has a variety of printable vocal exercises available online.

Young Composers
has downloadable music arranged and provided by young composers.  Amongst the wide range of music you will find 7 piece sight singing Baroque/Classical piece composed for a school sight singing concert.