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Those of you who have been requesting links and information for software which lets you sing the melody, and harmony parts one by one, into a microphone attached to the computer, and *transcribe* the lines as notes on a musical staff or visual display which will also allow you to change specific notes in specific parts to hear how it would change the sound of the 3-part harmony and could take a sung melody line and generate different kinds of harmonies will find them listed in this section. For Ear-Training and Pitching software solutions, visit the Pitching Exercises page. Here are some great educational games and programs around for singers and musicians of all ages and standards.   We have included a few here for you to download or direct links to the authors info & downloads pages.    When possible, programs are freeware, shareware or state if they are 'commercial' product. For those who are unaware of the distinction between them:-

  • Freeware is free for anyone to download and distribute for personal use.
  • Shareware is available in a demo format and requires either registration with the author or a small fee for full use.
  • Commercial Software is not freely distributed but only available to purchase although sometimes the author may provide a cut down demo version for trial purposes.
  • To use the Online Programs or go to programmers sites, left or right click and "open" or "open in new window"
  • To Download these programs right click on the link and "Save As" to the destination of your choice or visit the authors website for more information and download the latest version.


Sing & See
Visual feedback for voice training - is designed for singers and singing teachers. It allows you to instantly see exactly what your voice is doing - as you do it.

Sing & See enables you to actually see your voice on the computer screen. The singer and teacher can instantly see what's being sung - and make sense of it in a musically relevant framework. This direct visual feedback enhances the spoken feedback that teachers can give their students, and allows singers to see patterns in their voices that they may otherwise not be able to perceive.

Sing & See was designed from the start to be easy to use. The software creates visual information about a singer's pitch and voice characteristics, on displays that are designed to be easily understood by singers and singing teachers alike. Two versions of the software are available - a Student Version, which has a single display page showing only pitch feedback, and a Professional Version, with includes two additional display pages, showing both pitch and spectrographic information. The Professional Version also has a noise reduction algorithm to enhance the spectrographic display.

In displaying pitch, an attempt was made to represent the singer's pitch in a musically relevant way. Pitch is displayed with reference to both the musical stave and the piano keyboard, since these are common representations of musical pitch that are understood generally by musicians (and even if beginning students may be less familiar with them, it is probably in their interests to learn how they represent pitch information). In addition to displaying the specific (or nearest) note actually being sung at any time, the pitch display page also shows a line graph that represents the temporal pattern of pitch variation over the previous few seconds. This conveys information about exactly how the singer achieved the pitch, and traces the evolution of pitch through and between each note - allowing the singer to observe aspects of her singing such as the steadiness of each note; the transition between notes; and the appearance and regularity of any vibrato in the note.

This commercial software has a wide range of features with seperate programs for students and teachers and a Teachers Manual (see site for pricing). For further information visit the website Sing & See.


Listening Singing Teacher Software
Home singing course software that provides real time audio and visual feedback on a mathematical basis for pitch, rhythm and loudness to help singers learn to sing in tune and in time with the beat at their own pace. The program includes simple scale exercises and songs to get you started and includes the ability to write your own exercises and midi files of your favourite songs to practice with, although there are some limitations as triplets are only supported for eighth notes, and double sharps or double flats are not supported at all.


MacGamut for MAC and PC

MacGamut software provides unlimited drill and practice in aural skills for:
Rhythmic Dictation
Melodic Dictation
Harmonic Dictation

The software also offers written and keyboard drills for:

Runs on any computer with a CD-ROM drive and Macintosh OS X or Windows 98 or higher (including Vista). Although this is a commercial program, most upgrades are free, there are discounts for bulk purchases plus special versions and reductions for Teachers/Schools. The site also provides some downloadable mini demos to try before you buy.

Visit MacGamut for further information, purchase and download.


EchoView Pro 6.0 By Mirage Audio Visual Media

EchoView Pro is an integrated suite of powerful, interactive music calculating tools for musicians, sound engineers and producers. It is useful for both experts and beginners.

Delay Time Calculator
helps in finding a precise delay time to which to set digital delay effects for rythmic integration with music, or for finding the precise tempo to use to achieve an effect with a specific delay time.

Delay Time Grid
gives a visual indication of where in the music, echoed notes would begin and end.

works in conjunction with the main window to get an audible and visual indication of a tempo and time signature. The metronome is useful as a practising, composition or live performance aid.

Tap Tempo Utility
lets you find the tempo of an existing piece of music (even one you only have in your head).

Chord Cue
is a big on-screen display of names for chords played on a MIDI keyboard. Great as a learning or composing aid. Also useful as a live group 'jamming' tool.

Virtual Guitar
is primarily an instrument tuning aid but also useful for creating 'strummed' effects with MIDI.

Song Length Calculator
works in conjunction with the main window to calculate the length of a musical piece in bars or seconds, useful for finding the ideal tempo or number of bars to fit a specified time-slot.

Stop Watch
helps to find out how long something (anything) takes. Useful when dealing with song lengths sample calculations and echoes.

Sample Calculator
for obtaining accurate information about digital sampling situations and optimising sample loop lengths for sound quality and memory efficiency. Also useful for finding frequency/note values and for programming sample modules and synthesisers.

provides a hard copy of the calculation results for future reference

Requirements - Windows 95/98/NT, Sound card or MIDI interface for audio and MIDI support

Visit Echoview to download freeware program evp600.exe (2.42MB)


Funny Voice 1.1
Change the pitch of your voice using this entertaining program! Funny Voice changes the pitch of your voice. Higher pitch will let you sound like a smurf, less pitch will give you a deep voice. All you need is a microphone. Instead of your microphone, plug in the sound output of your tv card or your audio system and listen! You can also use it for your answering machine. Click Here to download funnyvoice.exe 39K Freeware for Windows (all) or visit the authors site Alexander Sabov.


Justonic Pitch Palette
makes tuning adjustments to the pitch tables of your microtunable synthesizer. This allows pianos and guitars with midi interface to play and modulate in just or any other intonation in real time. The pitch palette uses any 12-tone just or harmonic scale based on whole number ratios. A default scale and a range of other harmonic scales are provided including Harmonic, Arabian, Indian, Meantone etc, and the user can create their own scales to use with the system. From this basic scale the system creates a 3 dimensional array of tones based on the parameters of musical key, chord or tonal center and selected intervals. Rather than 12 tones per octave, the palette employs anywhere from 100 to 150 tones for octave. This can be useful for a variety of applications including choral, barbershop singers who aim for pure harmony as this tool allows the user to hear precise harmony arrangements and Music teachers can use it as an aid for teaching students to hear what pure harmony sounds like plus hearing the international sounds of music and how they are made or comparing the different tunings of history. Other features include Micro Tuner, Scale Editor, Scale Calculator, Chord Detector, Frequency Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Sequencer, Virtual midi piano keyboard and Wave Audio. This is a commercial product costing $79.00. There are PC and Mac versions available from the developers site Justonic Tuning Inc..


This shareware program was developed by Prof. Garyth Nair of Drew University for use in singing instruction in the Voice Studio. Matchpitch assists in helping pitch challenged students learn how to match pitch, learn how to sing difficult intervals accurately, tune sung notes to others and train upper passagio technique to ensure correct pitch. The shareware is available free for 10 days after which registration is required.


Melodyne is a multitrack audio recording and editing application that lets you process and manipulate audio files in a revolutionary but musically intuitive way. Melodyne detects the individual notes of a recorded melody and lets you manipulate them regardless of whether the source audio comprises vocals, solo instruments or percussion as easily as if they were MIDI. Melodyne lets you arrange and combine existing audio files and refashion sounds using functions that are powerful and precise without ever losing sight of their musical purpose. Free demo download available at the authors site.


Rhythm Tutor for Windows
is designed to develop rhythm skills in students as well as practicing complex rhythm compositions by experienced musicians. Both visual and audible signals are presented to help users relate to the rhythms, and the system offers different modes for training, editing, and testing. Colors help to identify beats. You can switch right and left hands, set the tempo, and use controls to designate instrumental or percussive MIDI sounds. Shareware costs $15 Click Here to download demo or visit their site Vimas Technologies.


Singing Tutor for Windows
Vimas Singing Tutor is a useful tool for studying singing, developing your vocal skills and tuning musical instruments. There is an interactive musical interface that will help you with pitch, tone, and timing. This new version of Singing Tutor has an enhanced user interface, a power indicator, new training modes, and lets you analyze training results offline. With Singing Tutor you can: Select pitch range and note you want to sing, listen to it and check how close is your singing to the note. The test is carried out with the help of indicator, where you can see a defined note value and measured value during your singing in the real time. You can see time dynamics of your voice pitch and practice singing as close as possible primary. Select several notes from the pitch range and test your singing in the selected diapason. Sing and Singing Tutor will show you the nearest note in the current pitch range. Control the recording level with the indicator
Shareware costs approx $19 Click Here to download demo or visit the site Vimas Technologies.


Vocal Lab 2.0 for Mac OS X
Vocal Lab helps you train to sing on key. It listens while you sing and displays the pitch of your voice on a graph, in real time. All you have to do is watch the graph while you sing and try to stay in tune. Vocal Lab can help identify many problem areas in your singing. With a little practice you can greatly improve your intonation. Vocal Lab can also be use to help you play many instruments with better intonation like Violin, Brass, Woodwind
Shareware - File Size 148K Visit the authors site to download a trial or purchase the software Rustle Laidman


VocalWriter for Mac's
Introducing VocalWriter, the first music synthesizer to sing lyrics. Released as a software application for the Power Macintosh, VocalWriter is a MIDI file editor, player and synthesizer in a single integrated environment. With the recent development of its breakthrough acoustic modeling technology called Resonant Articulatory Synthesis (RAS), KAE Labs offers the first musical instrument that can model the human vocal tract in singing unrestricted English lyrics. VocalWriter allows computer musicians and enthusiasts to interactively compose and hear their MIDI music with sung lyrics. VocalWriter also synthesizes the full General MIDI instrument set, providing stereo CD-quality instrumental accompaniment to the vocals.

Most of the tasks involved with entering and editing the lyrics have been automated using VocalWriter's unique music editor. Users simply type the English lyrics for each note and VocalWriter automatically figures out the word pronunciation from its on-line 100,000 word phonetic dictionary, the syllable timing and synchronization, and the required model parameters to sing the lyrics.

When writing and playing music, vocals have the same real-time behavior as instrumentals. Users can make Program Changes for new singing voices, enter Pitch-Bend and Volume controls and various extended vocal controls such as Brightness, Glide Rate, Chorus and Aspiration Levels. Since the synthesizer is polyphonic and multi-timbral, music can be scored with more than one vocal track to provide sung choral parts using different voices.

Besides the full General MIDI instrument set, VocalWriter includes over 85 different singing voice models. The voice range covers models from the complex but subtle characteristics of human singers to models that extend beyond physical possibilities like singing musical instruments
Shareware - Size 5.3 MB Click Here to download or visit the authors site KAE Labs.


Looking for similar software for Windows?
Visit The Whistler text to speech engine by Microsoft, click on Singing speech synthesizers (halfway down the page), and hear the audio samples. Note: if you have windows xp, or 2000 profetional, search for this program in the original windows cd


The user simply vocalizes their melody into the microphone and the output sounds like a real music instrument. Outputs standard midi signals which can be used with many music scoring software programs like Cakewalk, Cubase etc. Useful for pitch recognition and ear training as well as songwriting.

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