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animated choir What a great idea. Convert your vocals into a big choir. That should solve some issues in the recording process.

I have recently developed two plug-ins (one free, one shareware, each available as DirectX and VST formats), and made them available at Clone

You can investigate further by visiting the site, but in brief I wanted to develop effects that were useful and interesting, that no one had done before:

* Clone Ensemble (shareware) takes a solo vocal line, and makes it sound like a choir (in unison). An MP3 on the site demonstrates a 128-voice choir I constructed by singing 4 vocal parts. The plug-in can do the same trick for solo instruments, and makes a single-oscillator synth sound MASSIVELY fat.

* Bass Chorus (free) is a full featured chorus / flanger (including thru-zero) with 4 modes, and an option to leave the bass frequencies of a signal alone - ie, only process the mids treble. This lets you create huge, wide bass sounds without sacrificing punch and focus. It's ideal for electric guitar and synth bass, but sounds great on anything that needs a chorus or flanger.

My site also contains a Delphi SDK for developing DirectX plugins, and some Gigasample sounds.

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