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Wave Arts proudly announces the release of TrackPlug, an all-in-one EQ/compressor/gate plug-in for Mac VST and PC VST/DX platforms.

The newest offering from Wave Arts, and its first Mac product, TrackPlug is the answer for professional and amateur musicians and engineers who are running native software (like Logic Audio, Cubase, and SONAR), and are looking for great-sounding, easy-to-use EQ and dynamics processing that won't slow down their machines.

"Wave Arts takes pride in producing professional, high-quality plug-ins that are also CPU-efficient and affordable," stated Bill Gardner, President of Wave Arts, "and TrackPlug is no exception. From its comprehensive and simple interface to its fast and clean algorithms, TrackPlug was designed for all users who not only demand quality audio processing, but also value the time they spend in the studio."

Through one simple plug-in interface, TrackPlug provides the high-quality and fundamental effects that an engineer reaches for first when recording, mixing and mastering. TrackPlug ships with 47 custom presets, and includes powerful controls placed directly inside its EQ and dynamics displays, enabling its users to sweeten up an audio track with the right amount of EQ, compression and gating in just seconds.

George Leger III, of Utopia Parkway Studio L.A., said of TrackPlug's compressor, "The vocal compression sound is astounding, like an LA2A. Smooth and hyper-compressed, but steady. Places the vocal front and center."

Comparing TrackPlug to plug-ins included with his recording software, Andy Scott said, "TrackPlug is much faster and more fun to use... I was immediately impressed that a bass sound which hadn't responded at all well to (other) plugs was very quickly brought under control - a fine, fast, solid sound."

TrackPlug's blazing-fast CPU efficiency gives users a tremendous advantage in the studio. In comparison tests, Wave Arts was able to run up to 9 times as many instances of TrackPlug than an equivalent combination of the leading competitor's plug-ins, and at least twice as many instances than most other equivalent plug-in combinations.

TrackPlug Features:
* A simple, uncluttered interface provides up to 10 bands of professional, 64-bit EQ
* Assign any band a parametric, low/high shelf, low/band/highpass, or notch filter
* Adaptive RMS/Peak detectors reduce undesired low-frequency distortion
* Comprehensive metering makes it a snap to set dynamics thresholds
* An adjustable lookahead delay ensures you won't miss an attack
* Accurate gain reduction meters show exactly what's happening under the hood
* Choose between soft, medium, and hard compressor & gate characteristics
* Automate any control thru compatible DirectX and VST host applications
* Ships with 47 custom presets for quick and easy setups
* Efficient CPU usage frees up the system to run more instances - every track needs a TrackPlug!

TrackPlug is available now in Mac VST and PC VST and DirectX formats at a special introductory price of $89.95, and will return to it's regular retail price of $129.95 after September 30, 2002.

Purchases and fully functional time-limited demos are available directly through the Wave Arts Web site at

About Wave Arts, Inc.
Wave Arts is a software developer that sells professional-quality audio plug-ins to end-users, and licenses technology to OEM companies. The company was founded in 1998 by Dr. Bill Gardner, a graduate of the MIT Media Lab, and is located in Arlington, Massachusetts. Wave Arts has considerable expertise in digital signal processing (DSP), audio, acoustics, and custom software development. For more information visit Wave Arts at

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