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Welcome fellow singing teachers and tutors! We have finally produced a place where you can drop in and find information, articles, educational periodicals & books, resources, lesson plans and freebies to help you organise your lessons more effectively.

UK private singing teachers, singing tutors, voice coach, vocal workshops and performance schools are welcome to contact us with their details for addition to our Singing Teachers Database Free of charge. Please keep descriptions below 50 words. We hope to extend this in the future to include other countries.

We Need Your HELP !
Vocalist has been inundated with requests for information on how to become a singing teacher or vocal coach. We are compiling a new section to cover this subject and would like YOUR feedback on suitable Teaching Programs, Courses and Educational establishments in the UK that YOU can recommend. Anecdotes and stories about your personal journey from pupil to teacher are also welcome. Wether you took an established route or are a singer turned teacher, we would like to hear about your experiences. Please use the Singing Teachers site and forums to tell us your story, request further information or addition to the Worldwide Teachers Directory.

There are several excellent educational freeware and shareware software programs available in our Downloads section, like Spectographs that make the teaching process more enjoyable, especially for younger pupils, with the added bonus that students with computers can download and practice at home!

Looking for a job? Visit our Careers & Jobs section, which contains links and information on sites who provide online job listings for music educators, musicians and singers plus listings of opportunities for songwriters, composers and artists.

If you are looking for a grant or funding try our new Business & Finance section which provides links to free and low cost advice, aid and services for individuals, small businesses and educators who are seeking business start up advice, grants or funding. Dedicated organisations, unions and associations for singers and singing teachers are listed in the Database in the resources section.

Articles for Teachers

Alexander Street Singing Videos for Teachers **NEW**
Search or browse the educational videos aimed at teachers and students.

Improving the singer's understanding of bebop language
This project report analyzes the content of line construction and development in founding bebop instrumental solos, and then compares them to bebop vocal solos by Calderwood, Andrea, M.M., California State University, Long Beach.

A multidisciplinary index for finding freely available open access articles and books.

MIT Libraries **NEW**
Search or browse MIT Libraries' catalog and Vera: Databases & e-journals.

Directory of Open Access Journals **NEW**
This service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. Music and Performance Arts Journals can be found in the Arts and Architecture section.

Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology-Online **NEW**
an international database of bibliographic records for completed dissertations and new dissertation topics in the fields of musicology, music theory, and ethnomusicology, as well as in related musical, scientific, and humanistic disciplines. Containing more than 12,000 records, including the contents of the earlier printed editions of Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology (still available for sale) and supplements contributed from musicological centers throughout the world.

OpenContent **NEW**
Browse or search links to sources of free educational open courseware.

Roslyn Dunbar-Wells (BA, PhD. LMusA) **NEW**
Singers and Teachers can download her doctoral thesis and publications from the website. These cover aspects of safe singing techniques, causes of dysfunctional singing, and effective communication strategies.

Vocal Academy
is a virtual online tutorial for teachers provided by the National Center for Voice & Speech with support from the Department of Speech Pathology & Audiology, The University of Iowa, and a grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, which aims to educate teachers about vocal disorders and fatigue.

Master Teaching: The Lost Art
Article by Maestro David Jones

Psychological Abuse in the Voice Studio
Feeding Empty Egos by Voice Teacher David L. Jones explores the attitude of voice teachers and building a healthy relationship with the student.

Psychological Hints for Teaching Singing
Tips and advice for singing teachers by David L. Jones

Saving A Voice Teacher's Energy
Article by Maestro David Jones

Starting Your Own Studio
Tips and advice for music teachers who are considering starting their own private lesson studio.

Organising an Elementary Choir
Advice for singing teachers on planning and organising choirs at the elementary school level.

Recital Ideas
Tips and advice for private music and voice teachers on planning and scheduling an end of year student recital

The Less Than Ideal Family
Personality Conflicts by Karen Stafford provides an insight into potential problems with students or their parents with advice and contributions from other private teachers.

Teaching at Home while the Homelife's Brewin'
A humourous look at the life of a private home teacher with tips and advice on keeping the lessons and homelife apart by Karen Stafford.

Working with the Hot Dog
Tips and advice for teachers of students who go over and beyond what your instructions are by Karen Stafford.

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Teachers Information & News

The following information provided by Education on the Internet from Spartacus
Provides email lists of the latest educational sites available for pupils, parents and teachers.  To subscribe send a blank email to: IwantEducation@keepAhead.com. These are just a small example of the educational sites available in the Tutors Resources section. All links open in a new window.

Access To Music Teaching Programmes
As well as preparing musicians for professional work, Access to Music is also dedicated to helping experienced musicians use their knowledge to train others. There are many musicians in the UK with considerable musical skills and music industry experience. The aim of our teaching programmes is to enable these musicians to apply their talents for the educational benefit of others. This might mean one-to-one teaching; small and large group teaching; teaching in schools and colleges; projects in the community, and workshops & masterclasses

The Assemblies Website
Useful site providing instant assembly materials for primary schools including assembly tips on preparation, presentation, music, drama and responses.

Axis Career Management
There is currently a demand for teachers from all over the world to fill vacancies in both primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom. Axis is a teacher recruitment company that can provide either supply or long term teaching jobs. If you are a qualified teacher or student teacher looking for a job you should find this website useful. Axis also provides a good list of links to teaching resources and Local Educational Authorities in the United Kingdom.

European Schoolnet eLearning News
The European Schoolnet's News site is for everyone working in education in Europe. The website will keep you up to date on events, research, practice, collaborative projects and more. If you have a newsworthy tip about eLearning, don't hesitate to get in touch with Alexa Joyce at news@eun.org.

European Schoolnet Online Workshop
Teachers, trainers and others can quickly and easily set up their own online workshops thanks to European Schoolnet's new website. The Workshop site gives everyone the chance to host online discussions, collect and submit course work, collect together important dates and more! Whether you'd like to run a workshop, or just take part, then this site is for you.

Music At School
Liza Shannon's excellent website containing downloadable worksheets and schemes of work together with online quizzes and lessons plus categorized links to topic areas.

Music Land
Gavin Richards provides a wide range of teaching and learning resources for students and teachers plus online tests and aural exercises. The website now features the popular GCSE Music Net.

Music Resources
Rob Jones has created an impressive website for British music teachers. This includes Class Projects, a collection of ideas for teachers that covers subjects as varied as renaissance pavanes, Japanese songs, Arabic music and Elvis Presley. Other features include Equipment & Instrument Reviews (written by teachers and based on classroom experience), Ask a Expert (list of music experts willing to answer questions on-line), Songs (MIDI file accompaniments) and Loops (MIDI loops for improvisation).

Music Teacher magazine (UK)
The voice of music education since 1908, tackles important issues of relevance to people concerned with all aspects of music education including news of courses and seminars, products, works, technology, reviews and other related topics, also carries a detailed list of summer school courses in the February issue each year.

Music Teachers Resource Exchange
With everything from tips to complete lesson plans, this site provides an excellent start point for UK Music Teachers to share ideas. Browsing and downloading resources is free but if you want to participate by commenting on the material or submitting your own, registration is required. (free).

has been developed by the Department for Education and Skills as a resource for people who work in schools

Teacher Training Agency
Official UK website provides information for individuals wishing to become a teacher.

The Voice Care Network (UK)
Voice care aim to help people to keep their voices healthy and to communicate effectively.  They provide specialist voice workshops and coaching to introduce voice care, extend the efficient use of the voice, to manage acoustics effectively and to be aware of how clarity in delivery and vocal tone affect listening.

National Association of Teachers of Singing