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Jeannie Diva Nicole LeGault is President of "A Sharp" School of Music and the creator of the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Course

She was born into a house that was always full of music. "My mother was always singing to the radio. My father, after reading us bed time stories, sang at least three songs with my sister and I before bed. We would sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer all year 'round because it was our favourite."

Formal musical training began for Nicole at the age of five, and by eleven, she knew what she wanted to be - a professional musician.

In 1998, Nicole founded the successful "A Sharp" School of Music in West Toronto, Canada.

Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Course Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Course
You never would have guessed that so much knowledge and secrets of the professionals could be packed into one video!

Over 60 captivating minutes long, the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Video is extremely informative and easy to follow. With countless detailed audio/video step-by-step-style demonstrations, learning to harness your voice has never been so much fun!

The Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Manual is your vocalist's textbook. Use this to find detailed instructions and explanations regarding every aspect of developing your technique - PLUS! Diagrams, 28 challenging tongue twisters, easy to follow tips and advice on how to make the transition into professional singing, a dictionary of musician's slang and jargon, and a dictionary of musical terms and symbols.

Written by Nicole LeGault in a clear, comprehensible and conversational style.

"The mechanics of the Larynx and the anatomy of speech are extremely complex. However, I shall attempt to simplify the necessary basic knowledge."

"First of all, the vocal cords are not cords at all. They're more like flaps, also called vocal folds, which stick out horizontally from the sides of your windpipe. The vocal folds vibrate in accordance to their length, mass and tension using "tensor muscles" (such as the cricothyroid and posterior crico-arytenoid, if you care) which tense for high notes and relax for low notes."

Once you've gained the knowledge and learned the secrets found in the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Video and the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Manual, you can practice developing your own technique and personal style with the Song Savvy Voice Exercise CD's!

CD 1 is your vocal technique exercises. With 48 exercises to choose from, you can develop your skill at your own pace! Includes a variety of combinations of vowel sounds, pitches, ranges, and volumes. Use this for learning to hold one clear steady note, and for developing your skill at switching quickly from one tone, pitch, volume and vowel sound to another.

CD 2 is your advanced vocal technique exercises. Use these 18 highly challenging exercises to further develop and polish your technique and personal style! Remember: They're only difficult because you're not good at them yet! Practice Makes Perfect!

Performed by Nicole LeGault in a clear, "repeat after me" style.

The Complete Home Vocal Instruction Course Includes All You Need To Know About:

Controlling the sound
Diaphragm muscles, use of
Diction, annunciation
Dynamics, use of
Emotion - techniques actors use
Facial muscles & expressions
Falsetto & Cracking
Head Register
Hoarseness - healing and avoiding
Larynx - how the vocal cords work
Microphone Technique
Power, strengthening your voice
Range, how to increase yours
Raunchy Singing, using safe technique
Recording Studio Tips
Shaping sound through visualization
Tonality - placement, bass & treble
Warming up
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Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Course