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The following solfege books, audio and games are for beginners to professional vocalists, singing teachers and musicians. There are exercises, instruction, theory and essential reference books for all styles. Read more about Solfege in our tutorial, click Here for free online ear-training and pitching exercises or Here for sight reading tips.

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Solfege, Ear Training, Rhythm, Dictation, and Music Theory:
A Comprehensive Course
by Marta Arkossy Ghezzo Mel Powell - Univ of Alabama Pr (Txt)
consists of 51 lessons, starting from basic topics in theory and solfege, and gradually advancing to modern music. In each lesson, a different aspect of ear training, rhythmic reading, and theory is discussed
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12 Lecons De Solfege #b
By M. Bitsch. Published by Editions Alphonse Leduc. (511014220)
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12 Lecons De Solfege Ryth
By M. Bitsch. Published by Editions Alphonse Leduc. (511013180)
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A. Dannhauser: Solfege Des Solfeges Book 1
An excellent book of exercises which are tailored toward the Solfege method for sight-singing. This book has been translated into English by J.H. Cornell.
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Cristi Cary Miller: Solfege Samba
The teaching skills of composer Cristi Cary Miller have been applied to create this super musical way to learn the Do-Re-Mi Solfege system, written for both 2-part and 3-part groups.
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Dannhauser Solfege Books
Books by Dannhauser on sight singing, ear training and technique with solfege exercises for singers.
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Erzsebet Hegyi: Solfege According To The Kodaly-Concept
This is a systematic solfege book which previously appeared in two volumes. This edition features both complete volumes.
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Folk Songs North America Sings (Kodály Collection)
Voice and Piano By Richard Johnston. (Resource Bk). Vocal Collection. This superb 382-page resource contains more than 350 North American folk songs, carefully sequenced both rhythmically and melodically for use with the Kodály method, which is based on authentic Hungarian folk music. The collection features information about solfege, form, phrase, length, range, rhythmic construction, and more.
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Creative Approaches to Child Development With Music, Language, and Movement:
Incorporating the Philosophies and Techniques of Orff, Kodaly and Laban
Grace C. Nash
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Solfege Do Re Mi Fa Fun - Solfege Songs and Activities (Resource)
By Paul Jennings and Teresa Jennings. The core of this valuable resource is a set of 12 sequenced songs for grades 2-6 to help students learn solfege syllables in an enjoyable way. Includes folk songs, rounds, canons and masterworks, in addition to a very helpful Teacher's Guide with lesson plans, supplemental music suggestions and performance options. Available: Teacher's Manual, Unis/2pt. Singer's Edition, Performance/Accompaniment CD and Reproducible Pak (warm-ups, workouts and activities). For Gr. 2-6. Contents: Amazing Grace, Angels We Have Heard On High, Fly Away, Frog Went A-Courtin', Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, Practice Makes Perfect, Simple Gifts, Minuet (Royal Fireworks), Do Re Mi Fa Fun, I Saw A Dodo, Mr. Caruso, You're My Friend
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185 Unison Pentatonic Exercises:
First Steps in Signt-Singing Using Sol-Fa and Staff Notation According to the Kodaly Concept
by Denise Bacon
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Kodaly in Kindergarten:
50 Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Song Collection (190P)
by Katinka Scipiades Daniel
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The Kodaly Method 1
Comprehensive Music Education
by Lois Choksy
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The Kodaly Method 2
Folksong to Masterwork
by Lois Choksy
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Solfege Preparatoire
Vocal Technique. Editions Durand. Size 7x10.5 inches. 32 pages. Published by Durand. (50563545) 2+ pricing available.
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Scales and Arpeggios (6-PACK)
(from The Artistocats) By Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman. Arranged by Cristi Cary Miller. (2-part). “Ev'ry truly cultured music student knows you must learn your scales and your arpeggios!” This charming song from Walt Disney's The Aristocats is set in a quasi-classical style that can't miss. Includes a delightful solfege countermelody and even a little of Beethoven's “Ode to Joy” theme. Available: 2-Part, ShowTrax CD. Performance.
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