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Brett Manning Brett Manning is one of the world's most sought after vocal coaches and has become widely recognized for his ability to "see with his ears" exactly what is happening inside a singer's throat. He teaches voice to some of the world's best singers in his Nashville studio, as well as at seminars and workshops nationwide. Brett works with artists from Capitol, Columbia, Atlantic, Interscope, Dreamworks, Lyric Street, MCA, Epic/Sony, KMG, Word, Embassy, Gotee Records, as well as countless independent record labels. He has worked with the casts of various Broadway musicals and is currently coaching the Broadway tour of Elton John's Aida. His client list contains winners of the world’s most prestigious vocal awards, including the Doves, the CMA Awards, and yes, the Grammies. Despite having an incredible five octave range himself, Brett continues to claim "all my students eventually out-sing me!"

Although the majority of Brett's clientele either sing professionally or aspire to do so, he also enjoys teaching students at every level. As Brett likes to say, "beginning students have the unique opportunity to build their voice free of any bad habits." In fact, it was his love for amateur singers that, after a decade of teaching private lessons, inspired Brett to begin offering vocal seminars and workshops around the nation. As word spread, more and more singers flocked to these workshops where Brett would always demonstrate, in his fun and encouraging way, how even novices can experience immediate improvement in the range, ease, and quality of their voice. Audience participants are awestruck when, often in less than an hour, Brett would add a full octave to their range! It's something you simply must see to believe! (When you get a chance, check out the clips in the Free Stuff section.)

As time went on and Brett Manning's notoriety grew, he began traveling less and now spends most of his time doing private coaching for professional singers and those aspiring artists fortunate enough to be within easy reach of his Nashville studio. Unwilling to give up on his passion for teaching singers of every type, regardless of their skill level, geographical location, or professional aspirations, Brett Manning needed a new way to make his incredible teaching methods available to everyone. That's when the Singing Success Program was born. Brett Manning spent the next three years putting together the most complete pre-recorded vocal training course available anywhere based on his revolutionary, and now world famous, techniques.

Train with Brett Manning in the privacy of your own home with the popular SINGING SUCCESS Vocal Training Program.

Singing success vocal instruction products by Brett Manning Singing Success Program
12 Audi CD
The Singing Success Program is a comprehensive vocal training program with over 12 hours of world class vocal instruction in one amazing program. The purpose of the program is to take singers of any skill level through a full vocal training course

You'll start by hearing the science behind Brett Manning's training method. Then you'll begin learning the techniques, one-by-one, practicing all along the way. You'll learn to sing with more power and volume without any vocal strain.

You'll also develop new style skills. Whether you sing Pop, Folk, Country, Rock or anything in between, Brett will show you how to do more with your own unique sound, giving you more ways to be creative with the songs you sing. Just because you're taking voice lessons doesn't mean you should sound like an opera singer!

The best part about the Singing Success Program is that you will also use it for on-going improvement. Even though you'll be learning the techniques step by step, it will take you months to master them. Once you have, you'll still use the training CDs every time you warm up and for the continued improvement of your voice for years to come.
View and purchase Singing Success Program from Amazon USA.

SINGING SUCCESS™ Philosophy of Learning:
*Have you ever seen the movie Karate Kid? Singing Success uses the same "wax on, wax off" approach to learning. You'll improve steadily by doing simple exercises that retrain your muscles to automatically respond with new coordinations.

* The twelve CDs serve as as the primary instructional tool. The book and video provide visual aids for the sections of the program that require it.

* The best way to use the program is to listen to the CDs in order, referencing the book and video only when instructed.

* Although you may use the CDs in your car, you should only do so after you've already listened to them in your house without any distractions. Practice two to five times a week, as your time and vocal cords allow.

* You will see dramatic improvements in your voice almost immediately. Then, as you progress further in your abilities, your improvements will taper off and become more incremental. View all formats and purchase Singing Success Program online.

Mastering Vibrato
Mastering Vibrato Long considered one of the most artistically challenging vocal skills, a beautiful vibrato quality is often what creates the world's most memorable voices.

Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato is for singers of all skill levels who want to take control of their vibrato once and for all. Using a series of easy-to-follow training exercises of gradually increasing difficulty, Brett Manning breaks this seeming complex and often frustrating technique into easily manageable parts.

By the time you have graduated this three-CD course, you will have total mastery of your vibrato. You will control both its speed and delineation effortlessly. Your lovely vibrato will have become such a natural part of your sound that you'll wonder how you ever got by without it! You will learn to increase and decrease the speed of your vibrato, adjust your vibrato style to fit various musical genres, master the intricacies of note blending, turn your vibrato on and off at will, and much, much more.

You will also learn how everyone's vibrato is different and how to use your natural vibrato quality to make your voice more distinctive. Once you've mastered it, your beautiful vibrato will be one more color in your vocal palate with which to paint your masterpieces.

Benefits of a Great Vibrato:
- It releases tension in the voice
- It adds color and variation to tone quality
- It helps tune the voice naturally
- It increases the singers means of artistic expression
- It is essential for creating a unique soloist sound

Perhaps you're a young singer who's never quite mastered your vibrato. Perhaps your an older singer who's vibrato has slowed and now has that wobbly quality common among older voices. Perhaps you were trained as a choir singer and were taught to sing with no vibrato at all. Or perhaps you have a nice vibrato but want to have total mastery of it, so that you'll have it at your command to use as artistically as you'd like. Whatever your reason, Brett Manning's Mastering Vibrato will help you do just that -- master your vibrato, once and for all!

Order your copy and become a MASTER of VIBRATO in no time!

View all formats and purchase Mastering Vibrato from Amazon USA

Mastering Mix
Mastering Mix
The mix is essential to developing a "commercial" or "radio-friendly" tone. Specifically focusing on this area of the voice, Mastering Mix precisely targets what professional voice coach Brett Manning has instilled in his many platinum selling and GRAMMY® winning students. To sing like a pro you have to be able to effectively use this vulnerable part of your singing voice. The Mix is the edge that most top recording artists have. It is what enables them easily sing high notes with the freedom and control that "wows" their audiences.
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