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Carole Lynne Carole Lynne's formal musical education includes study at The Juilliard School of Music, University of Michigan Music School, The American Theater Wing, Marlboro Music Festival and with many private teachers in New York City. Carole studied singing, piano, guitar, sight singing, acting and dance.

Carole Lynne's informal music education took place at home where her father and mother taught her how to sing jazz. As the daughter of two disc jockeys in the early days of radio Carole listened to all kinds of music and developed an appreciation for many different vocal styles.

Carole Lynne's professional singing experience ranges from singing in clubs and restaurants to doing singing commercials to doing one woman shows. The sixties found Carole Lynne singing and playing guitar in many of New York's Greenwich Village Coffee Houses. The seventies found Carole Lynne living in the San Francisco Bay area singing top forty and original songs in many clubs and restaurants. The eighties found Carole Lynne in Boston where she developed and toured with a one woman show "Nobody's Lady but My Own." And in the nineties Carole has been conducting "Singing for the Soul ® " workshops in the Boston area.

Singing for the soul vocal instruction products by Carole Lynne Singing For The Soul
Breathing Set (How to Breathe, When to Breathe)
Audio course - CD or Online Download
Would you like your voice to flow effortlessly? Would you like to be more relaxed when you sing and avoid that "out of breath" feeling at the end of a phrase? Then learn how to breathe correctly for singing. Correct breathing will not only make your voice sound better, but you will feel better and more in control when you are singing. Breathing correctly is the foundation of good singing.
View all formats and purchase Singing For The Soul online.

Managing Stage Fright
Most people find that the symptoms grow weaker with time and experience. In this lesson, you can learn techniques to help you manage your stage fright symptoms. Get started with Managing Stage Fright today!
View all formats and purchase Managing Stage Fright online.

Avoid Vocal Strain
Learn to sing in a healthy manner with tips and advice on avoiding vocal strain from Carole Lynne.
View all formats and purchase Avoid Vocal Strain online.

Singing in Tune
Did you know that most people who think they are singing totally out of tune are not? In the lessons on Singing in Tune, you will have the opportunity to evaluate how much in or out of tune you are singing, and learn incredible techniques for identifying the kinds of mistakes you are making and how to fix them!

These lessons are a must for everyone. Even professionals can learn some new tips about singing in tune. Learn about the places in a song where many singers go out of tune and how to prepare yourself to sing in tune as you approach those places.

You will also give your musical ear a workout as you learn to sing scales and major, minor, diminished and augmented chords. Singing musical exercises helps you to be a strong "in tune" singer in the same way that physical exercises make you into a strong, flexible person.
View all formats and purchase Singing in Tune online.

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