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Yvonne DeBandi Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, FSU School of Music Graduate (Bachelor of Music Education, magna cum laude) and proud member of NATs created the unique methods found in these voice training and exercise programs for singers. Her performance expertise and extensive training includes Music Theater, Classical Music, Rock 'N Roll, Jazz, Pop and more. In addition to singing she has enjoyed performing many other instruments including the piano, violin and french horn. Her training style is unique, fun and refreshing...and proven effective for students and teachers worldwide.

Get a free taster! Click Here to read articles for singers by Yvonne or try it yourself with one of the programs below and become the best singer you can be!

Click Here to read more about Singing Is Easy and other singing tuition products by Yvonne deBandi Singing Is Easy!
Basic Foundation Series Home Study Course
SINGING IS EASY is divided into ten detailed sections known as The 10 Steps to Singing Success. Each singing lesson step provides comprehensive concept explanations and singing tips, followed by detailed diagrams and a variety of contemporary vocal exercises. Using the revolutionary 10 Steps to Singing Success method, created by Top Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, you will learn the facts, the secrets, the details...everything you need to know about singing.

Subjects include:
1. Preparing the Instrument
2. Airflow
3. Tone Creation
4. Support
5. Resonance
6. Tone Placement
7. Scales, Octaves & Theory
8. Strength, Dexterity & Stamina
9.Vocal Coordination
180+ pages of written instruction
20 Audio Voice Lessons
26 Vocal Exercises & Variations
Diagrams, Worksheets and more!

Learn how to:
Increase your singing range.
Smooth the vocal break between voice registers.
Learn how to breathe for singing.
Improve breathing control and capacity.
Strengthen and improve your vocal tone.
Condition & strengthen your diaphragm.
Hold notes longer and make them sound stronger!
Prevent vocal hoarseness!
Learn why resonance is so important and how to create more of it!
Learn how to use the vocal mask.
Learn music theory, including how to read music!
Create a Repertoire List and Lyric Book Resource like professional singers do!

Many vocal exercise variations to continue development, variations provided for all voice ranges.


Worksheets & Diagrams included:
Breathing Properly for Singing
Daily Vocal Practice Log
Diaphragm Diagram
Goal Worksheet
Monthly Vocal Practice Log
Range Classifications
Resonators Diagram
Singing Range Worksheet and Log
Voice Organ Diagram

This fantastic training program is available in two convenient formats. Vocal Training Program is the same with each format. Online Membership web site does contain additional updates & FAQs. The different formats are provided for convenience and additional affordability only.
Designed to be a lifetime companion to the training singer, this format makes it easy to add personal notes, lyrics and sheet music.

This vocal coaching set provides the Singing Is Easy, Basic Foundation Series, on printed hard copy book and double CD set. This convenient wirebound resource is the perfect addition to any singer's library. And the format is easy to transport and quite affordable!
View info and purchase Singing is Easy Book & 2 CD at Amazon USA online.

Singng Is Easy and other singing tuition products by Yvonne deBandi You Can Sing with Impact!
The Daily Warm-up Workout
You Can Sing with Impact - Rated the NUMBER ONE Vocal Warm-up Workout on the market, this unique and fun singing lessons on double CD or online download program provides easy-to-understand voice instruction and narrated vocal exercises for the professional or beginner! The creators of this remarkable singing lessons series specifically designed YOU CAN SING WITH IMPACT, The Daily Warm-Up Workout to assist you in obtaining your personal goals as a vocalist.

Whether you are new to singing lessons, singing on Broadway, searching for that record deal, or simply having fun singing Karaoke with friends and family on the weekends - this program is for you. You will receive audio instruction, 11 fun vocal exercises, singing tips, examples, and clear analogies that will help you understand the concepts. Whether you are beginner or professional singer, voice actor or speaker, musician or karaoke performer... these singing lessons on audio CDs will be the best investment you make into your singing career or hobby! Try it today!

Book / 2 Audio CD Set
This format is a three-ring binder and best for the serious singer that desires the ability to add personal notes, lyrics and sheet music to their vocal educational manual.
Daily Warm-up Workout Book & 2 CD at Amazon USA

Click Here to read more about Singing Is Easy and other singing tuition products by Yvonne deBandi Affordable Singing Lessons
Fast and Funky 8 Minute Vocal Warm Up Workout
This amazingly simple singing lessons program is a fast, fun and easy way to learn how to sing or to improve your singing voice. It includes vocal instructions, music theory (learn to read music!) and a fun and funky vocal exercise variation that is unlike anything else on the vocal warm-up market. Use the eight minute vocal warm-up before your performance or vocal workout and notice the difference!

View info and purchase Fast and Funky Vocal Warm CD+G.

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