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Sally Garozzo "I started singing from the age of 3, thanks to my grandparents who took me to The Salvation Army regularly. This is where it all started. At school I always had major parts in plays, assemblies and sung solo parts in Vivaldi's Gloria and Handle's Messiah. At the age of 17 I joined The South London Singers for 2 years, singing alto.

I then become a beauty therapist. During those years, I unleashed my creativity and started writing my own songs and doing small intimate gigs. It wasn't until the year 1999 that I took the bull by the horns and went to study Popular Music Performance at London's Vocaltech. I went from being a singer to a singer/musician. I graduated with a distinction and the title PERFORMER OF THE YEAR!

After that, I joined a pub band for a year, this was my apprentiship! Afterwards, I joined Dewson Entertainments and become one of their key female vocalists performing at The Dorchester in Mayfair with Christian Slater as one of the guests. In between gigging, I gave up my day job and became a vocal coach. Working mainly from home, I've had great success training singers from beginner to professional, helping them to understand their voices better and engaging with their heart and souls. I have an NLP background and I am also a Reiki Master. I use these skills unconsciously when I'm teaching.

From 2003-2005 I worked at Swanlea School in Whitechapel as a vocal coach, which was very challenging but I learned a lot. Since moving to Cheshire, it didn't take me long to build up my client base again. I was head hunted by Mid-Cheshire college to teach voice work to their drama students, which I absolutely loved doing.

Since then I've been teaching, training, performing and writing in various projects around the world and in 2010 became a CoreSinging(TM) Instructor. This is a wonderful approach which encapsulates the imagination and uncovers the true voice/performer/person. In addition I am always developing and exploring my own voice by attending singing lessons with world renowned voice coaches.

I am now based in Brighton with my own private voice studio where you can visit me for private lessons!

Singing Freedom The Singing Freedom program is no longer available on CD or download, as I am concentrating on a more personal teaching approach at my teaching studio and via YouTube!



Sing Like The Stars
The Great Thing About Singing Is That Anyone Can Do It. If You Can Speak You Can Sing..." The Singing Freedom series is a step by step programme which is designed to be your practice companion and coach you every step of the way towards vocal freedom. After a few months, when your friends and colleagues hear you, they won’t believe it’s the same person!!

Here's What You'll Gain From SINGING FREEDOM in just 2 Weeks...

More confidence to sing on your own or in front of an audience.
You'll learn to sing from scratch or polish up your existing technique.
You'll gain the ability to sing higher with more strength, clarity, power and style
You'll be able to extend your range safely
You'll be able to move between vocal registers smoothly
You'll have a more varied tone to your voice and be able to turn on different voice qualities.
You'll sing more in tune and to hear notes better.
You'll have ability to sing through nerves.
You'll have better vocal health.
If you keep on practicing, infinitely you'll Achieve More Because...

You're voice will become a flexible instrument that can cover many notes in one bar
You'll be able to distinguish different notes more clearly as, like all musicians, you'll learn all the musical building blocks that every singer should know.
This will give you an awesome foundation for the art and skill of improvisation.