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The following are external links to articles on singing for singers by singers and singing teachers. Please Note: We have no control over content changes that external sites choose to make, if a link is broken try the home page link that is provided for each site. If you have written an article that you would like us to link to please send us a brief description and url address using the contact form. All links open in a new window or jump down the page to the links listing.

Cindy Sadler

US based mezza soprano and singing teacher Cindy Sadler has a host of articles and information available for singers on her site which also includes information about the Business of Singing Workshop, photos, sound clips, biog, concerts, schedule and more!

Questions & Answers on her FAQ include:-

Observations from the Other Side of the Stage
Section especially for high school singers
What are my options for learning to sing if I can't afford private lessons?
What do I put in a cover letter
What is missing from my education
Do I have to be rich to be a singer
What are my career options
What are my chances at a career
What the business of singing really like
What is it like to be a professional singer
How do I figure out my voice type
At 23, they say I'm "too young" for a YAP, but I'm ready to sing *something*!
I'm not making it in the US, should I go to Europe?
How do I choose a school?
How do I effectively follow up on auditions?
Successful opera singers can't be married or have a personal life?
What can I do if I can't get anyone to hire me?
How do you learn a new role?
How long do I have to keep "paying my dues"?
How do I learn to sing in an ensemble?

There are more articles available in her Resources for Singers section including:-

Singing in Europe - two articles on singing in Germany and the UK.
Tax Tips and expense lists from VITA
Advertise Your Services as a Wedding Singer by Sandra Boysen & Heather Allen
An Intro to Press Kits by Heather Allen (How to write a press release!)
Unemployment Insurance

Click Here to visit www.thebusinessofsinging.com.


MT-PRO Music Therapy List newsgroup listserver for Music Therapists from the Sam Houston State University, includes their archived lists consist of questions from music therapists about remedies for singing problems and other related aspects.

Help with Monotone Singing - from the Sam Houston State University includes advice, exercises and techniques for the music therapist or singing teacher with pupils who speak and/or sing in monotone. (all open in a new window)

Help with Monotone Singing Advice 1
Help with Monotone Singing Advice 2
Help with Monotone Singing Advice 3
Help with Monotone Singing Advice 4
Help with Monotone Singing Advice 5
IT technology and music therapy
Long thread on CBMT and Musicianship Skills
Music Practitioners vs Music Therapists
The Abdominal Training FAQ
The Abdominal Training FAQ


This site aimed at music educators provides a wealth of useful articles suitable for both students and teachers of voice and music in the archive including:

Starting Your Own Studio
Tips and advice for music teachers who are considering starting their own private lesson studio.

Careers in Music
Information and Suggestions compiled by Karen Stafford

Organising an Elementary Choir
Advice for singing teachers on planning and organising choirs at the elementary school level.

Preparing for Performances
by Karen Stafford contains notes and tips for teachers and students on preparing for auditions and other performances.

Recital Ideas
Tips and advice for private music and voice teachers on planning and scheduling an end of year student recital

The Less Than Ideal Family
Personality Conflicts by Karen Stafford provides an insight into potential problems with students or their parents with advice and contributions from other private teachers.

Teaching at Home while the Homelife's Brewin'
A humourous look at the life of a private home teacher with tips and advice on keeping the lessons and homelife apart.

Working with the Hot Dog
Tips and advice for teachers of students who go over and beyond what your instructions are.

'The Vocalist Studio'

The Vocalist Studio provides a series of articles for singers in .pdf format (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view).

Five Ingredients of a Physiologically Gifted Voice
Movement of the Body
Noise in the Voice
Singing Vowels
The Wide Pharynx
Voice Quality - 1
Voice Quality - 2
Why Warming Up is Important
Glottel Resistance
Raised or Lowered Layrnx
Training the Head Voice
Voluntary Register Chages

'Bruce Schoonmaker'

Advice and lessons from Baritone Singer & Tutor Bruce Schoonmaker at the Furman University Music Department include:-

Bruce Schoonmaker's Singing Essays
On Becoming a Singer
How to Practice Voice
How to Learn Vocal Music
How to Memorize Vocal Music
Worksheet on Song Interpretation
Physical Exercise for Singers
The Meaning of Vocal Technique
Singing Without Technique
The Tao of Singing
The Uncertainty Principle and Singing
Operatic Acting
Advice for Students Acting in Operas

Tom Shilling

Tom Schilling's informative newsletters provide a variety of tutorials including: Intelligence vs. Knowledge, The Upper Jaw, Resonance vs. "Squillo", Counterfeit Voices, Breathing, Individual Fulfillment, Curing vs. Healing, The Study of Man, Why Study Singing, Values Vs Virtues, About Diction, The Mind-Body Connection, Finding Your Real Voice, Being Involved, A Complete Sound Flies, It is Easy to Sing Well


Joseph Shore
Selection of interesting and informative essays for singers, scroll down the left navigation and click on 'Articles on Singing'.
Vocal mechanics:
1. What do you mean lower my larynx?
2. Is All 2800 created equal?
3. The Illusion of placement


Articles on singing bluegrass with exercises and advice for all styles of singer by Dede Wyland at iBluegrass.com

Bluegrass & Dexterity
Dealing with Register Breaks: Part l
Dealing with Register Breaks: Part ll
Discussing the nature of Resonance
Exercises to relieve jaw stress
Finding your best Key for a Song
Get Rid of Unwanted Tension
Impressions of a Very Special Bluegrass Camp
Incorrect Body Tension
Learning a Song
Remedies for Ailing Vocalists
Singing on Your Speaking Level
Soaring High Notes
Symptoms of Vocal Concern
The Art of Bluegrass Vocals
Vowels: The Troublesome Trio
Vocal Point of View, tips and techniques for reducing range inhibiting tension by Dede Wyland at iBluegrass.com


Vocal Repertoire (German/English) site has Lied, Oratorio, Opera, Bach Duets, Singing Exercises, Events and more. Vocal lessons and exercises are in German and English (Click 30 vocal exercises for english version) - Japanese also available on request. They use a score so if you can sight read or read music you'll pick it up with ease and there are downloadable .pdf exercises also available.
A simple v-exercise
An explosive exercise
Descending scales on ng
Economic breathing
Exercise for the tongue and a relaxed jaw
Exercise for the tongue and lips
Exercise for velocity
Exercise on intervals
Exercise on Jay and Nay
Exercise to relax the Larynx
Fast m's
Fast scales
Glissando on vowels after m
Glissando over a fifth
Legato on a-e-i-o-u-a
Legato on a broken triad
Legato thirds
Molto legato
More voiced consonants
Soft entrance
Staccato and legato
The lip trill
The French voiced j
Tongue movement on j
Triplets to the third, sempre legato
Triplets to the fifth
Variation on z and v
Voiced consonants - m -ng


Vocal Splendor
Soprano Valerie Williams lovely site has information on her career, sound clips, photo's and a selection of online singing articles including:

How do you learn to sing?
How to find a voice teacher
Tips for singers who want to improve
Diaphragm Description - what it is and how it applies to singing.
Character Study l - approaching a character study based on the song text
Character Study ll - character study through musical analysis.
Facing Competitions - how to face them after poor outcomes
On Jazz Singing - advice for the aspiring jazz singer.


Stan Yoder Voice Studio website provides an excellent set of easy to understand explanations on the basics of singing suitable for younger readers and beginning singers including:

Your Body Is Your Instrument
Breathe Well, My Friend
Relax and Flow
Open, Open, Open!
Make Noises
What You Hear Ain't What We Get
Make Beautiful Noises
Click Here to visit the website.


A small selection of sites that provide articles on singing and the voice. A full list is available in the Vocal Links section.

A Basic Overview of Voice Production
by Ronald C. Scherer, Ph.D.

A Composer's Lament: The Music Goes Soft
An insight into the composers dilemma by Matthias Kriesberg is part of an editorial/opinion piece and response that appeared in the New York Times.

Are Clarinetists the audience?
Although this article by social analysis teacher and musician Brian Martin has been written from a musicians viewpoint, he touches upon many aspects of performing for an audience that are relevant to singers and entertainers. Published in The Clarinet, Vol 26, No 4, September 1999, p.32. .

BBC Radio One - How To
Selection of articles on aspects of singing and working in the music industry.

all you want to know - What castrati are (or were!).

Covers vs Originals
Jacob Robison's article provides opinions on the subject from musicians at the Polluted Ezine the us online magazine for rock, metal, death, punk, alternative, grunge, hardcore and ska.

Barbershop dot org
Includes tips and advice on staying in tune aimed at barbershop singers and directors from The Harmonizer Magazine the official publication of the Barbershop Harmony Society (US). Regular singing articles posted online.

Hints on using Backing Tracks
Advice for musical directors, producers and performing artists from KJartan Poskit Shows.

Indie-Music Vocal Articles
A selection provided by users.

Labelling of voice quality
includes different ethnic groups from the University of Stuttgart

Local Music Scene: Covers vs Originals
Article by Bob Kaelin explains the difficulties that face bands playing at State College.

Music Timeline Provides a flowchart of the evolution of music from 325 to 1999.

Re: Symphony Metaphor
A personal opinion on the aims of music and the music business in respect of pleasing the audience from Roger Key on the DEN Discussion List Archive.

Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference
Includes several articles on singing posted by distinguished guests.

Tips for Potential Singers
from Ron Lomax provides advice for anyone considering singing as a career.

Taking Care of the Voice
article from Jay Williams Choral Press.

The Effects of Vowel Quality and Pitch
on spectral and glottal flow measuerments of the voice source available in .pdf format by Melissa A. Epstein and Blas G. Payri

The Art of Recording
The artistic elements of recording production provides an overview and insight to performance in relation to recording. Article supplied by ProSoundWeb.

Tips on Popular Singing
By Frank Sinatra and John Quinlan includes breathing, care of the throat, mouth positions and 16 vocalise exercises available at the Jazz Singers Network site.

Types of phonation
includes diagrams showing the tensions for each voice and .wav files from the University of Stuttgart.

Vocal Coach's Corner
The Quick and the Easy - article by Roger Beale talks about vocal tension and how to eliminate it.

Voice Over Answers & Guidance
from the Edge Voice Over Studio (USA)

Voice Definitions and Ranges
by Elizabeth Randell Upton at the Early Music FAQ

Ultimate VoiceTraining for Singers
Author Billy Purnell provides online lessons complete with sound samples taken from the CD.

an art form of the alps provides an explaination and brief history of the art with a crash course from yodeller Florian Keller