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As an author or performer, an artist is entitled to receive payment for the public performance of these recordings (radio / club play etc.) in the U.K and abroad.

If you are a signed or unsigned singer, musician, music producer, songwriter or composer who has ever performed on a track of recorded works that has received airplay, you may be owed royalties which are waiting to be claimed !

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my name on the list?
Browse or search the 'unpaid artists list' - click on the button below (requires javascript enabled).

Even if you don't find your name there you should register if you played on a track that has received airplay.

Where did you get this list?
The list we have on display is a copy of the one provided to PPL, but ours will not be updated!

How much money is there?
There are several million pounds waiting to be paid out. You could be one of the thousands of performers owed anything from 25 to 500. You may even be one of the few that are owed tens of thousands.

Isn't this service available free of charge already?
Royalty collection organisations collect money for you from bars, clubs, radio and TV stations, clubs and other users of sound recordings. Whilst they collect payments, it is entirely up to the artist to monitor the tracks and request payment from each organisation in every territory.

Can I just register with the appropriate agencies and collect monies myself?
Yes! You will need to register and provide each agency with all relevent track details. Existing members of PPL and other royalty collection agencies are advised to login to their account, check that all their works are listed and request payment (where appropriate).

What are the agencies I need to register with?
Check out the comprehensive list of links to Copyright and Royalties Bureau's. If you are already registered with AURA, P@MRA or PPL and have a Performer's ID number you can login to their site and check your royalties. Even if you're already registered, it's worth checking the list of unregistered performers to see if your name also appears under an alias or alternative spelling.

Which Countries of residence qualify for these royalties?
The following list is subject to change as more countries/organisations agree to participate.

> Argentina
> Australia
> Austria
> Barbados
> Belgium
> Bolivia
> Brazil
> Bulgaria
> Burkina Faso
> Canada
> Chile
> Colombia
> Congo
> Costa Rica
> Czech Republic
> Denmark (including Greenland and The Faeroe Islands)
> Dominican Republic
> Ecuador
> El Salvador
> Fiji
> Finland
> France (including all Overseas Departments and Territories)
> Germany
> Greece
> United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland
> Guatemala
> Honduras
> Hungary
> Iceland
> Ireland, Republic of
> Italy
> Jamaica
> Japan
> Lesotho
> Luxembourg
> Faso Mexico
> Moldova
> Monaco
> Netherlands
> Niger
> Nigeria
> Norway
> Panama
> Paraguay
> Peru
> Philippines
> Slovak Republic
> Spain
> Sweden
> Switzerland
> Uruguay

I'm not listed on a track and I should be - what do I do?
If you're not on a track line-up and you should be, you can make a claim to be added.

I represent an artist, can I claim on their behalf?
Royalty payments are usually paid directly to the artist, however, if you are an agent/manager or other representative who has legal power of attorney or whose artist has signed an agreement that you are legally responsible for the artists financial affairs, you will be entitled to any deductions as per your signed agreement.

What about deceased artists who are owed income?
If you are a relative or the legitimate heir to the deceased artists estate, you are entitled to any revenue generated that remains unpaid. The application process is a little more complicated as proof of claim and identity will be required.

How much does it cost?
Registration with royalty collection agencies is usually free, although some companies may charge a commission for the service, which is usually deducted from your royalties if/when due for payment.

Who do I register with to claim these?
If you are creating and recording music it is advisable to join all the relative collection and distribution agencies or use an agency collection service which will do this for you. In the UK the main ones are Performing Rights Society (PRS), Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) (Note that PAMRA and AURA merged with PPL). Links to these and to similar organisations in other countries are listed in the Copyright & Royalties page.