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A small selection of childrens musicals, musical plays and nativity plays in a variety of genres suitable for children and young singers. Also browse the Childrens Repertoire, Childrens Christmas Repertoire and Childrens Choral Repertoire. Please Note: Where quoted, prices are provided as a general guide, latest prices are available from the suppliers site. All links open in a new window.

Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol Director’s Score
James Leisy and Joyce Merman. Charles Dickens’ heart-warming classic as seen from Tiny Tim’s point of view.
Tiny Tim's Christmas Carol Performers Part

Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol Cassette

Caroline Hoile: The Little Angel (Teacher's Book)
A highly successful journey in story and song through the enoyable things associated with a happy Christmas.
The Little Angel (Cassette)

Caroline Hoile: The Gigantic Star (Teacher's Book)
Caroline Hoile follows the success of The Little Angel with this delightful work, The Gigantic Star.
The Gigantic Star (Cassette)

Mrs Claus To The Rescue! Director’s Score
by Janet Gardner. Santa becomes sick just before Christmas and Mrs Claus takes over! A musical play for unison and two-part voices with eight choral numbers.
Mrs Claus To The Rescue! Accompaniment/Performance Cassette
Mrs Claus To The Rescue! (5 Pack Perf Parts)

By Alison Hedger
Super-Dooper Cassette
Full of cross-curricular topic ideas and suggestions for teaching musical concepts, score writing, composing, percussion, clapping games, action songs and much more.

Famous Fables (Teacher's Book)
A new children's musical based upon four traditional famous fables: Town Mouse and Country Mouse, Frog and Ox, Fox and Stork and Hare and Tortoise.
Famous Fables (Cassette)
Famous Fables (Pupil's Book)

Nursery Rhyme Nativity (Teacher's Book/CD)
Nursery Rhyme Nativity is a special Christmas musical for young children, retelling the Biblical story to the tunes of favourite nursery rhymes.

Jumping Jack (Teacher's Book)
Includes the enduring favorites Jelly Man, and the ten minute action role play activity to music, Magic.
Jumping Jack (Pupil's Book)
Jumping Jack (Cassette)

Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh (Teacher's Book)
This versatile and cheerful Nativity retells the Bible story and is easy to learn.
Gold, Frankincense And Myrrh (Cassette)

New Ways With Old Rhymes (Book)
Original music for well-loved rhymes, with piano accompaniment and guitar chords.

The Soldiers' Christmas (Teacher's Book)
This Nativity, with its eight delightful new songs, will captivate the hearts of family and friends.
The Soldiers' Christmas (Cassette)

Don't Forget The Manger (Teacher's Book)
A traditional Nativity play conveying the peace and hope of Christmas with eight new carols.
Don't Forget The Manger (Cassette)
Don't Forget The Manger (Pupil's Book)

Dumble The Dinosaur (Teacher's Book)
A light-hearted musical fantasy for young children, set in a land of dinosaurs and ancient man.
Dumble The Dinosaur (Pupil's Book)
Dumble The Dinosaur (Cassette)

Happy Christmas Everyone (Teacher's Book)
An excellent set of carols for young children which work well individually or as a basis for a Nativity presentation, with all the traditional characters.
Happy Christmas Everyone (Cassette)

Scarecrow's Christmas! (Teacher's Book/CD)
A fun Christmas musical with an imaginative new story for young children. Uses different speeds and styles to conjure up animal characteristics (Fish, Polar Bears and Ducks).

Pinocchio (Teacher's Book)
The fun-filled story of Pinocchio, suitable for any time of the year.
Pinocchio (Pupil's Book)
Pinocchio (Cassette)

Harvest Time! (Teacher's Book)
A fun harvest celebration for schools and Sunday schools with six short new songs.
Harvest Time! (Cassette)

WH (Teacher's Book) and WH (Cassette)
A collection of 9 fun and original songs by Alison Hedger for use in class and in concerts.

The Meal
A vegetarian operetta in three courses for children & piano. Cast includes King, Queen, Prince and Princess, wicked witch and lots of smaller parts (including a chorus of vegetables)!

Engelbert Humperdinck: Hansel And Gretel (Vocal Score)
Engelbert Humperdinck's 'Hansel And Gretel' is regarded as the leading children's opera in the repertoire. This is the Schirmer edition of the Vocal Score, edited by Hamilton Benzwith and in English only.

Rejoice! A Children's Christmas Nativity (Teacher's Book/CD)
A Classroom Cantata suitable for Primary School and Special Needs Pupils.
Rejoice! A Children's Christmas Nativity (Pupil's Book)

See The Stable (Teacher's Book)
A Children's Favourite! A celebration in eight original carols for concerts or as a musical framework for a delightful nativity play with Biblical texts given.
See The Stable (Pupil's Book)

Hubble-Bubble (Teacher's Book)
Twenty musical things to do in music sessions with young children. Includes songs, rhymes, action songs, percussion, introduction to note values, rhythm, pitch and dynamic control.
Hubble-Bubble (Cassette)

Baby Jesus (Teacher's Book)
Baby Jesus was written as a follow-up to Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
Baby Jesus (Cassette)

Jump For Joy (Teacher's Book/CD)
A collection of original Christian action and praise songs, suited to use in school, church, or at home.

Bitesize Golden Apple: The Emperor's New Clothes (Tell The Truth)
Adapted by Alison Hedger from the traditional tale from Hans Christian Andersen, this 15 minute musical is a mixture of narration, mime, rap and song, suitable for performance in school Assemblies and at end of term entertainments. Ideal for KS1 and Lower KS2.

25 Past December (Teacher's Book)
Alison Hedger/Michael Gallagher. This entertaining and festive drama is written for Junior and Middle School groups and Junior Drama clubs.
25 Past December (Pupil's Book)

Nursery Rhyme Nativity (Teacher's Book/CD)
Nursery Rhyme Nativity is a special Christmas musical for young children, retelling the Biblical story to the tunes of favourite nursery rhymes.

Father Christmas And Uncle Holly With CD
A wonderful collection of seven songs, suitable for pre-school and key stage 1 revealing the well-kept secret of Father Christmas' twin brother. Meet the army of elves, and learn about the secret snow tunnel.

Alison Hedger/Sheila Wainwright: The Musicians Of Bremen (Teacher's Book)
A fun musical play in rhyme with seven songs for Primary schools based on the Grimm Brothers' story.
The Musicians Of Bremen (Cassette)

Alison Hedger/Sheila Wainwright: A Victorian Christmas Party (Teacher's Book)
A new musical with nine original songs set in Victorian Britain during the Crimean War.
A Victorian Christmas Party (Pupil's Book)
A Victorian Christmas Party Cassette

A Star Shines Out (Teacher's Book)
This collection of twelve Christmas pieces by Alison Hedger is ideal for school concerts and for forming the basis of a nativity play.
A Star Shines Out (Pupil's Book)
A Star Shines Out (Cassette)

Sue Heaser/Toby's Ark (Teacher's Book)
Captain Toby, his crew, and the fictitious explorers Harriet Bloom and Mr Jungletrotter set sail in a clipper during the Victorian era, to return captive wild animals to their country of origin.
Sue Heaser/Alison Hedger: Toby's Ark (Cassette)

Alison Hedger/Mary Holmes: He Is Alive (Teacher's Book)
He Is Alive is an enchanting work which presents the Easter story in a way relevant to young children.
Alison Hedger/Mary Holmes: He Is Alive (Cassette)

By Alison Carver/Susan Pleat
The Pyramid (Pupil's Book)
This children's musical is a story of everyday life in Ancient Egypt.
The Pyramid (Teacher's Book)
The Pyramid (Cassette)

Assignment: Earth Teacher’s Manual (Vocal Score/Script)
Roger Emerson. Children join the ‘E Team’ to help save the planet and apply Kid Power to cleaning up the environment.

Baba Yaga Teacher’s Book"
George Odam. A musical tale for children based on an old Russian folk tale.
Baba Yaga Children’s Book

Caroline Hoile: Wonderful Me! (Cassette)
Ten fun, uncomplicated songs to involve young children in body awareness and use of their senses.

By Debbie Campbell
Do You Believe In Father Christmas? (Teacher's Book)
Why are Christmas shoppers rushing about when you can wait at home for Father Christmas to bring you presents? Or should that be Mother Christmas? Equal opportunities now, you know! This lively and up-to-date seasonal musical will amuse primary school children and is great entertainment.
Do You Believe In Father Christmas? (Cassette)

The Emerald Crown (Vocal Score)
Witty verses and catchy songs stimulate children to think about the vital preservation process which is needed to save the rainforests.
The Emerald Crown - Melody Line (Pack of 10)
The Emerald Crown (Cassette)
The Emerald Crown Concert Posters (Pack of 5)

The First Kids In Space (Teacher's Book)
A fun space adventure musical full of information on technology, the solar system and travel.
The First Kids In Space (Pupil's Book)
The First Kids In Space (Cassette)

Denis O'Gorman/Barry Hart: The Christmas Farm (A Musical For Infants)
This simple, tuneful musical for Key Stage 1 children includes a joyful Nativity finale where the new-found friends proclaim the Christmas message and 'Sing a Song of Love'.

Douglas Wootton: H2O! (Teacher's Book/CD)
H2O! is factual and amusing musical all about water and the hydrologic cycle. Suitable for children 5-9 years.

By Emma Murphy
: Trouble At The Tudor Banquet - Director's Score
Trouble At The Tudor Banquet is an amusing musical show for children of all ages, and is packed with loads of fun ideas, offering a wide variety of class activities.
Trouble At The Tudor Banquet - Director's Score (CD Edition)

Jennifer S. Porter/Hedger: The Garden! (Teacher's Book/CD)
The perfect collection of songs for young children involved with a school garden.

Mark Golding

The Christmas Story (Teacher's Book)
The traditional Nativity story, retold in narration and song, for performance by children of mixed ages and abilities.
The Christmas Story (Cassette)
The Christmas Story (Pupil's Book)

By Michael and Jill Gallina
Santa Sings The Blues Director’s Score
To avoid having to take Santa into their rock group (because he doesn’t sing well), the elves suggest that Santa goes on the road with Elf Roddy Roadie.
Santa Sings The Blues Performance Pack (2 Scores and 10 Parts)
Santa Sings The Blues Performance Part
Santa Sings The Blues (Accompaniment/Performance CD)

No Snow For Christmas Cassette
Mary Donnelly and George Strid. The children want snow for Christmas but don’t know who can help them.

Patricia Lee: The Bossy Christmas Fairy (Teacher's Book)
This humourous musical teaches children about Christmas customs and the moral that being bossy and judging only by appearances is not acceptable.
The Bossy Christmas Fairy (Cassette)

Roald Dahl: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - A Musical (2nd Edition)
At last...a full stage performance of Roald Dahl's revolting children's favourite!

By Sheila Wilson
Christmas Presence - A Children's Nativity (Backing CD)
Christmas Presence is a musical or songbook for ages 5 to 12+ although it can be sung by all ages.
Christmas Presence - A Children's Nativity (Backing CD)
Christmas Presence - A Children's Nativity (Wordbook)

Harvestsong (Teacher's Book)
Harvestsong is a new harvest festival for Key stages 1 and 2 by Sheila Wilson. This is an easy but impressive celebration for children.
Harvestsong (Word Book)
Harvestsong (CD)

Easter Children - Tell The Story (Wordbook)
Easter Children - Tell The Story is a musical or songbook for children aged 5-12, ( key stages 1 and 2).
Easter Children - Tell The Story (Music Book)
Easter Children - Tell The Story (Backing CD)

The Factory Children Score
Chris Adams and Michael Sullivan. Poignant and humorous story about a rich factory owner’s children who become involved with poor factory kids.
The Factory Children Script

The Golden Apple Easter Songbook (Teacher's Book/CD)
Sixteen sparkling new musical items for Easter and Springtime from some of today’s best-loved children’s composers, including Sheila Wilson, Niki Davies, Alison Hedger and others.
The Golden Apple Easter Songbook (Pupil's Book)

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