This Assignment is made the                                  day of      19


(hereinafter called "the Assignor/s) of the one part and
(hereinafter called "the Publishers") of the other part WITNESSETH that in consideraton of the payment by the Publishers to the Assignor/s of the sum of
(the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) on account of the Royalties and Fees mentioned in the Schedule hereto the Assignor/s hereby Assign to the Publishers its successors and assigns ALL the Copyright (subject as hereafter provided) as defined by the Copyright Act 1956, throughout the territory to which that Act may now or may at any time hereafter extend, together with all rights now and hereafter thereunder existing, and together with all other righs of a like nature as are now conferred by the laws in force in all other territories throughout the world, including the right to renew and extend the copyright and the ownership of such renewed and extended copyrights and all rights now and hereafter thereunder existing as conferred by the laws of the United States of America, and such other rights as may hereafter be conferred or created by law or international arrangement or convention in any part of the world whether by way of new or additional rights not now comprised in Copyright or by way of extension of the period of then or now existing rights of and in the musical composition entitled

Music by

Lyrics by

(heriinafter referred to as "the said work(s)") TO HOLD the same unto the Publishers their successors and assigns absolutely PROVIDED that if the Assignor is a member of the Performing Right Society Limited, the rights hereby assigned are assigned subject to the rights of the said Society arising by virtue of the Assignor's membership of the sid Society or otherwise but include the reversionary interest of the Assignor/s in such rights expectant upon the determination by any means of the rights of the Society as aforesaid, subject to the payment ot the Assignor/s by the Publishers of the Assignor's share of all performing right fees received by the Publishers such share to be not less than the share previously payable to the Assignor/s by the Society, AND the Assignor/s hereby agree on demand to execute and sign any other documents and to do all other acts and things which may hereafter be required of the Assignor/s for vesting in the Publishers the premises expressed to be AND the Assignor/s hereby warrant and declare that the said work(s) is (are) a new and original unpublished work and does not infringe the copyright in any other work and that they the Assignor/s have good right and full power to assign to the Publishers free from all encumbrances the premises expressed to be hereby assigned and every of them in the manner aforesaid. The Publishers shall have the right to make such adaptations, arrangements, changes and translations of the said work(s), in whole or in part, and to publish or otherwise exercise its rights in the same at such times and in such manner and extent as it shall determine in its sole discretion. In this contract "performing right" means the right of (a) performing the said work(s) in public, (b) broadcasting the said work(s), (c) causing the said work(s) to be transmitted to subscribers to a diffusion service, and (d) authorising other persons to do any of the said acts in relation to the copyright in the said work(s). This agreement is binding upon and shall ensure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns, AND IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that the transaction hereby effected does not form part of a larger transaction or a series of transactions in respect of which the amount or value or the aggregate amount or value of the considreation exeeds 5,500 AS WITNESS the hands of the parties hereto the day and year first above written.

THE SCHEDULE above referred to

Sheet Music Royalties

( per cent.) of the marked retail selling price of all copies of the said work(s) sold (except as hereafter provided) but so that no Royalty shall be payable on sample copies of the said Work(s).

( per cent.) of all sums received by the Publishers on the sale of Foreign and Colonial Editions of the said Work(s).

The Publishers shall have the right to include the said work(s) in any Album or Folio and to licence others to make similar uses and the royalty to be paid by the Publishers for such uses shall be that proportion of 10% of the net wholesale selling price of each copy of such album or folio sold and paid for, as the work(s) shall bear to all works contained in such album or folio; and the Publishers shall have the right to include the said work(s) in any newspaper and to licence others to make a similar use, and the royalty to be paid by the Publishers for such uses shall be 50% of all licence fees received therefore, but such royalty shall not exceed the sum of Five Pounds (5.)

No Royalties shall be payable on professional copies of the said work(s).

Mechanical Royalties

( per cent.) of all Royalties received by the Publishers for reproductions of the said work(s) in connection with the manufacture of records (other than for use in or in connection with cinematograph films and television films) for sale to the Public.

Synchronisation Fees

( per cent.) of all royalties and fees received by the Publishers for the right to use the said work(s) in or in connection with any cinematograph film or television film.

Performing, Broadcasting and Rediffusion Fees

These are collected by the Performing Right Society Ltd, and are paid direct to its Members in accordance with the Rules laid down by that Society, and it is agreed that the Assignor/s' share or the share of all authors and composers shall be 50 per cent, and the Publishers share shall be 50 per cent.


All royalties and fees payable by the Publishers to the Assignor/s by virtue of this Assignment shall be divided between the Assignor/s and credited to him/them in the following maner:

......................per cent. to ............................................................................

......................per cent. to ............................................................................

The Publishers agree to send to the Assignor/s within a reasonable time after the 30th June and 31st December of every year statements showing the royalties and fees due to him/them in respect of the said work(s) for the six months preceding those dates and to remit the balance standing to his/their credit.

SIGNED by the Assignor/s in the presence of: ..................................................

SIGNED by the duly authorised agent of the Publishers in the presence of :

For and on behalf of