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If you have access to a computer, scanner and printer it will be cheap & easy to produce your own Publicity Pack. The likelyhood is that you already have a document or desktop publishing package like Word or Publisher installed on your computer. These usually have pre-formatted blank templates and a variety of free easy to edit designs that you can use to create and print your own business cards, flyers and biographies. Be as creative as you like, but remember, eye catching is great, but useless if the CONTACT INFO and DETAILS are hard to read!!

For those of you without the use of a computer, or the skills to use the library or college facilities, there are a couple of cheap alternatives.

Approach your local school, college or university - perhaps one of the desk top publishing, art or design students will produce something for you as part of their course work - students, like musicians are often broke, the offer of a few pounds in exchange is a great motivator and the results benefit you both.

Photo's, demo's, posters, etc., can be produced in bulk by specialised companies, whilst most shopping centres have machines you can produce your own business cards on, costs about £3.00 - £6.00 for 50.

Publicity Pack - You will need.....

Recent Photograph
Should be simple, striking and relevant to your musical style

Demo Tape/CD/Minidisc
Amount of Tracks required depend on where you intend to send them.  Taxi and similar services provide a full description of label or publishers requirements. Read about Demo Recording or Click Here for demo recording services.

Act or Band Biography & Contact No
Keep it short 1 x A4 page only is recommended - you could fold it into 4 and put a scanned piccie on the front, with biog, gig dates and reviews on a section each, makes it nice and neat!

Business Cards
Simple, Smart, Snappy, Jazzy or Loud, whatever the design ensure your details are Bold and visible.  An identifiable logo or image is also a good way to be remembered.

a few A4 for placing in small venues and windows and if funds allow supply 1 large poster for clubs, theatres and similar venues.

A5 or smaller, carry a bundle to put anywhere you can with your details.  Add a section for fans to write their contact details for inclusion on your mailing list.

Gig Dates
If possible keep Agents and Fans updated with a regular gig-sheet.

Press Clippings
These can include web reviews, fanzines or stories and reviews from local and national newspapers and magazines

Only send out your Publicity Pack to venues, agents, promoters, managers, record labels, publishers and bookers after contacting them initially by phone or in person.  Unsolicited mail is often 'binned' without a hearing and it pays to check the style and calibre of acts booked before approaching the venue for paid dates.

Press Pack - You will need.......

Recent Photograph
must be excellent quality, size is dependant on the publication plus some papers & magazines also accept .gif images

Business Cards
As Publicity Pack

Demo Tapes/CD's
are not usually required, however, check the individual publications as some do album/single reviews.

Press Release Letter
Keep it very short, Attention Grabbing and include the Act/Band details and contacts. Click Here to read more about writing a press release.

Click Here
Free example letters available online.

Writing a Band Bio article at Indie Music

How To: Put together a press pack articles at the BBC website.

Read The Press Kit by Kenny Kerner
Informative article on how to put together a good publicity/press kit includes a demo Press Release Letter

Read Artist Press Kits
Useful information on what to put in your press kit provided by

Unique Press/Media Kit/Presentation Albums created with the entertainer in mind. Sold empty - you simply insert your Cover Sheet or Photo, Paperwork, Business Card, Audio Cassette Tape, VHS Video Tape &/or Compact Disc/DVD into the pockets provided! Visit the site for details, pictures and order info.

Free Press Release
This site provides an online centralised resource where anyone can post their press releases to the online distribution center where message will be visible to thousands of editors immediately. The site also includes 10 handy tips on how to write a successful press release.

Don't panic if you cannot afford to do all of this at once - at the very least get some business cards and put aside a portion of your gig money towards marketing and advertising.  Read More on Promoting and Advertising your act in Media Coverage.

Don't be discouraged by rejection.  The greatest entertainers have their critics and you cannot please everyone all the time.

There are some excellent marketing and promotion 'how to' books and contact bibles here plus listings of places to promote yourself and your music here