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Todays popular sound of music has dealt a knockout punch to a lot of musicians who play musical instruments. Well, whatelse do musicians play? Lots! The scene these days is all about musicians who play turntables, groove boxes, floppy drives and whatever it is that creates todays hip sounds of popular music.

Take the case of my talented musician friend Earnie the songster. He's been hit by himself! Earnie was amoung the first few guitar players who switched over to keyboards with automatic bass/drums/chords, starting a 'one man band' trend that rendered his fellow band members redundant. The one man band scene ruled and why not? Earnie had a family to support, playing in a band could only pay half his bills, 'being' the band paid all his bills.

Few years down the line the popular one man band trend has given way to the 'no man band'. One does not necessarily have to be a musician to create todays cool sounds of popular music. DJ'ing, programing, sequencing, sampling is where it's at baby. Today a DJ or a computer programmer creates the cool sounds that spearhead popular musics evolution. So what does my friend Earnie do now? You've guessed right! Alright peeps in the house, please welcome DJ Earnie who's gonna spin some mean disc while scratching the s*** out of them vinyl frisbees! And by the way, DJ'ing these days pays even next years bills!

© 2002 Colin D'Cruz printed with permission.