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Har Bal

Do you actually think payola will stop? A $10,000,000.00 settlement is a joke to company like Sony or BMG or if they've merged as Sony/BMG. This is kind of an advertisement for them. It lets people know they have the power to say what gets on the air and that they're able to sweep this under the rug with the money broom. Payola will never stop due to greed. It's been here for a very long time, it never went away, and it's not going anywhere now.

For those in the know, the destruction of art and music was part of an over plan that has a lot to do with the state the whole world is in right now. Things such as modern art that make absolutely no sense and look terrible, things such as rap which is not music and has no musical value. A beat isn't music, vulgar Dr. Suess poems aren't music, yet these two are combined to create something called rap and the industry has made people believe this is music. You need melody and harmony at the very least to make music and rap does not and never will fall into this category. Then they stuck this garbage in a million movies where it makes no sense to even put this stuff in as a further brainwashing technique. If you think there isn't massive brainwashing going on then you've been brainwashed already.

Music in the popular realm is dead and has been dead for a long time now. Granted, there has always been absolute garbage released throughout the years, but at least it was mixed with good music. But then around the time of punk and disco good music was gradually faded out of everything. To find it, you've got to dig. Good music is not allowed on the airwaves; it'll never be allowed on the airwaves again (when I speak of airwaves, I mean commercial stations, the college stations are still playing good music). This falls into the category of the 'destruction of art and music' that I spoke of earlier.

So, don't expect all the hard work you put into your masterpiece, that does have vocal harmonies, a hummable melody and a catchy guitar solo that gives people goose bumps to ever get on the air on commercial radio unless you've got millions of dollars to bribe....

Who do you bribe now? That'll take some research, but if you've got the money, they've still got the greedy desire. You'll find out who if you look hard enough. Things are the same; they'll stay the same and will never change.

Make music to put a smile on your own face. If it does, it'll probably do it to others too ... just not through commercial radio.
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