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Forget Pop Idol and Fame Academy - Remember Operatunity? This excellent competition aired on Channel 4 not only gave the finalist the opportunity to receive professional tution and perform live onstage in a televised broadcast, but also provided both viewer and singers alike with a wonderful insight into the world of Opera auditions, training and performance.

Guess What? They are doing it again - this time with MUSICAL THEATRE and YOU can participate ! Read the information below or view and print the Printer Friendly Version - pass it round to fellow singers, friends, family, schools, teachers ....

    A new Channel Four series from the makers of Operatunity


    Can you sing, dance AND act, all at the same time? Never mind your age or lack of experience Channel 4 is looking for you. From the makers of OPERATUNITY, this is a television series searching for undiscovered musical performers to star for one night in a classic West End musical.

    Successful candidates will have the chance to receive extensive dance, voice and acting coaching from the most respected and experienced people in the world of musical theatre. The winners will be selected to star for a night in leading roles in a classic West End musical, for intended nationwide broadcast on Channel Four.

    Applicants are being asked to put together a 5 minute video to show their performing abilities and send it in with an application form.

    Closing date is 15th December 2003.

    To find out more and receive an application form:

    visit the website

    or phone 09067 53 46 96 (lines are open 24hrs. Calls cost 75p/min and last no longer than 90 secs. Mobile costs may vary. Lines close on 15th December, 2003).

    or send an email to:

    or write to P.O. Box 43738 London W14 8ZS.

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