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Free Midi files, Mp3's, Lyrics, Sheet Music and Tabulature are all available from a host of sites on the internet. Some are provided for education and amusement whilst others are available in the public domain.

Please be aware that it is ILLEGAL and completely unfair to the songwriter/performer not to reward them for their efforts by buying the official music if you wish to use it.

Midi, Tab & Lyric Links

Books for Singers Purchase Sheet Music, Music Books, Audition Repertoire, Audio Books and Tutorials for singers.

Free Sheet Music Sites - Our NEW extensive links to sites providing free sheet music.  Listed by style (i.e., American, Celtic) and instrument (Guitar, Mandolin etc.,).

Arsis Press Vocal Music

Choral Public Domain Library has over 3,200 public domain choral scores for free download
Free Sheet Music Find thousands of free songs here.

Harmony Central Most Comprehensive Music Resource Site on the Internet.

Music Robot The biggest & best midi search engine available.

MUSICA choral music database at ChoralNet.

Olga - Guitarists Archive Searchable Archive of Lyrics, Chords & Tabs for Guitarists. (currently offline for legal reasons)

Parlor Songs Midi & Sheet Music Collection of American Popular Music from 1800-1920

Public Domain Music
Begun in 1998, Public Domain Music now features over 2000 MIDI files, with text file of their lyrics, of 19th century America popular music with emphasis on the works of 15 composers, including the complete works of Stephen C. Foster and Henry Clay Work, as well as music of the Civil War, hymns, spirituals, minstrel songs, ragtime piano music, blues, folksongs, and pre-1923 music.
Renegade Olga Extensive Lyrics Archive with a Great Search Engine. - Lieder, Songs by Shubert, Sheetmusic, Teachers & More

Shareware Music Machine Download Freeware & Shareware Music Programs.

Variations online musical scores (public domain) Opera, Classical & Piano

Virtual Sheet Music Freeclassical sheet music plus blank sheet music to write with plus commercial sheet music available.

Free Sheet Music Downloads!

Top 10 free downloads from My Sheet Music.
Canon In D
Ave Maria
Fur Elise
Abide With Me
Rondo Alla Turca
Musette In D Major
Well Tempered Klavier No. 1
Minuet In G Major
Czerny School Of Velocity - Study No 1

Click on the Title above to download. Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader to download.  My Sheet Music have a wide range of FREE printable sheet music, an excellent online music dictionary, tutorials, and membership is free!  If you have a problem with the Top 10 Downloads or want to search for more free sheet music please go to My Sheet Music or visit our Free Sheet Music Sites Listings.

Wanna blast 'em with the 'Beatles', 'Blur' them with indie, Funk up your 'Folk' or Rock 'em with the classics? Lyric, Chord, Tab, Sheet Music & Song Books are also available in our Books & Audio Book Section here and at the Electric Blues Club.

Lyrics Databases & Resources

The Aria Database is a diverse collection of information on over 1000 operatic arias. Designed for singers and non-singers alike, the Database includes translations and aria texts of most arias as well as a collection of MIDI files of operatic arias and ensembles.

British Song - a web site linking to a searchable database of British songs which also contains Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Canadian, Australian, and South African songs. Some songs are in a foreign language, but by British composers. This site can be helpful to singers, teachers, and recital/concert programmers, looking for repertoire as it also has a handy list of publishers including contact addresses and other resource links.

Gigabeat - Find your song!

Jo's Music Songwords - A to Z collection of lyrics for a wide variety of songs.

!tzalist Arts Directory - Tons of links to lyrics & tabulature plus arts, music & entertainment sites.

Lyrics Express Lyrics Libruary - comprehensive collection of links to lyric websites.

Lyrics World - Search for the song lyrics you want by using our index of thousands of lyrics

The Mudcat Cafe

Music Search

Music Tracer

Music Yellow Pages

Havergal Brian provides information on the twentieth century English composers life plus listings for many of his works for accompanied and unaccompanied voice.

Lyrics Pages & Sites

A Big Bag of Songs rare song lyrics of folk, blues & gospel love songs.

A-lyrics the only site for alternative music lyrics

Absolute lyrics - song lyrics, music lyrics, lyrics

Annies Place tunes from 50's & 60's plus a list of lyric archives.

Bass Guitar Tab links to sites at Harmony Central

B. B. King Lyrics

Blues Brothers Links Archive Includes pictures, audio files, song lyrics, trivia and other information.

Blues Lyrics

Blues & Swing Lyrics at

Blues Lyrics Online

Blues Lyrics - Russian Site - Click OGENOU for lyrics.

Britney Spears - Baby One More Time Lyrics

Britney Spears - Crazy Lyrics

Britney Spears - free oops!..i did it again

Bruce Springsteen LYRICS by Album (full list)

Corrs Lyrics Index Page

Creed - Higher Lyrics, Tabs

Dirty Dancing Movie Song Lyrics

Sheet Music 1 - includes printable ear training worksheets (Pdf), note recognition, worksheets, blank music paper and music tests

Evita (The Musical) Song Lyrics

Fame (The Musical) Song Lyrics

Fame (The Musical) Lyrics

Guitar Tab links to sites at Harmony Central

Harrys Blues Lyrics USA loadsa lyrics plus blues tabs, chords, blues terms and language defined and explained, blues tree, history, books & more.

Home of Television Theme Lyrics

Howlin' Wolf Lyrics

Faith Hill - Breathe free lyrics, tab


Itrans Song Book An Indian Song Lyrics Archive.

Lazy Afternoon(1975) - full album song lyrics

Lazy Afternoon - Barbra Streisand - full album lyrics

Lieder and Song Texts an extensive page that includes songs in 21 other languages, and thousands of texts to English songs.

Loki's Lyrics Links to 60's & 70's artists including Beatles, Stones, ABBA, Elvis, Dylan, Bowie, Springsteen & more than 500 others.

Jazzwise (including London Orchestrations) - Musical Arrangers to the Live Music Industry (Not free but have a huge catalogue for singers and musicians plus 'writing service' for that special arrangement)

Lyrics Libruary - comprehensive collection of links to lyric websites.

Monty Python Lyrics - Musicals & Theatrical Lyrics

My Sheet Music - Put Free Sheet Music On Your Site

MX Tabs Bass, Drum & Guitar Tabs

N Sync - Bye, Bye, Bye Lyrics

Note-orious - Sheet Music, Orchestrations, & More

Phoebe's Songs (from TV show Friends)

The Peaches Standards Lyrics.

Rap Lyrics R&B Lyrics & Soundtrack Lyrics

Real Thing, The - Jazz Standards with Chords and Lyrics

Real Bass Tabs selection of bass tabs

Renegade OLGA

Rock Magic rock tabs for bass and guitar

Rugby Songs

Santana Lyrics - Supernatural, Smooth, Maria Maria, Africa Bamba

Sheet Music 1 all free downloads & lessons listing.

Shirley Temple Lyrics

Short Songs - UK site, Sheet Music, Audio & Tuition

Songfile - ILS Splash

Sound of Music Song Lyrics

Subject Tree - Music

Stringstuff Free Sheet Music, Exercises & Lessons for Cello, Viola & Violin

Schubertline - Online score service for singers - Lieder, Songs by Shubert, Sheetmusic, Teachers & More

Swing & Blues Guitar Tabs at



Tower Lyrics Archive - Musicals, Movies & TV lyrics.

Weird Scenes Blues Lyrics

West Side Story Song Lyrics

Tv & Film Theme Lyrics & Soundtrack Sites

Music List Servers & Newsgroups

If you are looking for like minded people who share a passion for a particular composer or style of music then Newsgroups and Listservers are the groups to join and search.  Note that your particular service provider may not necessarily carry all of the newgroups suggested here.


Sharing information via a discussion group, web page or list servers via email is a popular way to keep up to date on the latest information, share music and find out about other similar groups.

List servers can be found using search engines, posting on newsgroups or at sites sharing similar interests. A link is provided which gives instructions on connecting with the list.

lieder-list - Lieder
Lieder Archives - Take a browse through the Archive is an excellent US Singers discussion group with worldwide members, including voice teachers, doctors and lecturers, mainly Classical, Opera & Theatrical.


The range of music knowledge, lyrics, advice and midi files available is phenominal and from individuals based worldwide.  Everything from Bach to Beatles, Aerosmith to Chet Atkins and more are available for you to discuss, download and post.

To access a newsgroup open 'Outlook Express' or other mail program and click on 'Tools' then Newsgroups.  It will then load thousands of newsgroup listings, use the descriptions and links to find relevant groups then save.  The list should now appear in your mail program.

alt.binaries.sounds.midi - The biggest Midi Newsgroup.

Check out our list of newsgroups, online communities, forums and listservers in the 'Groups & Communities' section.

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