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Continuing on from Perfecting Your Act, this section expands on publicity and advertising requirements plus supplies links to newspapers, magazines, useful information, books and resources.

So how do you attract media attention? Putting aside 'Great Music' and a 'Stonkingly Wicked Performance' first you need to Get the Journo's and music media to SEE & HEAR you!  Advertise your gigs/concerts/events Everywhere to increase your profile.  Get to know the newspapers music reporters, do they favour a particular style/genre of music? What do you think of their articles/reviews?  Target your press releases and guest invitations to journalists whose publications provide relevant information.  Take note of the venues most frequented by the music press and aim for bookings, a support gig or showcase event.

Other avenues used by bands/acts/management to gain media attention include:-
Gimmicks can be effective, amusing, shocking etc, using Props, Make Up, Costumes to suitable effect both in performance and public appearances.

Fundraising for local groups and charities provides both parties with mutual rewards.  Both can pool their resources, benefit gigs raise funds for deserving causes and provide all parties with joint publicity by raising local awareness.

Publicity stunts are often organised by unknown & major acts!

Building a loyal fanbase will attract attention.

Identifiable image - from the unusual to the idiotic! whatever you choose make sure you are comfortable with it - you may be using it for a long time!!

Uniqueness - A new 'sound' or 'style' of music may be a hard route to take, many people like to 'pigeonhole' music into specific catagories, however, artists who perservere with this lead their field.  Punk, New Romantic, Grunge etc., all became the 'in sound' not only for their originators but for hosts of copycat acts and newly inspired artists. Go on.....Don't just follow the crowd.........BE Different!!

Stage Presence/Charisma - Either ya got it, or you aint.........either way, spice up your performance, don't just stand there......sing it like you really mean it!!

Organise a Showcase...........include your own band........and invite all the local music journalists!!

Advertising - Market and promote your act to create a 'buzz!'

Of course all this has been done before in many different ways - the media are wise to the tricks of the average publicity starved artist/band,'s their job to write about music, if you are interesting enough for them to write about that is!! and after all I'm sure many a journalist has a real hoot at some of the antics people will try to gain their attention ;-)  Remember it can also be a double edged sword, the Entertainment Business Motto is 'Any Publicity is Good Publicity'.  Not sure that I particularly agree with that as a whole but keeping your name and profile in the media arena certainly sells newspapers/records and tickets!


Local, National and Trade Press all work in pretty much the same way.  Gig Guides, Diary Dates and Whats On Listings (where applicable) are usually provided free of charge.  Submissions should be sent a minimum of 14 days in advance of the event.  Space restrictions means there are no guarantees of the listing being included but most try their best to provide a good cross-section of established and new acts dates.  Features and Reviews are not so easy to obtain.  Each publication will have its own criteria.  Read a few previous articles and back issues prior to approaching the music writer.

for links and contact addresses to UK Newspapers.

Hollywood Reporter (USA)
The website for the paper contains classified ads with auditions and casting notices plus messageboard, articles and news on US Theatre, Film and TV.

P.O. Box 2930, London, W1A 6DZ.  Fax: 020 7312 8910 or email: - seriously heavy! Rock, Punk, Metal and alternative gig guide submissions should be sent at least 10 days prior to the event.

Loot Newspaper
Provides a Music Noticeboard for musicians available/wanted, events etc, 3 ads per day available free online.

L.A. Weekly (USA)
The newspaper for Los Angeles has news, reviews, features and a free classified ad's s section for musicians and music related ads.

Media UK
An incredible resource site where you can find essential Contacts, Addresses, Telephone Numbers & Links to all the current Local and National TV, Radio, Magazines & Newspapers in the UK along with a smattering of 'Publishers', 'Jingle' and 'Advertising' Production companies and other delectable goodies.

Provides news, reviews and free gig guide for rock, blues and alternative acts/bands plus an online listing service for artists, the site reflects the paper with up-to-date content and piccies!

The Stage Newspaper
UK weekly performance arts paper. Mainly features, reviews, showcase reports, theater, cabaret, classical, opera, jazz etc.

Time Out
Universal House, 251 Tottenham Court Road, London W1P 0AB.  Free music listings read by thousands and also available in a variety of countries.  All music styles covered, runs 'Wednesday to Wednesday' and submissions should be forwarded 10 days before event date.

Rolling Stone (USA)
More a Mag than a paper, this is the US version of the UK NME or Guitarist Mag with more music info than most!

Show Business Weekly
US weekly casting for the performing artist.

Variety Newspaper (USA)
Stage and performing arts publication similar to 'The Stage'.


There are a wide range of music and musicians magazines available for every genre of music and type of musician.  Published Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, perhaps your favourite mag runs a free gig guide or frequent articles?  Several offer their readers the opportunity to have their music reviewed so its worth taking a browse around a major newsagent (WH Smith) or Libruary to see whats on offer before subscribing.

Music & Theatrical Magazine provides news, reviews, features and classifieds for the performing arts industry.

Classical Singer Magazine (USA)
Provides voice teacher listings, coach directory, features, news, competitions and classified ad database plus networking opportunities.

Future Publishings Guitarist Magazine (UK)
is a great example of all you could want from a great dedicated guitarists magazine with venue and readers submitted tracks reviewed in an honest and gritty manner.  Monthly publication so submissions should be place 1 - 2 months in advance.

Music Magazine Listings
Our list of newspapers, magazines, journals and publications with links to their sites.

The Singer magazine (UK)
For amateur and professional singers of every persuasion - from cabaret to grand opera.  The Singer provides a lively perspective on the world of song, the lives of singers and the demands of the singing profession. Covering opera, cabaret, musicals, gospel, barbershop and choral singing, the magazine brings you event and competition news, star profiles, record reviews, music reviews, health matters and plenty of tips on surviving the profession. Price 2.40 Bi-monthly (6 issues a year)


Two avenues of promotion are available.  Free advertising via listings or personal appearance to promote your event/band/music.  The latter is not confined to named and signed acts, there are several shows that you can apply to including televised talent competitions like ITV's 'Popstars' and 'This is your Moment' or Sky One's irreverant 'Next' are all recent examples.  Early morning shows (ITV's chat show 'Trisha' tends to do regular 'Make me a Star' type shows as does Channel 4's 'The Big Breakfast') and of course local newsworthy events may be picked up by News Programmes, Chat Shows etc.  Some arts and music programs highlight new unsigned artists and bands, advertisements are usually run in 'The Stage Newspaper', 'NME' or via the program itself.  A good example of this is 'Young, Gifted & Broke' which is a programme devoted to promoting creative individuals including musicians, singers, bands, comedians, artists, songwriters, poets, writers and producers who are seeking backing, advice, exposure, sponsorship or recording deals etc.

Young, Gifted & Broke
P.O. Box 91
Kentish Town
London. NW5 3WQ
Tel: 0901 4000 717
Email -

CLTV - Cable London Plc
2 Stephen Street
London. W1P 1PL
Tel:-0207 209 7677
Promote your event/gig free on TV!  Advertising runs on the community cable channel, decide the section, include who, where, when, what, date and contact details if relevant but remain within 40 words.  Photo's, charts and/or logo's can be included to break up the text.  Send to the above address 4 to 5 weeks prior to event.

Channel 4 Teletext Events
P.A. Listings
E. Yorks DN14 7AE
Fax:- 0870 1240188
Free Gig & Event Listings.  Advertising runs on Teletext page 376.

To submit your details for 'possible' inclusion send details of Date, Time, Venue full address and telephone number and acts/bands performing at least 2 weeks prior to the event. (These guys are great but they do get rather innundated so don't expect to be added every time).

Regional Television programmes often highlight and promote local events/talent, contact the Public Relations department for information on current and future programmes.

Television Stations - produce local arts programmes featuring music content, contact the station and ask if they are producing anything in this vein during the next year, then speak to the Production Office for the name of the guest booker or researcher.

Visit the Television section at Electric Blues Club which contains links to resources, TV stations, TV advertising song search sites and online TV Guide for all stations including radio, digital, cable & satellite.


This is just a small selection of books we have available in our Books for Singers.

Arts Marketing (UK)
The definitive guide to audience-building through effective marketing.

Branding Yourself Online:
How to Use the Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field by Bob Baker