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Books and Audio Books on the art of working in the music business including insider info, tips and advice on marketing, promoting, merchandising, advertising and publicising your act/band plus attracting attention from audiences, management, press and record company personell. Please Note: Prices are provided as a general guide, latest prices are available from the suppliers site. All links open in a new window.

A Singer's Guide to Getting Work
by John Byrne, Julie Payne
This book is aimed at beginners, with advice for anyone wanting to launch or maintain their professional singing career, this manual focuses on the realities of starting a career and making a living in singing. The styles of singing covered include pop, soul, country, folk, jazz and classical. From finding the right singing teacher to getting an agent, from performing live to recording, the author offers tips that seek to inspire and encourage beginners and help those already in the profession to take their careers to the next level.
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A User's Guide to Copyright
by Michael F. Flint Butterworth
Widely regarded as the leading introductory text for copyright law, Flint: A User's Guide to Copyright is now in its fifth edition. This acclaimed book explains the law and scope of copyright and provides answers to the problems that arise in practice. The text takes account of significant developments emanating from the EC including the European Design Directive, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Data Protection Act 1998. The text covers design and industrial designs, EU law and copyright, copyright and designers and on-line services, making this a highly accessible reference source for both specialist IP lawyers and anyone who has any involvement with copyright law.
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Booking, Promoting And Marketing Your Music
This book will be your constant reference on recording, booking, managing, promoting and selling your music.
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Call To Action : Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results
by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg
Practical, down to earth advice on how to increase the number of CD's sold on your website. The primary focus is e-commerce, something that all serious musicians who want to use the internet should study if they want to market and sell their own music.
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Book Cover Image The Band's Guide to Getting a Record Deal
by Will Ashurst
An excellent book covering everything a band needs to know if they want to get on in the music business.

Solid, no nonsense information and advice on management, record companies, music solicitors, publishing companies, gigging, agents, promoters, self marketing, demos etc., is accompanied by useful addresses and example contracts.

Interspersed with real life anecdotes, this book outlines the pitfalls, explains the music industry and guides the reader through the intricate maze from demo to deal.

Will Ashurst has provided an essential aid to beginners and experienced musicians alike who are serious about the music business.
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Book Cover Image Stuff the Music Business
by Will Ashurst
An entertaining book covering all the areas a band might want to consider when trying to make it on your own without the help of more traditional companies such as record, publishing, marketing and distribution companies.   Packed full of hints, tips, ideas and recommendations from an author who is also an experienced artist manager it constructively explains what difficulties bands face in the world at large, what constitutes a good deal, what kinds of deal there are, how distribution and licensing work and how it all fits together overall.  The comprehensive appendices of useful companies cross all categories and useful example contracts including a 'pro-forma' distribution licence are a real boon!
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How Not To Make It In The Pop World
(The diary of an almost has been)
by John Barrow
New book by Tenor Sax man John Barrow who is one of the journeymen of pop music. In a playing career spanning more than twenty years he has played and recorded with world name artists and producers including: BOY GEORGE / CULTURE CLUB / THE FUN BOY THREE / IGGY POP / MUSICAL YOUTH / THE SWINGING LAURELS / JERRY DAMMERS / LAUREL AITKEN / THE CLASH / RHODA DAKAR (THE SPECIALS) / CRAZYHEAD / THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH / BANANARAMA.

He has appeared on top-flight television and radio shows and played live in fifteen countries. This book catalogues exhilarating highs and desolate lows with humorous anecdotes. From a start playing funk in a covers band in the clubs of the 70s, to achieving chart status and Top of the Pops appearances. Always on the periphery, never quite hitting the pay dirt, this is the tale of one mans quest for unlimited world-wide fame and fortune.
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Book Cover Image How to Make It in the Music Business
by Sian Pattenden
Invaluable information on the Music Industry.  Your career in the City starts here! A City career can mean a life in the fast lane, a monstrous salary and bonus package with an expense account to match. Or it could mean working in a grey suit in a grey organisation with a gold watch as the only bright spot on the horizon. If you want to succeed and have fun you need to know where to start, who's who in the profession of your choice and how to network. Good qualifications are a must in certain fields but in the City drive, enthusiasm and charisma are what really count. If it's a City career you're after, this guide will keep you two steps ahead of the competition. Don't tell your friends.
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The Indie Bible
by David Wimble
The definitive resource for independent musicians for getting exposure on the internet, listing radio stations that will play your music, publications that will review your music, and Services tht will help SELL your CDs sorted by genre and country, Web Sites where you can UPLOAD your music files or find useful resources!
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Book Cover Image Music: the Business
by Ann Harrison
Essential to everyone who wants to be in the music business, and to everyone already in the music business who wants to broaden their knowledge and put themselves on the fast track to the top, MUSIC - THE BUSINESS tells it like it is. From bedroom demo to arena tour, highlighting the impact and the potential pitfalls of new media and the Internet, MUSIC - THE BUSINESS tells you everything you need to know about how to protect your rights and maximise your earnings. Never before has there been such a comprehensive and easy-to-read guide to the UK music business, written by an insider, a lawyer who has worked full-time in the industry for fifteen years.

Answering all the questions, demystifying all the jargon, revealing the facts behind the headlines and the real figures underlying those multimillion pound deals, MUSIC - THE BUSINESS is the definitive guide to the UK's most happening industry.

In the only major book of it's kind that comprehensively covers music law in the UK, there are fascinating studies of cases involving some of the greatest British stars, including Elton John, Robbie Williams and George Michael. This is the only non-legal textbook that looks at all the leading cases on the music business: how they changed the deals, the contracts and, in some cases, the whole way the music business operates.

MUSIC - THE BUSINESS describes the precedents that have helped shape the body of UK music law as it stands today, but, even more importantly in an age of exponentially rapid technological change, it shows the options for the future.

Written by leading lawyer, Ann Harrison, who heads up the Music Group at one of the biggest and most highly respected entertainment law firms in Britain, MUSIC - THE BUSINESS is the ultimate guide to all the issues facing this exciting industry both now and in the future.
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The Musicians Atlas
by Judith Folkman
This useful resource is jam packed with US contact addresses for clubs/venues, radio stations, press, conferences, showcases, festivals, associations, schools, studios, tape/disc manufacturers, record stores, distributors, record labels and publishers, managers, agents and lawyers from coast to coast listed by region.
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Book Cover Image Start and Run Your Own Record Label
by Daylle Deanna Schwartz
Provides the basics behind the business for those interested in running a record label including different types of deals, promoting new ideas and suggestions on running a business.
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Book Cover Image Confessions of a Record Producer
How to survive the Scams & Shams of the Music Business
by Moses Avalon
Confession is good for the soul! Here Avalon pseudonymously exposes the ways the recording industry can take advantage of budding artists. Avalon started in the business 15 years ago as a studio engineer and went on to produce records. He has also composed soundtracks for several independent films and now consults for artist managers, record labels, and investors. Avalon examines the various stages of the record deal. He explains the role of each person involved and suggests what that person's self-interest is. He also contrasts the differences among deals at the major labels, independents, and vanity labels, and he discusses "baby" deals between artists and production companies. Avalon's final cut is a medley of stories, rumors, and myths about ways people can be or have been "ripped-off." Though sometimes too blunt, Avalon provides a caveat that novices could miss out on elsewhere. David Rouse
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Book Cover Image Secrets of Negotiating a Recording Contract
By Moses Avalon
The inside story on how to decipher music recording contracts - Shows artists, lawyers, managers, and others how to read and understand recording contracts - Sheds light on complex industry issues, such as music distribution on the Internet. - By the author of Confessions of a Record Producer To help artists avoid signing contracts laced with hidden agendas, Code Cracker exposes the multi-layered language of recording agreements that are crafted by major label lawyers. This book dissects and deciphers actual recording contracts, literally translating them into "real English" and presenting the originals and translations side by side. Grouping the contracts' clauses by issue - advances, royalties, distribution, and more - the book explains the need for each clause, offers advice on negotiating certain points, and outlines alternatives for developing new contracts. This user-friendly guide defines common terms that have been uniquely redefined by the music industry and label lawyers, and features plenty of entertaining insider stories.
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Book Cover Image All You Need To Know About The Music Business
by Donald Passman
A music business attorney who explains the workings of the music business in a well written and easy to read manner that explains how the music business works, how to put together your own team and start down the road to music business success.
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Book Cover Image Guide To Releasing An Independent Record
Tim Sweeney
Packed with hundreds of money-saving tips, helpful hints, and never-before-revealed secret strategies used by industry insiders, this informative guide will teach how you to set up your own independent record label; make a great-sounding record without spending a lot of money; get quality distribution into major retail chains and indie record stores; design a winning promotional strategy for your release; convince college and commercial radio stations to play your record, and use the exposure generated by your release to bring! yourself to the attenetion of a larger label
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The Complete Guide to Internet Promotion
for Musicians, Artists, & Songwriters
Tim Sweeney
It has never been easier or more inexpensive to put your music online and promote it. With a strong online presence, you can gain more exposure for your music than ever before. The Complete Guide to Internet Promotion for Musicians, Artists & Songwriters takes you step-by-step through the web design and promotion process, to covering everything you need to know to succeed on the Internet
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Book Cover Image Ruthless Self-Promotion in the Music Industry
by Jeffrey P. Fisher
Prepare your mind for self-promotion and master the technical aspects. Create an image and learn to clarify what you are trying to say. Fisher will teach you to gather marketing information about your segment of the music industry and how to understand and use many promotional tactics such as networking to establish and maintain your efforts. Ruthless self-promotion is about making your music business stronger by building upon the success you've already achieved.
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Book Cover Image How to Make Money
Scoring Soundtracks and Jingles
by Jeffrey P. Fisher
There is a huge demand for professional compositions for movies, TV, video, radio, and other multimedia formats. This authoritative guide will show you exactly how to write and sell your original soundtrack music and jingles. Find out how you can take advantage of this demand and make a successful career for yourself
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Book Cover Image The Stage Directions Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Audience
By Stephen Peithman, Neil Offen
In the late 1990s theatre competes with many other forms of entertainment for people's leisure time. So how does theatre attract and maintain the audience it needs? This book explains to the reader the many ways of doing this. It provides information on advertising to motivate ticket buyers, creating attention-grabbing mailouts, using newsletters, numerous successful marketing tips, what keeps audiences away, and much more.
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Book Cover Image Everything You'd Better Know About the Record Industry
by Kashif and Gary Greenburg
Midwest Book Review
Everything You'd Better Know About the Record Industry is "must" reading for anyone seeking to engage the music business professionally. Everything You'd Better Know About The Record Industry is about how to find success in the music business and how to make money doing it. by answering all the questions -- especially those that the novice wouldn't even know to ask! Included are over 150 pages of contracts and their explanatory notes, information on obtaining recording and publishing deals, understanding how royalties are calculated, choosing the right manager, and what it takes to start your own record company. Comprehensive and comprehensible, this is an urgently recommended addition to the reference shelves of every music department and community library collection
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Book Cover Image Branding Yourself Online
How to Use the Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field
by Bob Baker
Provides tons of ways to use the Internet to become a recognisable authority - maintain a personal web site, distribute free articles, get listed in directories and databases, write an e-mail newsletter and much more. Whether the reader has a product or service to sell, is looking for a job, or just wants to increase their online network of contacts, they will benefit from personal branding. Read some of his articles available in the Marketing Articles section.
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Book Cover Image Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook
by Bob Baker
201 self-promotion ideas for songwriters, musicians and bands on how to market yourself or your product online from this expert in the field. With this manual, you'll discover that music marketing doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. Whether you're promoting a fast-growing indie label or a one-man or one-woman act from your basement, the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook gives you the tools you need to get the maximum bang for your buck. Read some of his articles available in the Marketing Articles section.
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How to Pitch and Promote Your Songs
by Fred Koller
An invaluable guide and tutorial for song promoters on understanding the music business, getting your songs recorded, pitching and promoting your music to the right people.
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What They'll Never Tell You about the Music Business
This book reveals what most savvy music executives already know and hope readers never find out! This insider guide discloses the often unfortunate consequences of what really happens when a deal is made and alerts musicians, attorneys, managers, songwriters, music executives, accountants, A & R people, investors, producers-- everyone interested in the music business-- to the dangers lurking beneath the surface of this incredibly competitive industry.

"What They'll Never Tell You about the Music Business" covers virtually every aspect of the music industry. International Musician, the official journal of the American federation of Musicians, said "Stop! And read this book before you make another move in the [music business]. Ric Ocasek, record producer and musician agrees: This book is like a map, showing how to avoid the danger zones in the music business. readers have called it awe-inspiring, often hair raising...that's as good as having a the music business...Destined to become a classic; This book...approaches the music industry from angles no other book is even aware of. It is a must read for everyone planning a career in the music industry. No one in this business should be without this great contribution to the "good fight," and This is by far the most informative book on the business of music. It is imperative that anyone considering a career in music gain as much knowledge as possible about the business.

Peter M. Thall, an attorney for 35 years, has represented everyone from ABBA and Barry Manilow to The Cars, Foreigner and The Jayhawks. He's got the beat and he's willing to share it with you. (Watson-Guptill Publications)
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