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Once you have created your songs, how do you get people to listen and purchase your music or get signed to a recording or publishing contract? How do you generate interest, get bookings, airplay, media attention? What is a Press Kit or Publicity Pack and what goes into it? How good do your demo's have to be? What can you do to advertise or promote your act/band?

To help you in your quest we have written several 'How To's' and provided articles by knowlegable industry personnel which we have gathered from around the internet.

All the articles that have been included on this site can be found listed below. The links lead to the complete article inside the site and contain links to the authors site and/or the site that initially printed the article on behalf of the author.

Marketing, Media & Promotion Articles

  ** NEW **
  Modern Music Is Losing Something
  How To Get Into The UK Top 40

  ABC's of DIY
  A & R - Getting Signed
  Airplay 101 - Using Vinyl for Airplay
  Airplay 101 - Payola part 1 of 5
  Airplay 101 - Legal Definitions
  Airplay 101 - How Stations React If You Try To Pay Them
  Airplay 101 - Comparison to Ads, PR, Merch, and Promotion
  Airplay 101 - What You Can Do
  Airplay 101 - Station Visits
  Airplay 101 - Adding other Artists
  American Idol and the Agony of Delusional Talent
  Approaching Indie DJs
  Approaching Venue Operators
  Are You Looking for A Helping Hand Up and Not a Hand Out?
  Artist/Band Interview Form
  Beat the Record Co's
  Becoming a 'Priority' at a Record Label
  Bigger Career Eyes than Stomachs
  Budget the Future (Projections For Record Labels
  Can You Afford Distribution?
  Capitalizing on High Profit Gigs
  Career Strategies That Work And Don't Work
  CD Sales Success
  Creative Financing for the Music Sector
  Describe Your Band
  DIY Blessings, Curses and Limits
  DIY Guide to Guerilla Marketing
  Effective Logo Design for the Music Industry
  Finding Management for You and Your Band
  Finding Music Distribution
  Five Paths to $100,000 Per Year Part 1 - Gidgets Way
  Four Tactics to Pack Fans Into Your E-mail List
  Four ways to attract more music fans faster
  Get Out On The Street
  Get the Word No You Can't Out of Your Way!
  How do I promote myself & get my music on the radio
  How Good do your Demos have to be
  How to Become the Next Music Superstar
  How To Make the Most Out of a Music Conference
  How To Market Your Music
  How To Write A Music Related Press Release
  How to be Heard
  Increase Your Odds of Getting Signed
  Indie News Beat April Articles
  Interview With A-B-A-C-A Entertainment's Debora Nortman
  It's All About Marketing and Perceived Value
  Judging American Idol
  Learn how to submit your songs like a professional songwriter!
  Make 'em Beg to Sign U
  Making Money With Your Music
  Manage For Success: Keeping Up With New Technology
  Marketing Ideas
  Maxing Your Musical Mastery
  MECA Conference - Industry Insights
  Media Coverage
  Music Industry Collapse
  Music Print Ads
  Music Promo Kit
  Music Publishing
  New Music Screening
  New Rules for a New Year
  One Dollar Ideas
  OnlineGigs Booking Tips & Advice
  OnlineGigs - Making Touring a Reality
  Payola, Do You Think It'll Stop?
  Powerful Music Ads
  Press Kit
  Press Releases
  Promoting Your Music
  Promoting Your Band
  Publicity & Press Packs
  Radio Airplay
  Record Pools - Are You Swimming Yet?
  Record the RIGHT Demo
  Record Deal
  Reticular Activating System
  Sales And Marketing Trends In The Music Industry
  Self Publishing
  Selling CDs Online
  So You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star
  The Perfect Marriage of Artist and Corporate Partner
  The Pro's and Con's of TV Talent Shows
  The Record Industry: The Times They Are A' Changing!
  The "T" in Tour Merchandise Stands For T-shirt
  Tips For Bands And Artists Seeking Management (Part 1)
  To Do or To Be or Not To Do or To Be
  Traffic For Music Websites New Methods for Digital Distribution
  Two vital phases artists MUST now implement!
  Uninsured Music Motorists
  Using Peer to Peer to Launch A Career
  Video Games Sell Music
  Viral Music Marketing - Internet Success
  Website Promotion
  Well, Well, Well... Lookee Here!
  What a Simple E-mail Can Teach Us About Musical Success
  What Does A & R Stand For?
  What is Publishing
  What's A Record Deal All About?
  Whats Wrong with American Idol
  Where Is The Indie Community?
  Why Distribution Online offers a New Dawn
  You oughta be in Films
  Your CD is Your Best Advertisement!

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