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Singing Made Easy
Specializes in Music Training for Kids
Private Teacher: Piano, Violin, Voice, Youth Choir Director, Music for Babies

Education: Bachelor of Arts, UCLA
General Secondary Credential, UCLA
Master of Arts, specializing in vocal pedagogy, CSULA
Graduate Music Program, USC

Professional Experience: Five years in public schools, junior high level, Over thirty years private teaching experience, Nineteen years as a Suzuki Piano Teacher
Singing Made Easy Series - Books tapes and coloring sheets
Songs sung by Marcia McCarry
Includes six levels of teaching vocal music for children
Discover the Magic of Self-Esteem - Includes 11 original songs on cassette tape, music sheets and coloring sheets

Additional Professional Activities: Community Concerts, board member Bozeman Symphony Orchestra, violinist

Professional Memberships:
Suzuki Association of the Americas
National Association of Teachers of Singing
Music Teacher's National Association

Marcia McCarry Vocal Programs

Love of Singing E-book with Vocal Warm-ups Love of Singing E-book with Vocal Warm-ups
Get on the Fast Track to Singing Effortlessly!
Do you remember singing as a child?
Did your parents sing to you?
Remember the first time someone asked you to sing?
Did you feel nervous about singing? Reluctant? Or was it fun?
At your present age, how do you feel about singing right now?

Facts you should know:
There are all types of voices:
high, low, loud, soft, amateur and professional.

Whatever voice type you have, you can use it right now to the best of your ability.

The human voice used in a natural way is beautiful.

When misused, it can sound strained, flat or hoarse.

Never force your voice if you want to keep it healthy.

Overcome nervousness and the audience will be at ease.

Deliver the message of the song in an exciting way, and just watch the enthusiasm of the audience.

Delight in performing music you love; the audience will be eager to hear you again and again.

Singing is fun when:
You know the lyrics well
You know you’re on the right pitch
There are no problems with breathing, diction, or foreign languages
The song is in a comfortable range
You sing with others who also love to sing
You use your voice in a natural way

Almost everyone can learn how to sing. Perhaps you have never had any singing lessons, but don’t let that concern you for a moment. The good news is that the human voice in most cases is a very fine instrument, with or without training.

Improve your natural skills with this easy to understand singing lessons course.
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Love of Singing E-book with Vocal Warm-ups

Acting Skills for Singers
Easy Techniques for Dynamic Performers
"Desperate Voice Teacher Discovers the Secret To Providing Her Students the Mastery To Singing 'Over the Top' In All Auditions and Performances, With Techniques So Fast and Easy, Even a Child Can Do It."

In this Professionally Produced 2-DVD or 2-VHS set, we've held nothing back. You will receive everything you need for your singing performance to soar to the summit, handed to you on a silver platter.

You will be spoon-fed:

1. Critical Basics Overlooked by Amateurs.

2. 9 Crucial Sections of Indispensable, Must Have, Areas of Focus, for Mastery in your Presentations.

3. 21 Individual Techniques to Adopt to Your Singing, With Literally Hundreds of Possible Combinations.

4. Before and After Examples of Real, Live Students, the Difference is Immediate!

5. The Opportunity to 'Practice Along' With Each Concept.

6. Resource Suggestions for Ongoing Growth and Development.

If you employ just 1 or 2 techniques from this 'Insiders Information Known by the Pros', in just 5 minutes, you'll dynamically improve your "number" by at least 50%. You'll see what we mean by simply watching the difference in the mirror.
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Acting Skills for Singers

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