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The following banners, icons and codes may be used to link to our sites.   Please use the code provided as the site is constantly under construction and pages may be moved.

If you know how to add links to your site you can continue without reading this section which is for the benefit of anyone who needs a bit of help!

To Link to our site use the codes below adding the img src with the url or full web address of where you put the image.

i.e., img src="clipart/banner.gif" or img src="your_site_name/banner.gif".  Right click on the logo or banner you wish to use and 'Save as' to your hard drive.   Upload the image to your website and ensure that the code points to the main directory or folder in which it resides. (Please do not hotlink to images on our site). If done correctly the images should appear on the page where required as below.   If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us with your website address and contact email with details of the problem.

Please cut & paste the following code, right click & save the image to your hard drive, upload to your site and add the code to your webpage changing the img src url or address of the banner if necessary.  A text only link code is provided if you prefer not to have an image on your page & Thanks for linking!
vocalisticon1.gif for singers of all standards

Vocalist Cut n Paste Code with vocalisticon1

Vocalist Cut n Paste Code with vocalistbanner1

Vocalist Cut n Paste Code Text Link

Vocalist Cut n Paste Code Text Link with Description

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