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A Voice for a Lifetime
Singers Home Study Course from Vocal Coach Chrys Page

Chrys Page is the founder and Director of Sing Your Life Enterprises. A singer, entertainer and vocal coach for 30+ years, who has a Bachelor of Music, from Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY and Masters Degree in Vocal Performance attained at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL. Chrys has performed in venues from New York to LA, from Toronto to Mexico City, and boasts of having taught over 500 students. She has produced and recorded album of standards entitled, " The Lady Can Sing", and 2 albums of original songs.

Chrys started out in New York City singing with college bands, had her own radio show in Ithaca, NY before going on the road with world class jazz musicians while traveling as a vocalist with big bands like Les and Larry Elgart, Sy Zentner, Pearl Bailey and Louis Bellson's Band, the Harry James Orchestra and the Tommy Dorsey orchestra with Frank Sinatra Jr. Among the notable names of musicians with whom Chrys has shared a stage are, inspiring Tenor Sax player - Doug Lawrence, extraordinary Pianist - Barney McClure, Grammy winner, tenor-man Pete Christlieb, John Proulx, Grammy winner composer and pianist, and a host of other great players. She has appeared on radio and television variety shows throughout the country, as the vocalist with various big bands and combo's on programs including "The Mike Douglas Show", and NBC's "Monitor" She has sung in clubs like Rodney Dangerfield's, The Improv, Basin Street East, in NYC, and the Tropicana in Las Vegas to name a few!

3s CompanyShe settled in the Los Angeles area in the mid-late 60's with her trombone player husband Fred ("Stretch") Lawrence, and made her living singing for 20 years in large hotels and local nightclubs while teaching young hopefuls to hone their craft. Still performing in her 60's, Chrys has stayed plugged in to the current trends in music and promotes several singers and bands in LA.

Chrys says "I wanted to reach as many singers, old and young, amateur and professional with the things I knew about the gift of singing! And once I began talking to singers all over the world and helping them to fulfill their dreams...WHATEVER THAT DREAM WAS, we, as a group began to change...ourselves and the world around us. Life threw us a few curves and detours, but we are BACK with a new purpose and a whole new attitude! You want to sing??? We are here to make sure you get to do just THAT!! For I truly believe that the reason we have been graced with the gift of singing, is to share it and heal an often broken world. every time we lift our voice in song, whether from a glorious stage, or own own bedroom, somewhere, someone is touched in a positive way."

Chris has a thriving practice as a voice teacher and coach of adults, she also offers Self or Distance Learning lessons (Skype), vocal workshops, occassional Sunday Soirees for professional singers plus several voice training and accompaniament products including Lead Sheets, Backing Tracks in MIDI OR MP3, Books, Audio Aids and CDs available for purchase and we are very pleased to host her FREE SAMPLE LESSONS for teachers, home schoolers and singers.

Sing Your Life Enterprises by Chrys Page

Whatever the dream Sing Your Life Enterprises exists to help people turn those dreams into realities! Our 4-volume "Art of Singing" series, beginning with the technique manual, "A Voice for a Lifetime in 30 Days" PLUS our audio practice aids and our sheet music creation services, and the rest of our products and services are each geared to help singers of any age achieve their goals for their talent. Learn by yourself...at your own pace with our written instruction material, complete with Audio! Utilizing our services and products is like having us right beside you along the path of discovering the voice you have inside you! And trust me, Singers, even professional performers can re-discover their own voice. For example, if a singer has lost his voice somewhere along the line and is now in his/her maturing years and wants it BACK, I can help!! Read Testimonials or Visit Sing Your Life on Linked-In

A Voice For A Lifetime - Ebook for Singers A Voice For A Lifetime in 30 Days is an easy-to-read and interesting e-book which contains four information packed sections:

VOLUME ONE - "A Voice For A Lifetime in 30 Days" - The Art of Singing : Fundamentals of vocal technique : Here you will master my techniques, erasing forever the necessity of endless, tedious and costly voice lessons.
Click Here for Free Articles from Volume 1!

Art of Stage PresenceVOLUME TWO : The Art of Stage Presence - Stage presence and performance (AND)

VOLUME THREE : The Art of Musicianship - understanding your range, chord structures and keys.

And with this purchase get VOLUME FOUR : The Art of Promotion for FREE! We strongly recommend you work with these manuals for as long as it takes. Once you have mastered your voice, your performance skills, and your musicianship, you'll be ready for:

Art of MusicianshipVOLUME FOUR - PROMOTION - is an honest look at today's music business, specifically designed for SINGERS ONLY! In this volume, singers learn what it takes to make a living as a professional singer, whether it be as a recording artist, a Broadway Musical star, an operatic diva, or a local sensation in your own home town! Not everyone can become the next Superstar! But you CAN sing professionally at some level with great success! If it's the music you love, and you have the passion to share it with the world, then we will show you how to promote your music and create a following. I am constantly asked to "make you a star!" I cannot make you a star! Only YOU can do that! Becoming a singing star is A PROCESS! It doesn't happen overnight and certainly not by just wishing it. If you are one of those who doesn't know what to do or where to start, and you sit in your room waiting for someone to "discover" you, You need this manual. This one is now also free, but isn't your career worth the small investment of your time to be the best you can be? It's your call, singers!

Art of SingingSo once you are the very best singer you can be by mastering the skills discussed in Volumes I, II and III, you are guided on how to get started promoting yourself in your local community... where most Superstars are made, and selling your CD's at your performance venues and on the Internet! You must MUST play out and get heard before anything else can happen. And before you do that, you must BE PREPARED! Then you are really on your way to the success you desire!

Click Here for free excerpts! or purchase below. Please note that some items are subject to sales tax.

A Voice for a Lifetime in 30 Days :

Vol 1 : The Art of Singing


Vol 2 : The Art of Stage Presence


Vol 3 : The Art of Musicianship


Vol 4 : The Art of Promotion


Complete Set of Fake Books on CD : We are offering 12 Fake Books containing more than 5000 songs of all genres, including:
  • Jazz
  • Broadway & Movies
  • Country
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • International Music
and more... Download the complete Index of Fake Books! All 12 volumes are contained on one CD and ready for download and printing. Includes a Master Index of every song with the volumes each song can be found in. You can search by composer, title, genre, artist, or alphabetically. Lyrics, melody notes, chord symbols, rehearsal markings, metronome and breath markings are also included on many of the song sheets and there are drum licks, keyboard voicings, substitution chords and solos you can practice and master.


Audio Aids :
These are several of the audio aids available from Sing Your Life
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Dryness/Hoarseness 
  • Fatigue & Breath Control
  • Hang-Over
  • Nerves, anxiety, butterflies
  • Five-minute overall work-out before a performance
  • Stretching the full voice
  • Throat Resonation 
  • The Break
  • Dynamic Control
  • Healing a too-throaty sound
  • The Natural Voice
  • Supporting
  • The Mask
  • Vibrato
  • Vowels
Important Note: Please Specify the exercise by name in the message section when ordering!

$10.00 Per Exercise

MIDI and/or MP3 Tracks : To order, download the lists below complete your preference by putting a Check mark or X next to the title, resave the files then attach them to your PayPal payment.
Broadway | Country | Duets | Oldies | Pop | Standards
5 TRACKS : ($2.00 each) $10.00

Lead Sheets : Lead sheets of your songs in your keys for your adventures in "Open Mike" nights and Jam Sessions. Accompanists HATE Sheet Music! The preferred format for playing behind a vocalist is the lead sheet which contains the melody, the chords and the lyrics, nothing else. View an Example Lead Sheet. When ordering please name what song you wish to have a lead sheet on and it will be sent to you. If it has to be created from scratch, it may take an extra day or two.

$10.00 per song

Custom Vocal Arrangements
These also have the words, and exactly what is on the page, regarding intro measures, endings, instrumental interludes, etc. (Vocal ensemble pieces for trios and quartets of ladies may also be contracted on request)
start at $25.00 each Contact for Quote

New Projects
Hourly Rate (i.e., original arrangements, take-downs from recording, etc.) Contact Us First.

$40.00 per hour


Sunday Soirees - every 3rd Sunday of the month in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Visitors welcome to just listen.
3 hours - Each performer prepares 2 songs for a Chrys critique.
$20.00Pay at the door.

A Six-week vocal workshop - (minimum of 5 students) Get your friends together and lets JAM!!


Shipping & Handling Charges

Contiguous US :


Shipping Outside of the US :


Chrys Page on Youtube

includes free video vocal lessons and performance videos by Chrys and her band mates.

Sing Your Life specializes in finding lost voices and we serve these people, who show us miracles every day! At an age where most people would be thinking it's kinda crazy to be studying singing, here are 70 and 80 year-olds breathing deeply and emitting their "sound sacrifice" to the universe! Or 12 year old little girls who secretly and ever so quietly sing in their bedrooms to the mirror when they don't think anyone's around who can hear them, suddenly will find their voice and assert it for the first time....It's amazing to witness this... So, when we invite you to join our "family" of singers, we are not kidding around! We take it very seriously! We commit ourselves to your success, not just materially, but mentally and emotionally, whatever "success" means to you.

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