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RCG And AMRA To Collect Film & TV Broadcast Mechanical Royalties For Composers And Songwriters

Royalty Consulting Group (RCG), a new consulting firm headed by Film Music Network founder Mark Northam and established mechanical rights agency AMRA (American Mechanical Rights Agency, Inc) owned by veteran Los Angeles entertainment attorney Sindee Levin have announced a new service designed to provide composers and songwriters direct access to broadcast mechanical royalties, a special type of royalties that are paid by many international royalty collecting societies but whose writers share often does not reach U.S. writers.

Broadcast Mechanical royalties are generated by the broadcast of music on television or radio in many countries in Europe and elsewhere. Because they are technically mechanical royalties, these royalties cannot be paid to writers through ASCAP, BMI and SESAC who work exclusively with performance royalties. Instead, these royalties are often paid to foreign subpublishers who then remit the funds back to their U.S. publishers. In many cases, however, the U.S. publishers do not pass the writers share of these royalties on to the writers of the music due to incomplete information provided about the origin of the royalties or for other reasons.

Source: Mi2N

Call For Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) CEO To Step Down

Music business veteran and industry analyst Phil Tripp today called for either the resignation of Australian Record Industry Association CEO Stephen Peach or his suspension while Australian record companies and publishers audit his reported 'CD Freeloading' of pages of titles with multiple copies as printed in the Spike Column of the Sydney Morning Herald today.

"Former longtime ARIA/PPCA PR consultant Marcella McAdam--an unimpeachable music professional with several years dedicated service to ARIA--revealed what many of us in the industry suspected." states 30 year veteran Tripp. "While organisations like ARIA and major record companies like to play the robbed artist and songwriter card when lobbying government over supposed losses by consumers downloading music off the Internet, it will be interesting if they take action against their own for 'freeloading' mass quantities of CDs for which artists and songwriters do not get paid and that are supposed to be used solely for 'promotional purposes--usually restricted to media and business samples."

In a radio interview with national broadcaster Triple J a little over a week ago, Peach had claimed that his and ARIA's staff's free CDs were 'promotional' and that the artists and songwriters were paid royalties from promo CDs, stating, "I mean, the industry has the idea of promotional CDs. These are all promotional CDs or they're CDs in respect of which, as far as I'm aware, royalties are paid to artists."

This is not true, Tripp states, and Peach, as a longtime intellectual property attorney and ARIA head for over 18 months should know--especially since standard industry contracts deny royalties for promotional copies to artists. And the ARIA/AMCOS five year agreement (which is up for renewal in June and which Peach is negotiating) also denies songwriters royalties to an agreed promos formula.

"If Peach claims to be unaware of these two industry practices, he should not be leading the industry organisation that is fighting for artists' and music creators' rights as he stated in a recent ARIA release." Tripp adds. "He would appear to be as unaware of industry practices as he seems to be of the numbers of his own acquisitions of music at the expense of his clients."

Source: Mi2N

MusicDish Network Rolls Out First Web Latin Music Features

The MusicDish Network, in partnership with digital download store Latin Cool Now, rolled out its first series of web features on today's emerging Latin artists. The web features, being made available for free to websites & portals (, come complete with interviews, pictures and digital tracks fans can sample and purchase for 99.

Mi2NSpotlight On Grupo X "Our sound owes a lot to the sound of Latin New York in the 60s and 70s, mixed with essences of the music we've grown up with and played in other bands (jazz, reggae, soul and funk)."

Andrea Brachfeld - High Falutin' Latin Jazz. Listening to Andrea Brachfeld and Son Charanga's Back with Sweet Passion album is like investing in a time machine. You're going back to the late 1960s or early 1970s when you set the CD to repeat play.

Spotlight On Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii. A mixture of Contemporary - Latin - Afro - Cuban - Jazz - Salsa - Tropical... "As an individual my style is very International, and as a band we do have a very nice blend of musicians that help create the Salsa Hawaii sound!"

Spotlight on Orquesta Charangoa. "We are the only authentic charanga in Los Angeles. Our music is scored for flute, piano, bass, congas, timbale, guiro, vocals, 2 violins, viola and cello, just as a traditional charanga in Cuba would have."

Freedom Institute Presents The Annual National Hip-Hop Forum: The Business Of The Hip-Hop Industry

Reverend Wendell Anthony, chairman and founder of the Freedom Institute for Economic, Social Justice and Political Empowerment indicated that this year the institute and the NAACP working together will focus in on the evolving business of the hip-hop industry.

According to Reverend Anthony, "we are not just doing a summit or a session on hip-hop. While that is important, what's more important, is to use this medium as an opportunity to inform and educate young people on how to improve the quality of the lives. Particularly, young people who are very interested in writing, producing and marketing their talents, must also be fully aware of how to take ownership and responsibility at every level. Therefore, the forum this year will focus in on marketing, professional development, voter education and mobilization and how to protect their royalties, health awareness, HIV/AIDS prevention and building positive character."

Among those who will be attending the hip-hop forum and Youth Career Day with Ford Motor Company all at the Cobo Center will be AJ, Host of 106 Park of BET; rapper Doug E. Fresh; co-owner and vice president of operations of the Atlanta Hawks, Mr. Dominique Wilkins; International Model Tyson Beckford; recent participant of the Donald Trump television series "The Apprentice," Omarosa and a host of others.

Source: Mi2N

Hypnogaja Rocks The Cover Of All Access Magazine

Mi2NHypnogaja is the featured cover story of the April 15th issue of All Access Magazine. Recent covers have featured Linkin Park, Evanescence & The Darkness"

"HYPNOGAJA .... The name itself will draw you in. This five-piece rock band brings a whole new dimension to rock music as we know it today, incorporating the angst-driven attitude of such bands as Rage Against the Machine and Incubus and mixing it up with the hypnotic blend of Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. What they've come up with is music that is both powerful and audio-addictive. You'd better get used to saying that name because you'll be hearing it a lot more in years to come...."

Source: Mi2N

Digital Bear Entertainment Adds Consultation Services

In this age of Do It Yourself music, sometimes it's a good idea to see how you're doing along the way. To help independent musicians, Digital Bear Entertainment has introduced its Consultation Services. This suite of 3 services includes Music Consultation, Performance Analysis, and Mixing Service. DBE specializes in Artist Development, working with a highly selected group of acts. Now the DBE expertise is available in quick, one time packages for musicians to use as a reality check, to get outside insight into their act, or to tweak a project.

The Music Consultation provides written, in-depth constructive criticism of the music. This can be done at any stage of your project: when just working out the songs, when you are part way through the recording, or even at the end of the recording. At each stage, the positives will be emphasized to strengthen the recording, and suggestions will be made to correct any weaknesses. Special attention is given to the process going forward to make it easier and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Performance Analysis involves the DBE staff attending a live performance. A thorough, written documentation of the event will follow covering aspects of the instrumental performance, vocals, image, audience engagement, professionalism, energy, and more. Specific suggestions will be given to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the performer's show and correct any issues that stand in the performer's way.

Source: Mi2N

Deveres-Kelley Organization Expansion? DevKel Music Quest Deadline Approaches!

Mi2NThe first ever DevKel Music Quest is about to come to a close as the April 30 deadline fast approaches. The contest, which is now accepting submissions through, will award five bands the opportunity to take the stage in Las Vegas this June" class="img" alt="Mi2N" />

One winner will be awarded a fully produced music video and there may be more. The DevKel organization is in the middle of a major expansion, the details of which are being closely guarded. The winner (and perhaps finalists as well) may become the first beneficiaries of whatever is hidden behind curtain number one.

Internet radio station Undie 101 is planning to expand it services to include two new stations. This change it designed to better target listeners to specific musical styles and programming. Undie101 is also expected to rollout a roster of original syndicated programs, again the details of which are currently not available. One point that is being stressed Although Undie101 is an independent organization (not a Deveres-Kelley company), it relies on DevKel for A&R, Marketing and Promotion services. "The A&R department at DevKel will soon become the place to be seen."

Source: Mi2N

Future Hits Volume 17 Is Accepting Submissions

New Music Weekly is gearing up for Future Hits Volume 17 and is now accepting submissions.

Future Hits has become a powerful vehicle for new and emerging artists in addition to established bands to have their music heard nationwide. The compilation album is distributed to radio and recording executives and has become the standard in servicing the music industry with the hottest and newest music.

"Future Hits continues to be one of our best "secret weapons" for getting the edge on servicing the new hits to radio", said co-editor, Larry Weir.

"Our focus here at New Music Weekly is to bring the hottest new music to radio not matter what label you may be signed to... our Future Hits compilation CD allows us to service music to all genres without the stranglehold of the corporate industry." states co-editor, Paul Loggins.

Source: Mi2N

U.S. Legislators, Artists Join With Recording Academy To Launch Recording Arts And Sciences Congressional Caucus

Recording Academy President Neil Portnow was joined today by GRAMMY-winning recording artist Clint Black; legendary recording artist, Country Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Brenda Lee; and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Mary Bono (R-Calif.), Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and Mark Foley (R-Fla.) to announce the landmark formation of the Recording Arts and Sciences Congressional Caucus.

The press event took place at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, and was attended by members of the music community, and U.S. and local politicians. This announcement preceded the GRAMMY Town Hall event, part of the Academy's Cultural Policy Initiative, which included participants Portnow, Black, the members of Congress and Emmy Award-winning songwriter Victoria Shaw.

Co-chaired by Reps. Bono and Hoyer, the caucus will seek to advance and protect the rights of musicians, songwriters, singers, producers and other recording professionals. Caucus members are united in their belief that support for the individual recording professional is essential to the creative life of the nation, and will therefore work to address issues such as intellectual property, new technologies, music preservation, music education and other music-related topics.

Source: Mi2N

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