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EQ Magazine awards Har-Bal the "EQ Exceptional Quality Award" for Jan. 2004

Atlanta, Georgia - Jan 1st, 2004 - Har-Bal International merges the existing technologies of linear phase digital filtering with spectral analysis to provide an unprecedented level of control over the spectral balance of a recording.

An FIR Digital EQ Designed Expressly for Mastering, with a Musician-Friendly Interface

With Real Time Track Preview Capability
Supports 16,24, 32 bit/192Khz/Dependent on your audio hardware
Using Actual Loudness Compensation Technology
Incredibly change the equalization of your tracks without changing the overall volume.
Boost frequencies scientifically only without changing the overall loudness.
Provides you with the most accurate EQ adjustments of any software equalizer
currently on the market!
Discover this new technology for yourself

Har-Bal has become a standard application in most studios and is definitely a keeper!

The degree to which you can boost and cut a particular region is essentially unlimited. Har-Bal International has proven that by coupling spectrum analysis with linear phase digital filtering, Har-Bal provides a powerful, yet functionally simple means of re-adjusting the spectral balance of sound recordings…be they original new masters or re-masters of existing works.

Har-Bal is a MUST HAVE if you are serious about equalizing you music correctly. Look to find this tool in everyone's toolbox.

Har-Bal International is currently working on a Mac version because of the worldwide demand for this product. The company has definitely taken the pain out of balancing stereo tracks and has proved to be a welcome tool in any producer or engineer's studio in the future.

Press release provided by Earle Holder - Har-Bal International