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There are several sources of funding for groups and individuals wishing to learn or promote music of all forms, some information is available in the Singers Workshops section, a list of business and funding related resources are provided in our Business & Finance section and links to associations are provided in the Organisations section, whilst listed below are groups who have received funding for the purpose of providing tuition/community music at reduced rates.

(Extract from the Arts Council of England Press Release 22nd March 2001). Further information on grants and funding for schools and college students can be found at Top School Grants

African & Caribbean Music Circuit
The African & Caribbean Music Circuit is the flagship organisation for African and Caribbean music (including the Middle East and Latin America) in Britain, creating access through major touring and education projects throughout the country. The funding will help the Circuit expand its advisory, advocacy, research and development role.

Almeida/Aldeburgh Opera
Almeida presents an annual festival of new and specially commissioned opera and music/theatre by leading British and international composers. One work each summer is presented in conjunction with the Aldeburgh Festival.

Asian Music Circuit
The Asian Music Circuit is the leading organisation for South Asian and Far Eastern music (including the Middle East) in Britain. It creates access through major touring and education projects throughout the year. It also offers an advisory service to institutions, musicians, promoters, the funding system and the commercial sector. The funding will help the Circuit expand its Far Eastern music, especially Chinese, and provide extra support to British-based Asian musicians.

Association of Festival Organisers
Association of Festival Organisers is a national agency providing support to national festivals organisers throughout the UK. The funding goes towards the association’s annual folk conference, newsletter and the appointment of a part-time worker.

Birmingham Opera Company
Recently renamed from City of Birmingham Touring Opera, BOC’s mission is as a community opera resource. Starting in the current season, the company will now visit several different areas and involve local people in the development and production of a community opera.

Black Voices
This organisation is funded for further music in education work and for administrative support.

British Federation of Brass Bands
This organisation is the support agency for brass bands in the country and successfully administers the British Brass Bands Registry. In November 2000 it took over management of the Boosey & Hawkes National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

British Music Information Centre
The centre holds the world’s largest reference library for British contemporary classical music and includes the work of many unpublished composers. It is also a key small-scale concert venue. It promotes the critically-acclaimed Cutting Edge series and the work of unpublished composers through the New Voices scheme.

City of London Sinfonia
CLS has established itself as one of the leading ensembles in the country. It gives concerts across the country and funding will also be used for residencies in Ipswich and King’s Lynn.

Contemporary Music for Amateurs
Contemporary Music for Amateurs (COMA) is the hub of a nationwide network of new music ensembles for amateur musicians. It hosts a summer school in West Yorkshire. Since its foundation in the late 1980s, COMA has reinvigorated this country's traditional links between amateur music-making and the most innovative developments in our musical culture.

Continental Drifts
Continental Drifts together with Gig Right UK, co-manage the British Underground project, which promotes very small and emergent labels in the international industry. It managed the highly successful Arts Council-funded Firestarter Festival Stages initiative, which has allowed a broad range of bands and artists to develop audiences and media profile at both regionally focused and major festivals including Glastonbury and Essential. The company has also developed supporting CD releases and industry showcases.

Drake Music Project
The Drake Music Project enables disabled people who are unable to play conventional musical instruments to compose and perform their own music. The funding will allow the project to continue exciting developments such as creating E-Scape Software and the BTEC Advanced Award Tutor Training Course.

Early Music Network
EMN supports small-scale early music touring. It advises performers and promoters on issues such as audience and venue development. It also publishes a monthly newsletter and showcases/presents performance work.

English Touring Opera
English Touring Opera is a medium-scale touring company now in its 21st year of activity. It presents four productions annually, based on a traditional repertoire but in innovative settings.

Folk Arts Network
Folk Arts Network is the umbrella organisation for folk arts development and promotion. It will establish a permanent post and expand its education programme.

A well-regarded contemporary music development agency based in the north west. It is committed to developing the contemporary music sector and building links between the many local, regional and national development agencies.

Gig Right UK
Gig Right UK together with Continental Drifts, co-manage the British Underground project, which promotes very small and emergent labels in the international industry. This initiative has proved highly effective and has already begun to draw international praise as being a vital mechanism with the global underground.

Glyndebourne Touring Opera
The restoration of large-scale touring opera weeks is a priority for the Arts Council. The uplift to Glyndebourne Touring Opera will enable the company to tour for an extra week each year.

Heart ‘n Soul
Heart ‘n Soul works to define, support and champion the artistic, cultural and social expectations of people with learning disabilities. Most recently, it has pioneered a mid-scale touring strategy and become a nationally recognised model of best practice. Jazz Development Trust
The role of this organisation is to develop and promote new audiences for jazz.

Jazz Services
Jazz Services is the national organisation for supporting and developing jazz, through touring, information provision, and education projects. It also lobbies and advocates for jazz at a national level. It has recently broadened its educational brief, and begun to tour improvised music.

London Mozart Players
This is regarded as one of Europe’s foremost chamber orchestras. It is funded for residency work in Basingstoke, East Anglia and the outer London boroughs.

Making Music (NFMS)
This national umbrella organisation plays a significant role in its support for amateur music making, and in particular, in its support for new work.

National Opera Studio
National Opera Studio enables young singers and repetiteurs to continue to study once they have finished their formal training in the conservatoires.

National Student Music Awards
These are an excellent showcasing initiative for new talent, workshops and for re-enforcing the vitality of the college live circuit.

New Opera Music Theatre Franchise
The Arts Council is committed to the fast growing middle scale opera and music theatre sector. Investment in the franchise will enable the establishment of a sound touring infrastructure for a number of key organisations working in this area.

NMC Recordings
NMC is the foremost specialist label for British contemporary classical music. Set up in 1988, NMC has released the first-ever recordings of works by many composers.

Opera North
The restoration of large scale touring opera weeks is a high priority for the Arts Council. The uplift to Opera North will enable the company to tour for eleven weeks.

Orchestra of St John’s Smith Square
The Orchestra of St John’s was founded in 1967 by its artistic director, John Lubbock. Funding is for residency work in Oxfordshire, Reading and the outer London boroughs.

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
One of the country’s foremost period instrument orchestras, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment has garnered an international reputation for the quality of its playing and adventurousness of its programming. It receives funding in recognition of its distinctive and pioneering work in the field of period instrument performance.

Pimlico Opera
This well-established small-scale company specialises in touring a traditional repertoire using innovative stagings.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
The RPO, founded by Sir Thomas Beecham in 1947, is one of London's four main public funded symphony orchestras. Under its dynamic music director Daniele Gatti, the RPO presents a season of concerts at the RAH and other concerts hall in London and tours throughout England. The RPO also has an innovative education and community programme incorporating the ensemble Sharp Edge and is involved in popular and commercial projects with promoters such as Raymond Gabby

Serious is one of the country’s leading producers of new music, jazz and "world" music. It will be touring a series of contemporary music productions.

Sinfonia 21
Resident at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, Sinfonia 21 carries out a unique programme of artistic, education and community work.

Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM)
The SPNM's concerts and workshops have for many years formed an important stepping-stone for the careers of young, emerging composers. A selection panel reviews scores submitted to the SPNM and every year a high profile musical figure curates a season of promotions. The society publishes the monthly New Notes newsletter for contemporary classical music.

Sonic Arts Network
London House, 271-273 King St, London W6 9LZ
Tel: 0208 741 7422

National association of music professionals and teachers interested in creative uses of technology in music.  Initiating educational projects that bring together composers, pupils and teachers, with particular emphasis on ways of integrating new technology with other classroom resources across all styles of music. For composers and performance artists working in electro-acoustic music. It also runs the innovative ‘Diffusion’ series, which explores the boundaries between popular and new music performance cultures. Recent technological developments have seen the Sonic Arts Network take on an important role in an international network of societies promoting live netcasts.

Sound Sense
Sound Sense is the UK development agency for community music, and is a leading national body in this field. It provides information, advice and contacts (including the National Music and Disability Information Service), professional development activities, publications and advocacy for community music and musicians.

Tomorrow’s Warriors
Tomorrow’s Warriers is a jazz education project working in four regions. It provides master classes to jazz musicians as well as support to up and coming jazz musicians. The company will organise education workshops

Unknown Public
Publisher and record label Unknown Public was set up in the late 80s. Its products are not released in record stores but are available to annual subscribers all over the world. This innovative approach to marketing and packaging has made the label a key tastemaker for new music of all forms.

Welsh National Opera
The restoration of large-scale touring opera weeks is a priority for the Arts Council. The uplift to WNO will enable the company to tour for an additional six weeks.

Since 1998, Vocaleyes has established itself as the national leader in audio-described work for visually impaired audiences. The funding will enable the company to build on its recent successes. It will allow further development, including training, disability awareness and audio description across the full range of the subsidised arts in this country.