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Introducing GigApp for touring musicians

gigApp is a new web-based software created to help musicians update their websites instantly from any computer.

gigApp is designed for musicians who operate on a limited budget, as a vehicle to increase online promotion effectiveness. Too commonly, band's web sites are updated by friends of the band who receive little or no money for their efforts. This results in an "I'll update your web site when I have time" attitude, and a band and management "hoping" the update will be made in time. In today's market, a current and accurate web site is essential for aspiring and established musicians.

Developed as a solution for a well-known touring band, gigApp allows musicians to keep their touring schedule and latest news always fresh and up-to-the-minute. By filling out simple web-based forms, anyone with a gigApp account can enter tour date information and the latest band news. This information is available immediately on the band's web site, and is stored in a secure online database. gigApp eliminates the problem of waiting for your webmaster to update your site. gigApp automates the process and does it for you. Updates are now instant and easy!

gigApp can be used from any computer with a web connection. The user simply logs in to gigApp's web site and enters the gig information. Bands and their support staff can enter time-critical promotions from anywhere at any time (even from a laptop computer backstage or in the van).

With a subscription to gigApp, bands can create and manage multiple gigApp accounts, which can be given to band members, booking agents, managers, and support staff. No HTML or programming skills are necessary to use gigApp, and step by step instructions accompany the software. No more wondering if the gig information or band news got messed up in the process. Have the people who are responsible for the site updates perform the update with their own account. The band will never worry about their schedule and promotional updates again!

Well-known guitarist Alex Skolnick (formerly of Testament and Savatage, a Trans-Siberian Orchestra touring member, and the Alex Skolnick Trio) praises gigApp, saying "A must-have for any band that wants to keep their web site current without relying on their webmaster to update the site. Anyone can use gigApp. Fast, easy, and instant updates."

Don't let your web site own you. Forget about the frustrations of getting your webmaster to update your site. Grab a gigApp account and focus on what you really want to be doing, writing and performing music. Visit for more information and to preview a software demo.

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