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Jon Sinclair The particular goals I strive to achieve with every client are to increase range and power, improve tonal quality, ensure pitch accuracy, eliminate vocal problems that could lead to injury, instill confidence, and create a sense of ease in singing. I love to help develop and nurture new talent, to hear a song being sang with emotion and spirit and ability.

Vocal training is not meant to be boring, if all you sing are exercises, then ask yourself," where are you going to sing these exercises", I have yet to attend a concert consisting of vocal exercises.


Jon is an active recording artist and live performer, with over 5 albums released worldwide. Log onto Jon's artist site, www.Jon Dunmore.com.

Credits and Affiliations

"NightRanger, Steve Vai, Black Crowes, L7, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Johnny Thunders (NY Dolls), Mathew Fischer (Procol Harum)”.

Jon has worked with band members and producers for such acts as: Pat Benatar, Melissa Ethridge, Deep Purple, Kiss & Howard Jones.

Jon is an active performer of Gospel music and a devout follower of Jesus Christ..

Jon is also worship leader for Calvary Chapel Camarillo.

Jon D. Sinclair performs under the name "Jon Dunmore", Jon has over 500 original works, with 5 albums released to date, plus inclusion in many major feature films and TV shows.

Jon is a live performer, prolific songwriter, arranger/ producer and owner of a 24 track studio facility. Jon has shared stage/worked with members of such great acts as Night Ranger, Steve Vai, L7, Black Crowes, Procol Harum & LA Gun's.

Jon is also an active Gospel singer and worship leader for Calvary Chapel Camarillo.

Jon Sinclair Vocal Programs

The Full Voice Vocal Instruction/Exercise Program The Full Voice Vocal Instruction/Exercise Program "The Full Voice", a complete state of the art vocal training program with Hollywood's Top Vocal Coach, Jon Sinclair!

For All Ages 9 and older.

The Full Voice Program Includes:

*Vocal pitch check *Vocal placement & bridge point *A "live vocal lesson" with student analysis *A simple analogy of the voice *Being two voices *Breathing overview *Diaphragm & Breathing exercises *Tempo and time *Connecting the diaphragm and voice *Vocal exercises *Mixing breath and note exercises *Holding notes *Vocal power, resonance and placement *Vowels, plosives & consonants *The tongue and its attributes *Connecting diaphragm, breath and tongue *Checking your progress *Vocal exercises *Free online vocal analysis via e-mail

Techniques shown only to the stars are now available to you!

Full of vocal tips and training techniques for the full voice.

Unlike most training programs, "The Full Voice" includes a live vocal lesson, so you can also hear and learn from an actual vocal student in Singclear's Hollywood studio, this along with all you need to know about the full or chest voice is covered, also included is a "free online vocal analysis" via e-mail. If you are a beginner or an advanced singer, speaker or indeed simply wish to improve your vocal ability, this is a must have for you!
View and purchase:
The Full Voice Vocal Instruction/Exercise Program

Head Voice and Beyond - SingClear Method
This 2 CD set is full of vocal tips and training techniques for the head voice & falsetto. Techniques shown only to the stars are now available to you! Unlike most training programs, "The Head Voice & Beyond" includes all you need to know about singing in the head voice and falsetto, PLUS it includes "Original Song Samples" in various styles with instrumental playbacks, so you can practice singing songs in head voice & falsetto, lyrics are included in the package.
View and purchase:
Head Voice and Beyond

Chest Voice Vocal Instruction - SingClear Method
View and purchase:
Chest Voice Vocal Instruction

Singer's Suitcase - Vocal Warmup and Cooldown / Building Self Confidence
Did you know that artists such as "Jewel", "Natalie Imbruglia" & "Tools" James Keenan often use meditation techniques to relax their vocal chords before performance ?

Auditions, live performances can cause excessive stress, tighten chords and hinder breathing. Many of us also have phobias and stage fright, sometimes we forget to let go of our inner child or simply are afraid to sing, this CD will help you both relax and build your self confidence . If you've ever dreamed of being a singer but feel held back by lack of confidence, this is your answer, right in the privacy of your own home!

Warming up the voice with Singclear feels like a massage to the body !

Whether your on the way to a speaking engagement, an audition, a gig or any event that you need maximum performance from your vocal engine,

The Singclear "Vocal Warm-Up" will help prepare your voice for any vocal engagement.

Have a hoarse voice ?
The Singclear CD will show you how to warm-down the voice for maximum potential for tomorrows vocal challenges.

* A quick fifteen minute warm up, perfect in a rush warm-up exercises
* A forty minute in depth vocal warm up
* perfect for in car traffic jams
* For singers and speakers
* Warm up on the way to an event and be vocally ready for your performance or presentation.

The Building Self Confidence Program Includes:
* Building self confidence
* Enhancing self worth
* How to hypnotize yourself
* Relaxation & deepening techniques
* A perfect power nap
* Improving visualization
* Time regression
View and purchase:
Singer''s Suitcase - Vocal Warmup and Cooldown / Building Self Confidence

Checkout the FREE Audio Vocal Lesson Downloads at his site, Skype Lessons also available!
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