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Reviews of vocal effects and equipment used by singers are the main subject of this section. Reviews written by us are based on equipment that our contributors use on a regular basis and news releases by product manufacturers. Various articles and opinions will be added here as and when we get time, you are also welcome to send us a review for inclusion here by using the contact form.

We don't have much time or the personnel to check and review all equipment supplied by specific manufactures, plus there are plenty of places on the internet and in magazines who are product specific who supply this service.  Thanks to Hitsquad Shareware Music Machine, we are able to supply some interesting reviews which are listed below.

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animusic imageanimusic image Technical Equipment Info & Reviews

Booming Reverb
Digital Ear REAL-TIME v.4.0
Eliminating Vocals
M-Audio Luna Studio Condenser Microphone Review
Microphone FAQ
TrackPlug EQ/Compressor/Gate Plug-In
Unveiling the Minidisc
Vocal track into a choir
Voice Machine & Attack
Voice Tweaker

Har Bal Harmonic Balancer **NEW**
Digital EQ designed expressly for Audio Mastering.

Essential Accessories
Favourite Microphones
Monitors & Speakers

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Equipment Tutorials

These are a small selection available in our Articles. All links open in a new window.

Harbal Harmonic Balancer
Visual mastering system and equalisation software for Windows.

Mic Types & Characteristics
article by Paul White from Sound on Sound providing explainations and descriptions of each type of microphone.

Microphone FAQ
A review of the different techniques used to record ambient sounds in stereo, covering common configurations using two, three and four microphones. Provided by Oade Brothers Audio, Inc.

Microphone Techniques & Soundstage Maps
Textual Description of equipment, set up and resulting sound which was included as a sound sample on the CD accompanying the magazine (no sample on site). Article at Stereophile Magazine by John Atkinson & Robert Harley.

Equipment Review Sites

One of the best UK magazines for up-to-date information, product specifications and reviews is Sound On Sound and you can also find good articles and reviews in ProAudioReview and Future Music publications like Guitarist Magazine.

The most comprehensive product reviews and news online can be found at the ever useful Hitsquad, SonicState, Harmony Central.

A selection of UK Equipment Retailers who sell, hire and/or install P.A. Systems, Lighting Systems are available in the P.A. & Equiment Hire Companies section.

To find links to Musical Equipment, P.A. & Speaker manufacturers visit Electric Blues Club Equipment section, or the Sound Engineering & Technical Articles for informative interviews with professional sound engineers. Also keep an eye on Krazy Kats Karaoke where you will find links and information on Karaoke Equipment and Software plus links to freeware and shareware lyrics plugins, midi, mp3, karaoke and video players software downloads.

If you have an equipment review site or know of one that deserves to be included here, please let us know by sending the details and url via the contact form.