I thought it would help you to read what other singers are saying about our efforts, and maybe you will become motivated to practice...to dream...to achieve!


Hello Chrys,

I had to take a moment and write this down and share it with you. Nothing overwhelming here, just a comment that needed to be said and sent to you.

I’m a professional singer. In the last few years I began to have problems with my voice. I went through a lot of things to find someone to help me – lots of money from me and from the record company and my producer all in an effort to make changes fast and furious...it turned from bad to worse.

Ultimately, I left L.A. and went to Portland and took a year off of singing...actually music in general. I needed to decompress.

I began singing and writing again but have not been entirely happy with the sound that still (to me) feels too forced. Then...guess what happened next? I found you on the web.

After a few months – MONTHS mind you - of going to your site many times I finally decided to join up and get your book. I am a Silver member. I have not permitted myself the full opportunity to delve into the material because I have an instrumental album going in to promotion and another one about to be mastered...but when these tasks are completed and things are settled with those albums, my plan is to go step-by-step for the 30 days.

I have cheated I must admit and read into the book and done some of the exercises which turned out to be a very freeing experience! I knew instantly that this was the exact thing I’ve been looking for. I’ve been as tight as a drum when I sing....and your exercises made PERFECT SENSE to me (this coming from someone who has studied with some nationally known vocal coaches who couldn’t crack this ((me)) nut!)

But there’s another reason why I think I connected with what you had to say...in simple terms....you. The way you talk in your book and in your newsletters and on your website – it’s grounded – it’s solid. It is obvious to me you speak from your heart but when you do it isn’t flighty or lost, it’s focused, centered, powerful and wonderfully intelligent. You simply make sense Chrys.

I want to send you a recording and get your feedback (a lesson) but have not taken the necessary time to figure how to go about doing that – I want your feedback because I have no doubt it will be extraordinarily useful and empowering for me.

Currently I am in San Diego, California. It would be such a pleasure to meet you face-to-face one of these days and somehow, in the back of my mind, there is a whispered voice saying, "it’ll happen", so I’m quite sure it will.

In the meantime I just had to take this moment, after reading your newsletter, to tell you that you absolutely rock the house. You’re a gift – you really, really are.

Thank you Chrys,

Andrea MacMillan - twoeyedviolet

From "A"

Chrys has been a blessing for me too. You know everybody wants to be a good singer, musician or performer but I think that only a few are willing to work for it. I've been asked to teach guitar to several "wannabeez" and more than half of them give up once they see how much they have to work for it. I was commenting to Chrys that singing is such a difficult thing to learn, master and then maintain. With the things I have learned from Chrys, I have noticed a big improvement in my voice. It is sure encouraging when you hear and feel the difference isn't it?

From Mikey - Chrys Page is a great vocal coach!

I was extremely skeptical in the beginning because a lot of these sites that offer singing lessons only want to sell a product; they could care less about who purchases it, so long as they're making money. Chrys completely shattered any doubts that I had when I ordered a PERSONALIZED long-distance lesson. She filled an entire tape, front and back, taking me step-by-step through my vocal performance and identifying my weaknesses and strengths. With great detail, she described for me many exercises which I should do daily to improve my voice drastically after a 30-day period. I had plenty of questions, sure. And she was there to answer every single one. In fact, she even gave me her cell phone number and welcomed me to contact her anytime I needed assistance with the lesson!

I continue to do the exercises daily, and my voice has completely changed for the better. It's fuller, it's more balanced, stronger, and I can finally hit high notes without struggling! Actually, I don't struggle at all anymore to sing. Chrys teaches you to let your voice come out in it's most natural way. Chrys Page is probably the ONLY vocal instructor who couldn't care less about $$$. It has become perfectly clear to me that all she wants to do is teach people to sing so that they too can experience how wonderful it is to open their mouths and let the beautiful sounds from within come out. Singing is one of the purest forms of self-expression (hence Chrys's emphasis on the "natural" voice), and she treats it as something very sacred which should be treasured and experienced by all.

I am definitely going to sign up for a paid membership. For what it offers for it's price, you will never find a better deal on anything anywhere! I could name off several individual benifits of being a member that no other website would offer in the first place. I dare you to find any top-notch vocal coach who would give you one voice lesson for $35... it's not gonna happen anywhere but here at Sing Your Life. Even better, Chrys is offering 12 lessons for only that price! And like I said, her voice lessons are jam-packed. Even with all I've said, I'm still certain that your expectations will be exceeded when you sign up for a membership. If you want to improve your voice, no matter who you are, Chrys can help you do it.

She's more than just a coach - she becomes a reliable friend to anybody who seeks her help. Ask a question and she'll answer it. I've learned from experience that she pays attention to everything you say. I urge you (yes, YOU, the one reading this) to sign up without delay! Together, you and Chrys WILL discover the natural voice inside you just dying to come out. And if you're here, and you're reading this, then I'll bet that you are also dying for it to come out. So, let it out! Sign up and learn how."

Hi Chrys,

What can I say! Fabulous customer service! Tracks are just brilliant!

I know that it is always gonna be a pleasure to deal with you - thank you so much - you are my hero!!

Not quite sure what part of the world you are in, but from cold, rainy England, I wish you a happy sunny day!

Kind regards,


Thanks for the prompt reply. I've downloaded all the books and am very happy with the quality of the material for such a low price. Vot a deal!


Hi I am a 27 year old man who has strived to be a successful musician for 6 years now. I have never gotten anywhere. I went to a folk school for nine months and absorbed a hundred different bits of knowledge. I still was not sounding like the performer I wanted to be. I was lacking seriousness and was not engaging the audience fully.

I happened to stumble one day upon your website wherein the Quality of Communication is discussed. I read it several times and understood it on a basic level. a few months later I revisited that text, and read it slowly and carefully and a revelation struck me like a truck.

The only thing that matters is communicating your message. Putting everything you have in communicating. nothing else, sound, posture, can enter your performance. Amazing!

Thank you for explaining what nobody on this earth can.


As I said before . . . the very first time I happened (I don't believe in accidents or coincidence . . . )upon your old website, when you were in California, I felt a kindred spirit. You'll never know how often you've lifted me up over the years, when too many times I've had all these doubts and even a touch of cynicism about the business of music that I find so few seem to understand . . . even the majority of musicians/singers. Keep doing what you do . . . each of those 1337 devotees will get what they are ready for at their own moment of time . . .. Thanks for the kind words about the vocals . . . .


I have to admit I don't read 100% of the newsletters but reading what you wrote today just moved me to read all of
the newsletter. Please continue to send emails please you have just jolted my whole life.
Hmmm, it may be timing or the gods but the whole thing about "letting go" has came at the most perfect time in my
life I have had some label connections happen and a marriage situation that both just are not going well. But after your
letter I have found re-enforced clarity, courage, and determination to correct my situation. I thank you for that.

Eric D.

I haven't been an active member - just can't seem to find the time to get it together, but I really have enjoyed hearing from you. You encourage everyone no matter where they are in life. I originally found your web site looking for accompaniment tapes, and was delighted to find so much more.
My big dreams in college of singing professionally - got overshadowed by life, the day to day stuff just took too much. I was shy and thought I had to do it all perfectly.
I was a pleaser....So I made do - with a little here and a little there. Church, Community Theater, etc. And that was ok. But I didn't get to sing my way, I just wanted any opportunity to sing.
Now, somehow 30 years have gone by and I am looking at retirement in a few years. Everyone says, then you can go and do what you want to. But I am afraid that by then I won't be able to. My gift may be gone.
I don't expect anything - I guess I just needed to acknowledge what I feel right now. I just wanted to thank you for what you do to encourage all of us that didn't get to live our dream - for whatever reason.
Thank you for keeping me on the newsletter - I need to pay my dues - I don't even know when they are due each year. If you will tell me when & how much, I will pay you.
As I have learned through the years - you do the best that you can - with what you've got at the time. Tomorrow's another day - a new beginning.