A great, open-source xylophone applet! Educational and fun to play the xylo; Watch the music being written as you play. Playback features included.

How To Use

  • Download Xylophone.zip (79KB) and unzip with a Winzip or similar compression utility.
  • You can use your own sound files in place of the 15 provided.

    Java Source: Xylophonesource.html

    Sample HTML Source:
    <applet archive="AppletClasses.jar" code="Xylophone.class" width=575 height=320>

    Configuration: config.html

    Status: freeware

    Author: David Kaplan

    Homepage: http://members.aol.com/mindazzle/index.html

    Upload Date:
    November 17, 1999

  • Best viewed 800x600 IE 5
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