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Somerset House, West Wing
London, England WC2R 1LA
United Kingdom
United International Artists
Phone : 07017001842

United International Artists

Originally conceived in New York in 1995 as a Motion Picture Studio, The Manhattan Brothers have firmly established themselves as a 360 degree Media Management Organization and Global Entertainment Group. Made up of a unique set of companies, Anvil Media Group, United International Artists and ICM global.. Each specializing in the Media industries three major disciplines; creative, technical and performance.
Through Manhattan Brothers and its sibling United International Artists they look after the development and career management, (including everything in-between), of some of the world's most talented and creative human beings. Conceptualizing, producing and managing spectacular events and global tours, some their own and others for a dynamic range of clients. They consult and help brands, of all shapes and sizes, connect with their target audiences, customers and fans, through mass collaboration, strategic marketing, pr and social analysis.

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