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Basingstoke, England RG21 7PW
United Kingdom
Simon Perrin
Phone : 07780 445380

Simon Perrin

Specialize Basingstoke Rock Guitar Tutor Simon Perrin teaches rock guitar in a friendly, fun way that emphasizes helping you improve and enjoy the process. Your lessons will be carefully planned to work with your individual learning style and goals, whether you want to learn to improvise, train your ear, expand your repertoire and learn your favorite tunes or improve your rock guitar technique. The advantage of choosing a specialist rock guitar tutor like Simon is that you are being taught by someone who is experienced and passionate about the music they are teaching. It's important that your guitar tutor is a good fit and you work well with them and enjoy the lessons. If you'd like a completely free, no-obligation initial lesson to get a feel for Simon and his teaching style please get in touch through the site. .

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