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New CD. Between Two Shores
This is ..
, 09-06-2008 09:04PM

By: Anonymous

New CD. Between Two Shores
This is an eclectic slice of Celtic music--a potpourri of flute, whistle, guitar, fiddle, pipes, drums and vocals,Cry for Unity with a touch of electric guitar, is a slow-paced plea for an end to the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. Gallant Band praises the patriots who made it possible for Ireland to become a free nation, while a la similarly states it is time for all to experience peace, freedom and liberty. Step Together is an expatriates remembrance of the small things that go a long way in forming community in rural Ireland while I Want to Come Back portrays the importance of and need to hold on to memories. Here Comes the Night continues the theme of the warmth of distant but pleasant memories. The fiddle and percussion-backed Life of the Party jauntily detailing a road trip through the west of Ireland, has a catchy, pleasing rhythm. Nashville sounding Bonfires fueled by harmonica backing, with percussion and electric guitar touches, solidly captures the revelry of a fest in May party, or as commonly known in Ireland as Bonfire Night.
This compilation includes sixteen original songs, all written performed and produced by Brendan

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