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9-11 Georges Road
Holloway, England N7 8HD
United Kingdom
Strummers Rehearsal Studios
Phone : 02083482066

Strummers Rehearsal Studios

Strummers Rehearsal Studios; located just 2 min away from Holloway tube and only a short bus ride from Camden Town! We are offering top of the range equipment and flexible opening hours so you can make the best of your session!

Equipment includes:

Mackie - ProFX 12 channel mixing desk
RCF 15" active speakers
Marshall JCM900 head and 4x12 cab
Marshall JCM2000 head and 4x12 cab
Marshall JCM800 head and 4x12 cab
Marshall JCM2000 anniversary edition head and cab
Ampeg SVT-450H
Mapex drums and Zildjian cymbals
Shure SM58 microphones

Rates start at just 6 p/h!

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