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1Tap Receipts Limited
Phone : 07540806852

1Tap Receipts Limited

Your receipts owe you cash!

A YouGov poll of 5,000 self-employed people revealed that 3 out of 4 do not claim all their expenses and nearly 20% claim less than half or none at all!

And it is not just the big expenses you should worry about - three out of every five self-employed people admitted they could not be bothered to mess around claiming low-value receipts, but as around 60% of expenses are under 20 GBP, all those small claims will add up and save you money.

With 1Tap, you can photograph your receipts quickly and easily, or email electronic ones directly to your 1Tap inbox. They are stored securely in the cloud for 6 years (as required by HMRC) for you to view and edit whenever you want. You can even throw your paper copies away knowing you will never miss another tax deduction.

Ensure you are claiming all your legitimate expenses and keeping your tax bill as low as possible with 1Tap Receipts. It is FREE to get started! Just download the app and start cutting your tax bill.

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