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Books and CD's containing the rules, pronounciations and correct diction for a wide range of languages designed to aid singers. This is just a small selection of books and audio books available in our Books For Singers which includes exercises, music theory, vocalises, sheet music, audition repertoire, and tuition books for singers of all standards and styles.

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A Handbook of Diction for Singers A Handbook of Diction for Singers
by David Adams

Written for the student whose native languge is English, this book is designed to serve as the core text for courses in Italian, German, and French diction required of all voice majors. It is also intended for voice teachers, vocal coaches, conductors, and anyone else who deals with the singing of texts in these languages. The book begins with an overview of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), then provides for each language a list of IPA symbols corresponding to its sound and explains the pronunciation of its specific sounds and sound combinations, with detailed discussion of syllabification and word structure, diacritical marks, vowel lengths, double consonants and consonant clusters, and the use of dictionaries. Illustrated with numerous musical examples and exercises, this text concentrates on the pitfalls that most affect singers.
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A Singer's Manual of Spanish Lyric Diction
by Nico Castel
Diction coach and tenor at the Metropolitan Opera, shares his knowledge of languages and experience in coaching and teaching (at Juilliard and elsewhere) to help singers master an often neglected language. The author hopes to stimulate interest in Spanish vocal music through this book.
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American Diction for Singers American Diction for Singers: Singing & Speaking American English
by Geoffrey G. Forward, Anida Margolis (Illustrator)
Book & CD

Teaches correct articulation and diction for singing and speaking Standard American Speech Contents Include: Introduction to Diction, A brief, but fascinating, history of American speech, Exercises for the Articulators Speech Sounds, Introduction to Vowels, Tongue Vowels, Lip Vowels, Other Vowels, Diphthongs, Introduction to Consonants, Fricative Consonants, Plosive Consonants, Affricative Consonants, Glide Consonants, Semi-Vowel Consonants, Pronunciation, Pop Pronunciation, Inflections and Intonations, Expressive Singing, Over 100 illustrations, Easy daily exercises, Audio tapes with male and female voice demonstrations

Coffin's Overtones of Bel Canto
Phonetic Basis of Artistic Singing
With 100 Chromatic Vowel-Chart Exercises
by Berton. Coffin
This 254 page hardcover book presents many exercises that will make the voice stronger and more musical according to the precepts of Bel Canto, in acoustic phonetics register and musical notation.
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Coffin's Sounds of Singing
Principles and Applications of Vocal Techniques
with Chromatic Vowel Chart
Berton Coffin
This revised work is the pedagogical source for both the Chromatic Vowel Chart and Coffin's classic "Overtones of Bel Canto". It is based on the teaching of the past, utilizing principles and applications of vocal techniques. The Chromatic Vowel Chart defines the vowel colour changes in chromatic progressions for all voices. This work tells how singing principles can be used by relying on the ear, the eye, and the sense of vibration in the body.
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Vowel Chart
Berton Coffin
This vowel chart defines the vowel colour changes in chromatic progressions for all voices. (also included free in 'Coffin's Overtones of Bel Canto' and 'Coffin's Sounds of Singing')
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Diction for Singers
A Concise Reference for:
English, Italian, Latin, German, French and Spanish Pronunciation
by Joan Wall (Editor), Robert Caldwell (Editor)

Diction for Singers guides singers to the pronunciation of English, Italian, Latin, German, French, and Spanish. The easy navigation leads the reader from the orthographic spelling to the sound, so she can see the general rules for spellings. Each language section includes quick reference tables showing all vowels and consonants with their common letter groups, and special pronunciations.

Handbook of the International Phonetic Association
A Guide to the Use of the International Phonetic Alphabet

Comprehensive information to IPA with an introduction, phonetic descriptions, IPA chart, IPA notation, illustrations and more, produced by the International Phonetics Association.
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International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers
A Manual for English and Foreign Language Diction
by Joan Wall

A solid foundation for learning all aspects of the sounds of singing, this manual is highly recommended as an aid for singers and teachers. Widely adopted as an auxillary text, the book is designed specifically so that singers can lead themselves through the text.
Joan Wall is a voice professor at Texas Woman's University, where she has taught diction courses for more than twenty years. She was a member of National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), presenting seminars and workshops, and has had a celebrated international performing career, singing as a principal with the Metropolitan Opera, the Deutche Opera Berlin, and in concerts, operas, and recitals throughout the United States.

Check out Musical Spanish, learn through music! Musical Spanish - learn spanish through pop music
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Learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way with this combination book, music cd and cd-rom. Using popular songs, musical spanish is suitable for complete beginners to intermediate speakers with tons of free online resources, games and lessons available at the site. Click Here for more info at MusicalSpanish. Special Offer: Free gift wrap and ground shipping in the US for the holidays!

Phonetic Readings of Songs and Arias Phonetic Readings of Songs and Arias
by Berton Coffin, Ralph Errolle, Werner Singer, Pierre Delattre

Since 1964 the first edition has served singers, teachers of singing, and students of lyric diction as a guide to the correct pronunciation of songs in foreign languages. Lyrics and phonetic transcriptions are presented together, so that a song may be correctly articulated from the first reading. The 413 songs included have been carefully selected from Coffin's "The Singer's Repertoire" (1960) and are representative of the most frequently performed vocal repertoire, with songs and arias for all voice classifications. This second edition contains revised German transcriptions with diphthongs altered to be of better acoustical and vocal value in singing, correlated with Coffin's "Overtones of Bel Canto" (1980).

Russian Songs and Arias: Phonetic Readings Word by Word Translations
by Jean Piatak
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Singing French
A must-have collection of 22 fun songs and chants for learning French. Ideal for both specialist and non-specialist teachers of French at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Singers' Italian: A Manual of Diction and Phonetics
by Evelina Colorni
Wadsworth Publishing Company
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Singing in Czech Singing in Czech
A Guide to Czech Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire
Timothy Cheek
Hardcover - 400 pages

A much-needed guide for singers, vocal coaches, voice teachers, collaborative pianists, and opera and choral conductors. Practical and authoritative, Part One of this pioneering book takes the reader systematically through each sound of the Czech language, enhanced by a recording of native Czech opera singers. The formation of each sound is described, and when useful, compared to English, the Romance languages, German, and Russian. Every sound is assigned an IPA symbol, along with exercises and examples, always with the technical and expressive considerations of the singing voice in mind. Chapters cover the Czech vowels; consonants; rules of assimilation; approaches to singing double consonants; stress and length; Moravian dialect; and an introduction to singing in Slovak. Part Two presents a thorough overview of Czech vocal repertoire, along with the texts to major song literature and opera excerpts by Smetana, Dvorak, Janacek, Martinu, and Haas, with timings, editions, word-for-word translations, idiomatic translations, and IPA transcriptions. Specific works have been chosen for every voice type, and for every level. Even a work ideal for an Opera Workshop scenes program has been selected. Useful appendices list publishers, organizations, and Czech poets.

About the Author
Timothy Cheek is Assistant Professor of Performing Arts, Vocal Arts at the University of Michigan.
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Singing in French(A Manual of French Diction and French Vocal Repertoire)
Thomas Grubb, Charles Bennett Grubb
A complete guide to singing in French, with extensive musical examples throughout, as well as exercises for testing proficiency and a catalog of musical selections. Thomas Grubb teaches at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.
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The Interpretation of French Song
by Pierre. Bernac
Detailing the understanding and performance of French song, famous French baritone Pierre Bernac provides insight in this book for singers, accompanists, and concert-goers. Texts of over 200 songs are given in French with line-for-line translations in English. This comprehensive approach to the French repertoire also includes tips on pronunciation, performance, and interpretation.

The Singers Manual of English Diction The Singers' Manual of English Diction
by Madeleine F. Marshall

This well written book on the phonetics of English diction contains the rules and pronounciations of words in the English language. The book guides performers in singing clearly without the use of regional accents and incorrect pronunciations and whilst seemingly incongrous by todays standards, in the hands of a singer using correct vocal technique it is an essential resource.
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The Singer's Manual of German and French Diction
by Richard G. Cox, Richard D. Cox
Wadsworth Publishing Company
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Vowels and Consonants:
An Introduction to the Sounds of Languages

by Peter Ladefoged
This introduction to phonetics, with an accompanying CD, should be useful for anyone who wants to learn about the sounds of languages. Peter Ladefoged describes how languages use a variety of different sounds, many of them quite unlike any that occur in well-known languages. People trill their lips and click their tongues when talking in ways that are amazing to English speakers. Several of these unusual sounds are reproduced on the CD. After a brief introduction to the main forces working on the sounds of languages, the acoustic components of speech are described in basic terms, leading up to a demonstration of speech synthesis. There are chapters on computers and speech, one describing text to speech systems, and the other outlining how speech recognition systems work. The last part of the book describes the sounds of a wide variety of languages, introducing them to readers largely by means of the CD that accompanies the book, and by reference to the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
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