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Jeannie Diva Author of "The Contemporary Vocalist," Jeannie Deva is a versatile vocalist, master voice teacher, recording session vocal producer, columnist and seminar leader. With a vocal range of four octaves, she combines styles from R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical-Pop and Celtic. Born into a family of award winning artists, her career spans over three decades. She has headlined numerous concerts in the US, Europe and South America, has shared billing with performers such as Richie Havens, Dave Van Ronk, Odetta, David Pomerantz and sung with Gail Moran Corea, David Bromberg, Janis Ian, percussionist Hossam Ramsey [Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant], Maxine Nightingale and Blues Great Johnny Shines.

In the mid '70's, Ms Deva helped launch the vocal department of Berklee College of Music where she received her BA in Composition and Arranging. In the '90's, she was President of the Berklee Alumni Association for ten years.

After years spent researching the anatomy of the voice and vocal sound production, Ms Deva developed The Deva Method®, A Non-Classical Approach for Singers. TM . Subsequently she opened Jeannie Deva® Voice Studios Boston, her school staffed with certified Deva Method instructors, which is now celebrating its 27th anniversary. As word of her effective method spreads, so grows the network of certified teachers she has trained who are now located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Denver and New York. For nearly three decades Jeannie she has trained tens of thousands of singers around the world including Grammy Award Winners and label recording artists.

Her published voice instruction books and numerous vocal exercise CDs sell worldwide. As a vocal columnist she has been published over 400 times in a variety of music magazines and webzines and currently writes a monthly column for four music e-zines. Deva is one of three featured voice specialists on the Hal Leonard video "The Vocalist's Guide to Fitness, Health and Musicianship".

As a vocal session specialist, Jeannie has contributed artistically to everything from voice coaching to musical arrangement on scores of successful CDs. She is flown to studios around the globe to assist singers achieve world class vocals during their album production. For this, she has been endorsed by producers and engineers of The Rolling Stones, Bette Midler, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and The J Geils Band

Train with the Deva Method in the privacy of your own home! Which Jeannie Deva® Vocal Training Program is RIGHT for YOU?

Jeannie Deva, The Deva Method

The Contemporary Vocalist The Contemporary Vocalist Improvement Course

This easy and inexpensive course contains techniques designed specifically for the kinds of sounds and demands that are particular to singing Popular Music from Rock to Rap, Folk to R&B, Broadway to Blues. Packaged in an attractive plastic "travel-friendly" binder, The Contemporary Vocalist by Jeannie Deva is a fully illustrated 174-page book and four vocal exercise CDs. If you already own The Contemporary Vocalist in cassette format and would like to upgrade to CDs, contact their site.

Contained in The Contemporary Vocalist:

1A) Breath and Support
Jeannie Deva coaches you through the steps of four vital exercises that reveal to you the secrets of breath support and the success of this method.

1B) Developing Control
The second half of the first CD, you apply your new found method of breath support to vocal exercises. You will discover that this method gives you greater control and ease of singing.

2) Range and Control
Free your range as you relax and energize the natural and automatic functions of your voice. This CD limbers your vocal muscles giving you smoothness, flexibility and expansion of your useable range. For best results, alternate with the first tape of The Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 2, Tape 1- "Eliminating the Break".

3) Tone and Power
This third CD focuses on volume, relaxed power, enhanced resonance and sustain. The exercises are arranged to warm-up your voice first and cool you down at end, while being fun, creative and freeing. Tapes 2 and 3 of The Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 2 support and complete this achievement.

4) Working with Words
The final tape of this series consolidates your vocal advancement with correct use of vowels, consonants and words in general while singing. An understanding of how words affect your voice will give you freedom from the pit falls of over stressing consonants.

The CDs and book are interactive and never leave you wondering what to do next. Some of the book chapters include, "Natural Breathing, Freeing Your Natural Voice, Falsetto: Myth-Fear-Fact, How to Sing Hard and Avoid Vocal Blow -Out, Working on a Song" and much more.

Regardless of your current level of vocal ability, Jeannie Deva expertly guides you step-by-step through a process of vocal enhancement and discovery. She empowers you with the knowledge and tools that help you sing with confidence and control. Even if you are an experienced singer, it is recommended that you work with The Contemporary Vocalist Vol.1 before using The Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 2. This is because the method by which the exercises are done is more important than what notes or scales are sung. The method you use to practice the exercises in Vol. 2 is taught in Vol. 1 and you will get better results that way.

Features: Instructions and Exercises on Separate Tracks for Fast Access
Specifications: Total Tracks - 90 Total Time - 3 Hours 46 Minutes Package - Quad CD Jewel Case

The exercises on these four CDs work with and expand upon the techniques of The Contemporary Volume One, once you have completed CD 2, "Range and Control". The four CDs of Volume Two contain Jeannie Deva's personalized coaching plus a small booklet of written instructions and tips round out all you need to explore, discover and realize potential you may not even know you have.

In the friendly, supportive and personalized approach for which she is known, Jeannie Deva helps you achieve a fully expressive voice. Providing piano accompaniment and intuitive coaching tips, she keeps your vocalizing both fun and rewarding. Use these CDs in sequence or customize a practice routine to suit your needs.

1. Eliminating the Break
Achieve a multi-octave, full sounding voice with no strain or break between registers. The exercises focus on developing the natural inner muscle movements necessary to eliminate register break.

2. Precision and Flexibility
This CD stretches your range with exercises that work the speed, precision and muscle flexibility of your voice. The result is professional command over your voice without having to think about technique.

3. Strength and Stamina
How much demand do you place on your voice when you sing? Here are specific vocal exercises to give you the strength and stamina you need to sing long, hard and full throughout your range night after night, rehearsal after rehearsal after, without fear of blowout or having to cancel gigs.

4. Riffs, Runs and Embellishments
Need work on your vocal embellishments? Want to stretch your creative ideas for greater expressiveness and versatility? This is a revolutionary approach to vocal exercising and development! Stylistic riffs and "improvisations" are set to music as if you are singing with a band. The vocal melodies work with a variety of musical styles and put your vocal development into immediate application. The music makes practicing fun and inspirational. This tape can be practiced with right away, before any other, however the riffs can be very challenging.

To achieve the full results discussed above, you must begin your work with Contemporary Vocalist Volume 1.

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Book Cover The Deva Method Vocal Warm-ups and Cool-downs
Specifications:One (1) Audio CD, 22 Tracks, 52:17 Minutes

Singers should always warm-up their voice before a rehearsal or gig, But how? Here it is! Just pop this CD into your car stereo on the way to your gig or rehearsal and follow the instructions by Jeannie Deva.

You will sail into the first song in your best form, with throat muscles relaxed and your voice feeling free and resonant! When you've completed singing, use this CD again for a voice saving cool-down.
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Book CoverSinger's Guide to Powerful Performances - Kindle eBook
“Singer's Guide to Powerful Performances” provides insider information that every singer needs in order to create an unforgettable performance. Drawing from over four decades of work with top performers in every musical genre, celebrity voice and performance coach Jeannie Deva has written a groundbreaking book which includes hundreds of linked video examples and numerous practice tips and techniques including 55 innovative exercises. Whether you're a beginner or professional, you'll gain insights and tools to achieve greater levels of excellence. Deva covers every facet of how to make your songs come alive and confidently deliver powerful performances. Its 23 chapters and 230 pages include how to: Achieve vocal strength and endurance, Resolve stage fright and performance anxiety, Connect with your audience, Develop vocal embellishments and vibrato, Blend choral and backup vocals, The eight essential elements to learning a song, Take advantage of your own style Infuse each song you sing with your own unique interpretation, Win auditions and contests: band, musical theatre, televised, and Internet, Fashion your performer image, Create a sensational set list, Effectively practice and get things done, Successfully work with your band or accompanist, Use mic technique to sound your best, Find the best mic for your voice, Command your stage sound and equipment, Care for and maintain a healthy voice, Best singer foods, Deva's singer-gear reviews, recommendations and much more!
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Book CoverSinging Riffs, Runs and Embellishments (downloadable MP3 Album)
Clear instructions, explanations and exercises to help you learn how to sing riffs, runs and embellishments with ease. Includes vocal warm up and examples of riffs and embellishments in various styles including blues, funk, jazz, pop, soul, RnB,
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