Buskers and Busking Resources for singers
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The following articles and resources are just a small selection from the many available on the internet. (External links open in a new window). We also have a comprehensive listing of Busking Licensing & Permits, Competitions, Events & Festivals plus Musicians Job Listings.

A Degree of Imagination
John Robert Brown expounds the virtues of a BA in busking. Guardian Unlimited.

Street Performance for Pleasure and Profit
Article at All Things Strings provides tips for for getting started at busking.

Badly Drawn Boy? He's an Amateur
1.60 in 90 minutes? That's not very good for an award-winning musician. Surely anyone could do better than Badly Drawn Boy. Or could they? We sent seven Guardian journalists out on to the streets with their instruments (some of which they could actually play) and told them not to stop busking until 90 minutes were up - or they were arrested. This is what happened :

Bagpipe Busker
Journal and facebook page for a busker

Bandstand Busking
Find out where the latest busking on the bandstand will take place and join in!

Bath Buskers
Includes busking and street information plus details of the council's voluntary code of practice.

BBC News
Read archived and latest news on busking from the BBC.

Action group representing the voice of buskers who are against the licensing of busking and situation artists. represent buskers and situation artists actively campaigning against the censorship

Busker Alley
a fun video site for buskers and street performers. It not only features videos but also art and photo galleries of busking and street performing around the world.

Busker Central
Website by and for international buskers. It features several free promotions including buskers and street performers videos, photos, songs and more!

Buskers Community Journal
Share experiences, tips, advice or just read the latest - Buskers around the world Unite!

Discussion at The Bandsman UK on Busking, Brass Bands and UK licencing.

This link leads to the start of a thread where various musicians have posted their busking experiences.

Busking for Bucks
Back to school special by Nate Schweber at The Village Voice.

Busking Cancer
campaign is run by Cancer Research UK and encourages people to go busking, arrange a gig or event in order to raise money.

Busking Cartoons
Chuckle along with selections from the "busking" cartoon page from the CartoonStock directory.

Busking Tips & Playing Acoustic Guitar
Useful site includes a general introduction to busking, tips for busking in Europe, reports on various cities, where to busk, where not to busk....

Chester busker Jake Sanson auditions for TVs Britains Got Talent
AN EXPECTANT dad and well-known busker is hoping to perform in front of music mogul millionaire Simon Cowell article by Ben Coulbeck, Chester Chronicle.

Directory of Street Performers, comedians, buskers and performing arts related websites.

Busking and street art forum. Here you can post your messages questions or reply to others.

Site for information and free exchange about busking and street art. Includes busking history, questions and answers, forum, busking noticeboard, shoutbox, articles, stories, news and a few games including one called 'Bob the Busker!'.

Busking search results from one of the biggest search engines on the net.

Knowhere UK
Type the name of the place into the site's search engine and, among other things, you will be provided with accounts, written by locals, of the town's street entertainers.

Musicians in the Street
Gallery of busking pictures taken in Brighton and London between 1985 and 2003,

My Busking tips for Badly Drawn Boy
Pop star Damon Gough - aka Badly Drawn Boy - made a paltry 4.90 from a day's busking in London. I can beat that, says professional busker Clare Mee, 39, who makes her living on the mean streets. (News article at the BBC News Website).

Performers Network
The online community for buskers and international variety performers. Contains articles written by performers, forums, performer directories, post a gig and festival listings.

Safeway Customers Support Busking Scouts
The supermarkets are benefiting from local fundraising efforts, Safeways wasn't the only store - Woking Scouts apparently went down well with Waitrose customers on their first outing!

Steven Ragatz on Busking
This article aimed at Jugglers has some good tips and helpful advice on the art of busking which apply to buskers of all types.

Street Arts & Buskers Advocates
Internet research and information center on Street Arts and Busker traditions. Comprehensive site includes historical references, court cases, regulations, worldwide performance locations, artists database and links.

Street Biz
The Australian Street Performers Network. Includes festival updates, performers directory, news and various services including street theatre consultation work and festival/events co-ordination.

The Busking Project
Group that promotes, celebrates and defends buskers with tech, advocacy, research and opportunities. They help fans find amazing performers, and buskers get business. The site includes a showcase of below-the-radar talent includes photo's, videos and articles on buskers and local entertainers plus various events where they appear.

That's What I Call Music
Performance article on Busking at Channel 4's excellent Ideas Factory website includes information on the rules of busking, with tips, advice and links to relevent resources.

The Busking Buggy
Contains all relevent equipment for play anywhere/anytime gigs. Includes an effective battery powered amplifier (Scorpion 30 Watt Portable Amp) from Australia to the UK which is powered by two 12 vold lead acid batteries. Speakers and trolly included. Available at M and G Music, Broadstairs, Kent.

The Joys of Busking or Down and Out in Bonn and Brussels by Ray Dessy. Adapted from an article in Early Music America 2(2), 1996

The Magic Cafe
Magicians website and forum with postings and feedback on UK busking licensing experiences.

The Sounds From Beneath
Featured articles with performers of music on the Madrid Metro System from Claus an independent music and cinema websine for Ireland.

Undercover NY
Aims to take a closer look at the people who offer themselves as entertainment in most of the world’s major cities, and many of the minor ones

Wandering & Wondering
A Busker Looks Back on 20 Years by Danny Avrutick at JugglersWorld

Watford Observer
The best place to go busking in Watford, Herts.

Yahoo Directory
Brief descriptions and links to Street Performers websites and Busking information, articles etc.