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This page currently is under construction - please call back again soon or browse the Breathing Exercises section or the related article links provided below.

Related Links & Articles

These are just a small example of the extensive links to online exercises and lessons we have available in the Singers Articles section, which contains complete listings of lessons, exercises or articles available on each site with direct links to the page (when not a framed site) plus answers to pretty much everything a beginner, intermediate, advanced singer or teacher needs to know! (All links open in a new window).

Journey of the Voice
Provides information on the process of speech and singing complete with diagrams which include respiration, Support system for the voice (framework) with diagrams of spine, ribs, strenum, and pelvis, phonation, resonation, articlation and care of the voice by Eric Armstrong.

A Basic Overview of Voice Production
Article by Ronald C. Scherer, Ph.D. explores the differences between male and female voices with explanations of vocal registers, the aging voice, rough voice and basic voice production.

Anatomy of the Human Voice
Was a brief overview of the anatomy of the human voice with an excellent short movie of the vocal folds in action at San Diego Center for Voice and Swallowing Disorders who also kindly provided permission to use the larynx and vocal fold pictures on this page. Their website is no longer available but used to contains a wonderful set of information, photographs and short movies on anatomy of the human voice, laryngeal anatomy and a variety of vocal health issues including GERD, vocal fold paralysis and other related topics. Some of these appear to be available in the courses section of Michigan State University. (Note: Link to San Diego Center removed - if anyone knows of the new site or what has happened to the center please contact us.

Cyber Anatomy Tutorials
A range of tutorials on anatomical structure complete with clear pictures in each section written by Donal Shanahan, of the Anatomy & Clinical Skills Centre, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

La Voix
French site (no english) has some excellent diagrams of the larynx, respitory, hearing and resonation systems of the body.

Respiratory System
Pictoral cross sections of the respiratory system - click on the links provided and labels will appear, excellent for singing teachers and students, the page has a print facility ! GetBodySmart is an online examination of Human Anatomy and Physiology. This is an ideal start point for beginners with animated interactive diagrams that can be printed for further study or use in the classroom. (flash player required)

The Control of Air Flow During Loud Soprano Singing
In this study, the control of air flow during the unvoiced consonants is examined for an operatic-style soprano. By Dr. Martin Rothenberg.

Artist's Emergency Kit
This kit was developed for Performers and Presenters at the 2002 Grammy Awards and it was a smashing hit! After working with top performing artists on and off the road for 10 years, THE BEST herbal and homeopathic products were combined into this kit. The products included address the most common wellness complaints associated with heavy travel and road life... in a compact and convenient Kit! Vocal-eze, White Flower Oil, Ola Loa, Incense Matches, Oscillococcinum, Sound Sleep, Re-usable Earplugs. To learn more about these products read individual descriptions below. A must have for the road warrior! Relax...regroup...re-energize and breath.

Artist's Emergency Kit includes:
Vocal Eze - For dry, strained over-used sore throats. Shake bottle and spray as needed.

Reuseable Ear Plugs - Quiet comfortable reusable ear plugs. Can be washed with soap and warm water. Great for sporting events, concerts, plane rides, etc.

White Flower Oil - To quickly open sinuses: Apply one drop in palm of hand, rub palms together, cup hands over nose and inhale gently. Keep out of eyes or mouth. Wash hands before using restroom. Great for use when flying.

Oscillococcinum - To reduce the duration and intensity of flu symptoms. Take immediately upon onset.

Personal Space Matches - Incense that comes with its own lighting mechanism "like a book of matches" but with that extra incense aroma. Designed for stinky hotel and dressing rooms.

Ola Loa - Drink your vitamins and replenish your body. Mix with 4-6 oz. of water or juice and enjoy.

Sound Sleep - To help you reach a sound sleep naturally.

Makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for any entertainer, speaker, teacher, etc! View info and purchase Artists Emergancy Kit.