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When I was growing up, most of my family would join together each Sunday after church to partake of the famous Sunday dinner. We kids eagerly looked forward to it because not only did it mean great wholesome (and very tasty) meals, but it also meant our weekly new journey into a panorama of desserts.

Truthfully, we cared nothing about the great wholesome (and very tasty) meals; however, we were always informed that it was a necessary evil that we must endure in order to partake of the weekly dessert panorama.

I also distinctly remember that older relatives would warn us not to overeat. In fact, there were age-old sayings that they would use, such as "Don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach" and "Don't bite off more than you can chew," and other such spewings of nonsense.

However, after having completed our weekly gluttony, it was invariably obvious that their advice made sense as we performed yet another weekly ritual...kneeling over the commode and, literally, pouring our guts out from having overeaten. I continually see that symbolism being used in business each day, whether it is in the Music industry or otherwise.

In the Music industry, however, it is generally the well-intentioned unsigned/independent recording artist who has big hopes, dreams and aspirations of becoming famous through selling enough of his music to buy that big home, drive that fancy expensive car, and other idiosyncrasies that lead most to ruination, whether financially, physically or spiritually.

To do so, after realizing that he cannot handle both being a performing and recording artist, in addition to all that being a business person entails, he does a smart thing (sort of) by hiring a record promoter and/or media publicist, with one small oversight...he has not properly budgeted for this phase of his career.

Therefore, out of desperation for success, he begins by paying out $300 (minimum) at a time for marketing and promotion, only to realize a few weeks down the career road that he cannot possibly maintain the ongoing rates that the promoter or publicist requires in order for him to realize ongoing success.

He is now out of money, but has managed to sustain long enough to whet the appetite of the media. However, it is a sure path to financial ruination because it will be nearly impossible to sate the continuous appetite that the media monster demands.

Hence, he now not only deals with a sudden lack of media funding, but he is also now in a self-hatred mode (perhaps, that is too strong a phrase) because he is staunchly aware that he has managed to interest vital people who can take his career to the stars. And, this is probably his only shot at resounding success.

The artist had big hopes, dreams and aspirations that have suddenly been derailed, taken a detour and come to a screeching halt because he did not thoroughly plan his career, largely due to a lack of financial planning in all aspects. In effect, the artist has "bitten off more than he could chew"... his career 'eyes' were larger than his career 'stomach's' intake ability. More figuratively, he was impatient and was the proverbial 'wine' that was poured before his time. Without being direct, I will allow this article to serve as a vehicle for you to determine what you must do in order for you to realize career success through the use of the media.

And symbolism aside, our mistake at those Sunday dinners was not overeating to the point of bodily harm, but was our not fasting for several days beforehand so that we could have efficiently handled all the great food that was placed before us.

Kenny Love is president and chief executive officer of Jazz Records, a new label for unsigned and independent Jazz recording artists. Receive more details by emailing the company at

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