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Bandit have changed the way they present their newsletter sample from email to .pdf format so we are no longer able to provide updated 'sample' listings ... The following will remain as an example but to view their latest sample please visit the Bandit website or sign up for the full newsletter

Here is a sampler of the UK/US/World-wide issue so you can see what sort of opportunities you could be targeting your music to this month.

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Copyright 2007
These features appear with the express permission of the contacts named
No further publication is authorised without prior agreement.


*** ---- ---- has been set up by Adam ---- who learnt his management skills with Rudy Reed at Absurd Management where they handled the likes of Napalm Death and The Wild- hearts. In addition to management he has worked in labels and media companies.

The present ---- ---- line up includes The ----s, The ----s and from the USA, The ----s.

Adam tells me that their current project is to put together a Female Rock band. They have the drummer, bass and lead vocal sorted but need to hear from girl guitarists. Please don't submit unless you are female and play guitar!!


*** Peter ---- of ---- MIND ---- is now working with a large company who release, distribute and promote in Japan, Korea, China and all Pacific rim countries.

He is looking for all kinds of commercial music in all genres, which should be of master quality.

Promotion for the right material and artists would be to TV drama soundtracks, movies and phone downloads, as well as traditional releases.

Peter also thanks everyone who has previously sent in music, he is always reviewing it and will definitely contact anyone who is being considered. One deal for a Bandit subscriber is already on the table


*** THE ---- is a small independent UK record label specialising in jazz-funk. Their aim is to work with a handful of carefully selected artists who (apart from creating great jazz-funk tracks) are all jolly nice people (like them), with the simple mission - global domination!

THE JUNK LABEL was formed in 2005 by Bob ---- and Vikki ----, and operates from a small office based in ----, Surrey. The Directors have a combined total of more than 35 years experience in running their own businesses,

They are currently working with a 23 year old female vocalist and are looking for a new or established band who write original material to work with her as their lead vocal.


*** ---- MANAGEMENT was started about three years ago by Rod ---- after many years working in the industry both independently and at Chapter 22 Records, Rough Trade and Sanctuary.

At present he has three acts. ----, High ---- and DJ ---- who used to be in the ----.

Rod has room for one more act at the moment and he wants to hook up with a decent Alt Rock outfit.


*** Songwriter / producer, Andy ---- of ---- PRODUCTIONS is looking for talented female vocalists and dance music producers / re-mixers to collaborate with on new projects.

Andy has had a great deal of success during the past year, some through contacts made through Bandit, with a number of songs released in Europe and Japan and various tracks featured on hit compilation albums, such as Hardcore Nation 3 (Warner), Hardcore Heaven (Resist) and The No1 Hardcore Album (Ministry of Sound).

Andy also co-wrote a pop track which featured on the Vinnie Jones movie "The Number One Girl".

Andy is ONLY interested in singers and producers working in the styles of commercial dance, funky house, trance and hard- core.


*** Richard ---- at ---- RECORDS in Malta has asked for Bandit help in a project he is involved with at the moment which is a new album for a female singer who is going places.

Richard is looking for songs for Maltese singer ----

---- is making a big name for herself, not only in Malta where she has had 10 #1 singles but also around Europe as the face of ---- and playing main support to international acts such as Elton John, Katie Melua, Mel C, Ronan Keating and Simple Minds.

Richard says the type of material they are after is Indie style Natalie Imbrugoia.


*** Douglas ---- at ---- RECORDS has written in to ask for a mention as he is again ready to consider signing a new act to his label.

He also has a publishing division which has international sub pub- lishing / admin through leading independent, ---- Music.

Douglas is the former manager of ---- and was A&R / International Director at B&C Records ( Atomic Rooster, Steel Eye Span, Nazareth etc) and responsible for the formation of Charisma Records, the home of Genesis and Nice.

---- Records current act is ---- and the ----, a 15 piece Jazz Funk Rock outfit


*** ---- is a new media company incorporating a film production arm and label.

Director, Tori ----, is looking for songwriters and singers to write and perform songs on a soundtrack for a British independent film.

The soundtrack has been produced by ---- (Lady Marma- lade, Bootylicious remix) and will be released as a separate CD.

Music styles will include R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop and Gospel. The film is about a mad promotion scheme by a failing local radio station


*** LES ---- is a well known record plugger who also has publishing and management interests.

Steeped in representing a broad range of acts from Guns N Roses to Barry Manilow, over twenty years, he continues to consult on the media and also publishes both songs and film & TV music.

Les tells me he is on the lookout for exciting new acts and songs, in any commercial style, for his management and publishing opera- tions and of course is always ready to consider fee based plugging projects.


*** Producer, ----, has worked with such people as Ladytron, Twisted Charm, Mark Rae, Ben Onono, Muddyhead and China Crisis.

---- needs male and female vocalists, in any style, for various up-coming projects. Maybe this could be your break into the major league?


*** ---- is a another new label I've discovered this month.

Run by Archer ----, he tells me he will be releasing all kinds of music in the future with his first release slated for October 30th, which will be from Indie/Rock band ----.


*** Mark ---- at ---- MUSIC MANAGEMENT has asked for a repeat mention this month as he still in the market for producer / writers to manage and also for songs for publishing

Mark's management stable includes Lara ---- who is the fan- tastic vocalist fronting studio producers ----, she has had mas- sive hits with her first four singles, not only in the UK but all over the world. Also under Mark's wing is ---- ---- who's track "----" produced by Paul ---- was voted "Dance Record of the Year" in the USA recently.

For publishing send your 4 best songs initially. All envelopes should be marked on the outside what they are for i.e. "Songs for Publishing" or "Producer/Writer" or both.

Mark ONLY works with experienced, professional people so please don't try for this unless you can show some serious track record so far.


** Rino ---- at ---- PUBLISHING in Italy, featured just last month, has been in touch again to say he is looking for something else this month.

---- is now looking for new great demo's in the House, funky vocal, Disco or Club Electro style that you will find on the BBC UK Dance charts.


*** Craig ---- of ---- MANAGEMENT is always looking out for new talent for management or for his ---- label. Every band that has been released on ----, with only one exception, has gone on to get signed by a bigger label!

At the moment he is looking for something specific in a male artist who sings and plays guitar and keys, to act as a second front man for a successful band called ---- ----.


*** ---- INDUSTRIES has been around for seven years and concentrates on Alternative Indie and left field material. Distribution is by ---- plus downloads.

Main Man, Matt ----, points to acts The ----, ---- Music and The ----s as good examples of what they are about, samples on the web-site.

Please remember they don't do Pop, Dance or Chart music, check out the site before submitting.


*** Andrew ---- at ---- MANAGEMENT has informed me that he has started an operation aimed at music use in TV, Advertising, Film and Multimedia.

Andrew represents all kinds of copyright owners - producers, artists, publishers and labels in this market on a simple non-exclusive agreement. All the diverse kinds of music used these days is of inter- est so send a show-reel of half a dozen tracks maximum.

Latest expansion is in publishing all kinds of commercial chart songs for release on record by high profile acts.


*** ---- ---- RECORDINGS was founded in 2004 with the vision to create a label that not only represented the music but also the culture and fashion. To this end ---- ---- are creating a clothing line to complement the music.

---- ---- is about dirty beats, melodic bass lines, an uplift- ing feel and hot vocals, The in-house producers come from London, New York, Europe and S America and have grown up with an eclectic mix of Latin and Western genres.

Main Man, Jeremy ----, says he is keen to hear up and coming producers, singers and writers, from anywhere in the world, who can deliver their exciting fusion of styles in an urban, dance-floor format.


*** Nick ---- at ---- MUSIC is looking looking for a rock/indie band and 'exceptional' singer/songwriter with an albums worth of good, solid and above all, marketable material.

You must have the dedication and commitment to move to the next level where you will be working with a professional production team leading to the possibility of a commercial release. Original material only. Send full press-kit, gig list plus CD, marking package " Bandit ".

He is also looking for artists who are gigging heavily with a proven fan-base and mastered product 'ready to go'. Again, original material only.


*** ---- RECORDS is a copy-left record label based in Brighton. ---- has been releasing copy-left since 1999 and have used a vari- ety of different licenses and approaches. They take an innovative approach to Intellectual Property and releasing records, concentrat- ing on finding and developing new artists.

---- releases 1000 copy runs in physical formats such as vinyl and CD, this gives the release an added aesthetic aura. These releases are then licensed under the creative commons attribution - share-alike license which permits others to freely use the work pro- viding that it is released under the same license. The share-alike component enables free use by their customers and fans, but does not preclude further commercial licensing, for instance for film or tele- vision use (who may wish to avoid the share-alike clause).

The advantages of this business model are a more positive relationship with customers and the ability to expand a band's audience through online peer2peer networks and web-sites (without the usual worries about copyright infringement and liability).

Acts on their label so far are ----, ----n and ----t. Music area: Electronica, IDM, Folktronica,


*** Dave ---- has set up a record label to go with his manage- ment and publishing arms. ----L RECORDINGS is an outlet for new, exciting artists to release albums and build profile to- wards getting that major label deal. First album will be out early in 2007.

Dave is looking for acts that have the capacity to make a debut album that will blow everyone away like Psychocandy, Marqee Moon, Roxy Music etc.


*** ---- MANAGEMENT GROUP describe themselves as "The Taste Makers of the Music Industry", offering international and na- tional artists the proper representation they deserve, and listeners the colorful and diverse music of multicultural talent.

MUSAIC has relationships with various major labels in the US and world-wide (ie. Def Jam, Universal, BMG, Atlantic Records). They want only the best, energetic, upwardly mobile artists with crea- tivity and originality, who are willing to take steps toward their own success, whether in the recording studio or on the stage. The current styles they handle are R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock and Pop.

To contact, please send an e-mail initially to introduce yourself, perhaps with a myspace link, and they will give you a forwarding ad- dress to send a package to if they are interested in what you're do- ing. They are based in New York City.

My contact, CEO, AMANDA ---- wishes me to add they would also like to hear from upcoming media entities (magazines, tv, radio, music related web-sites, college programs) and promoters (live or syndicated).


*** ---- is an online distributor offering artists a whopping 90% royalty, without any strings-attached contracts. They "help artists without a digital label to be heard on digital music services risk free". Of most interest to Bandit readers, Boptunes place their content on iTunes in the USA, UK and EU, Australia and Japan, something almost impossible to do independently.

The catalog is also available through MusicNet and Rhapsody. No sign up or other fees are required to benefit from Bop- tunes services. All you have to do is email to set up a free account.


*** THE ---- is a full length HD feature film starring Hakeem ---- from 'Hotel Rwanda' and 'Pirates of the Carribean 3' and renowned model, Jennifer ----.

The producers are looking for a musician interested in scoring the movie in a style reminiscent of Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand" but with an aftertaste of arabic/middle eastern composition. They want someone who is willing to take risks and be experimental.

Although a non paid position, working on this project would be a feather in the cap of any aspiring film composer, and a credit which would undoubtedly open doors for the future.


*** ---- ENTERTAINMENT is one of the most successful entertainment organizations in the world. ---- Entertainment has collaborated with some of the world's top multi-platinum & grammy award winning producers and writers who have worked with many major labels and multi-platinum selling acts including: Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Missy Elliot, Method Man and 'N Sync

---- Entertainment is now seeking artists from the UK, USA, and all countries in ALL music genres for MAJOR LABEL recording contracts.


*** ---- MUSIC is a world-wide publisher seeking place- ments in Movies, Television, Video Games, Commercials as well as major and indie record labels.

President, Bob ---- says they re looking for Female Pop ala PINK, Avril Lavigne, Brittany Spears...Jazz Pop ala Norah Jones & Joss Stone, R&B/Rock, Contemporary Christian, Reggaeton, AC, MOR, Classic Pop, and Clean Hip Hop. Songs must be professionally demoed and sung...100% of publishing must be available.


THE ---- PROJECT is dedicated to giving recognition to outstanding works of innovative acoustic music that have never had the acclaim they deserve.

They are accepting submissions for the "Best CDs of 2006" Awards. Any full length, mostly acoustic CD released independently during the year qualifies. Fifteen awards will be given: Acoustic Ensemble, Alternative Country, Alternative Rock, Americana, Celtic, Instrumental, Lyrics, Multi-Genre, Rock, Roots, Singer-Songwriter (Male), Singer-Songwriter (Female), and World Music-Africa, World Music-Latin, and World Music-Eurasia & Global.


*** Are you extreme? ---- VIDEO PRODUCTIONS produces a line of action packed extreme sports DVDs. They are currently seeking music to license for upcoming releases.

These DVDs are full of action, and music is needed to fuel the excitement. Accepted genres include punk, metal, rock, hip hop, and anything else that will fit their extreme mould.


*** ---- releases dangerous, relevant music. Owners JUSTIN ---- and ALLYSIA ---- say, "forget everything you know about punk or hardcore or any other compart- mentalzied subcategory."

Being totally legit with their bands is what they're all about. The roster includes the mastodonic death-grind of Sweden's ----, The ----, and Jenny ----.


*** ---- RECORDS is the record label of Michigan music en- trepreneur CHRIS ----. Chris scours the web, shows, and flyers to find the latest up-and-coming bands, without genre prejudice.

If you'd like to submit material for consideration, choose 3-4 songs MAX for your demo CD - DO NOT send links to your band's web-site, or mp3s. Write your contact information on the CD itself as well as your package, which should include a press kit with a bio, any press clippings, and photo.


*** ----MEDIA connects musicians with independent film makers seeking music for their next project. These film projects include Film School student projects, small budget Indie Films, Digital Short Films, Corporate Projects and Films, and TV show pilots.

----Media has helped find music for films all over the globe. They offer, Digital Film License Agreements, a unique technology which allows musicians and filmmakers worldwide the ability to legally sign licensing agreements electronically, and meets all requirements in over 30 countries currently.

All interested musicians will need to register at the web-site in order to participate, and can find more info there of all the services they offer, both to musicians and filmmakers.

To my knowledge, there is no other film music agent addressing film placement in this, niche marketing way. The offer is open to composers and musicians anywhere in the world.


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