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Audrey Hunt Audrey Hunt holds an M.A. in music and has been providing vocal instruction for 35 years. She was recently voted "Singer of the Year" in Hawaii and has performed long term contracts for Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott Hotels and cruise lines. She has been honored by the Governor of Hawaii for piano performances and for the music programs she has offered.

Message From Audrey
Teaching is my mission and my passion. I have dedicated 35 years to supporting singers and their dreams and goals. I hold workshops for teachers regularly where we all come together and learn from one another.

I believe that "technique will set you free" and have designed vocal programs on CD to benefit the singer with any vocal problems.

Dreams must not be shattered, but nourished and taken seriously. I am always available to anyone needing advice and counsel. Through correct singing our self-esteem and confidence grow. Singers have the opportunity to express their feelings through interpretation. Good singing is free and easy; such a joy! Like all instruments we must learn how to produce a beautiful sound consistently with the correct use of our body, mind and spirit.

Anyone Can Sing by Audrey Hunt Anyone Can Sing
Audio course - CD, MP3 Download or Streaming
Learn how to sing with the very best voice possible. Sing the way you were born to sing with the "Anyone Can Sing" vocal program! This 55 minute course will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to FREE your voice. Anyone with a desire to learn how to sing or improve their present singing voice can learn to sing with a powerful, rich, consistent sound. Available on CD or as an online download.
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Audrey Hunt Breath Control
Audio course - Online Download
With this program, vocalists will learn how to develop stamina, hold with control, increase the range, develop vocal power and deliver a sound as the tone quality is improved. Just follow the easy step by step instruction, set aside a consistent practice and you will reach your goals and experience success.
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