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This is a list of our current Affiliates, Sponsors, Advertisers, Associates, free content, script, graphics and various other services or service providers that you will see scattered around the websites. Clicking on the logo's, banners or links will open a new window to their sites where you can browse their product range, buy goods/services, sign up for special offers or bookmark them for future reference.

If you have a website or page you can earn money with banner or text link advertising.    You will find further information from the details below or by visiting their sites.

Pay as you Surf, Get Paid to Read Email, Get Paid for Start Page, Free Shares details, are available on our Earn as you Learn pages to see our extensive list.

Our main Affiliates are,, UK Affiliates, AffiliateWindow, Clickbank and Commission Junction. All companies operate independantly and have a selection link styles available via their sites. We are now able to offer some great products for you to buy and search engines for both the UK & USA AMAZON sites to help you find great bargins on Books, CD's, DVD's, Video's & More.

UK Affiliates, AffiliateWindow, Clickbank and Commission Junction act for a range of companies, some of which you will see advertised below. Registration is Free and you are provided with text or banner links, codes and your own members account page with an extensive monitoring system for you to keep track of your click throughs & sales.

These sites use 'secure servers' and clicking on their logo or link will direct you to the selected item, page or homepage to find further information or buy.

All Credit Transactions, Order Confirmation, Handling, Dispatch & Shipping is dealt with by the Affiliate Company and queries should be made to them directly.

When applying to become an affiliate please note that sites are viewed prior to approval and monies due are forwarded to the name/address you provide, so submit your correct details and read their terms & conditions carefully.

You are paid between 3% and 15% on each sale the advertiser receives through your site and most companies pay you a small amount, usually 20p - 1.00 for each person who signs up to their affiliate program via your site.    Some companies also pay you a small amount for each person who clicks through to their site from yours.

It's up to you how many and where you place your banners, although the main affiliates often specify a link from your home or index page. If your not over keen on banners you can use a text link.    Newcomers to web building will find easy to insert code - explainations for inclusion are sent with your application approval or via your members section at their sites.

As a general guide - open your HTML program (usually NOTEPAD or WORDPAD), go to file & open the webpage you want the banner to appear on. Copy the code and paste it anywhere in between the 'body' tag of your page that you would like it to appear. If you are still unsure go to the top of your screen and click on 'View' then 'Source', this will open your notepad and show you how this page has been written. You are welcome to use this as a guide by saving this to your hard drive and experimenting offline with your own codes and pages but don't forget to change the affiliate codes to your own on sign up, or you won't get the cheques!!

one of the major internet shopping sites in the UK with a huge range of goods available for online purchase, including CD's, Computer Games, Video's & Books. This text link will take you to their affiliate page for more information. To browse their books or other products use the Search Amazon box or click on any link provided within our sites.

This is the original Amazon internet company based in the USA which is one of the major internet shopping sites on the internet with a huge range of goods available for online purchase, including CD's, Computer Games, Video's & Books, often at reduced rates. This link will take you to their main site.

Animation Factory Free Animated Gif Library Music, Seasons & More - Excellent free backgrounds, clipart, navigation buttons and more in a variety of styles.  Many of the clipart buttons and pictures are 3D animated, really cool!!

Bravenet is an excellent company for webmasters with over 30 free remote hosted services which are configurable to fit the look and feel of your website, even registration is Free!!   Many of our free services are supplied by Bravenet and we cannot thank them enough for their flexible range of free services.

An affiliate company that provides webmasters earn money by adding merchants products and services to their site and earn commission. Sellers can register for the service and add credit card functionality to their site without a merchant account! Wether you choose to sell your own products or provide your users with text links to products related to your site, using an affiliate company like ClickBank makes it easy!

One of our partner companies who provide several free services to webmasters including plug-in email, messageboards, ad-sales and websearch. Configurable branded services for your domain which are easy to set up and use. See our working versions of both the email service options (Vocalist & Club are both branded) and our new messageboards/forums at the Club .

Rather cool & efficient site search engine that spiders pages you request, prepares a site map and supplies an automatic 'Whats New" list of updated pages for your users. Available as a free version which displays ads and sponsored links or a paid 'ad free' version. Both are configurable to fit your sites look and feel.

Tons of free graphics, backgrounds, clipart, interfaces, buttons and navigational graphics in a wide range of catagories including animals, computer, music etc.,  Buy the CD for their full range!

One of the largest music sites on the internet concentrating on music news, music software downloads, music articles and more. Whilst based in Australia this site caters to musicians worldwide with so much available at the site theres not enough room to tell you about it all! You can read some of their articles at Vocalist and at the Electric Blues Club sites

Excellent free javascript provider for webmasters. Huge range of scripts available.

Not only a hugely popular jokes site but also a Free Joke site for YOUR website!! See our working version in our Jokes section

News, Reviews & More, Free Live News Feeds for your website

Award winning shop for printed music on the web, where shopping is easy, safe and reliable. For Sheet Music of all styles from classical to rock, strings to sax and chart hits all here.
Excellent service for Webmasters or individuals. Supplying Free Web applications for online use or to enhance your website including Calendars & Discussion Boards. These are exceptionally easy to use and set up - NO html or programming knowledge is required and the App is set up in minutes. Check out our Gig Guides for an online working demo!!   Highly recommend this company, the support service is as excellent as their free apps.

Sheet Music Plus
They have over a quarter million titles to choose from in sheet music, songbooks or guitar tabs, plus musical equipment, effects and accessories that you can order online.

This affiliate company enables webmasters to find merchants who sell products suited to their sites content. Tradedoubler operates in several countries including the UK which is great news for sites with multiple language content!

UK company - Search & Buy Domain Names, is currently offering names from 2.50!! includes 10 web & 50 email forwarding. Used for the Gig & Events Guide